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Learn to Speak Fluently Online

Best Spoken English Courses Online in Kolkata

Welcome to IG Spoken English Online. We conduct one of the best Spoken English classes, online in Kolkata. And the course fees are the most affordable in all over India.

Check Our Online Courses

IG Spoken English Center in India presents high-quality IELTS, TOEFL & Duolingo training courses at affordable fees from Kolkata, West Bengal to all over the World. I have personally designed this specialized curriculum for school and college students as well as professionals in India.

Spoken English Courses

I provide the best Spoken English Courses in Kolkata. Oral Communicative Spoken English is a very important issue in today’s perspective. An individual needs to converse directly with each other or telephonic conversation. It boosts up confidence physically and psychologically. It also helps someone to achieve a job in any MNC (Multi-National Company) or Corporate Sector.

IELTS Training Online

Enroll in my IELTS training classes, Online. IELTS is the acronym of ”International English Language Testing System. “ It is a globally – recognized test for the English language. By taking an IELTS test, one will receive a test report that is recognized and accepted by thousands of institutions around the world, including companies, universities, professional bodies, and government agencies.

TOEFL Exam Preparation

IG is among the leading TOEFL exam preparation training centers in West Bengal. TOEFL is the acronym for “Test of English as a Foreign Language”. The TOEFL IBT test is almost like a passport. It’s accepted by over 9000 institutions in 130 countries including the top 100 Universities in the US. TOEFL IBT quantifies dexterity relevant to international students. TOEFL IBT has a worldwide reputation for quality and fairness.

Duolingo English Classes

Further, I conduct modern Duolingo classes online in Kolkata. The DUOLINGO English Test is a modern language proficiency tool designed for today’s international students and institutions. It offers English proficiency scores, video interviews,s and writing samples in an efficient, accessible, and secure testing experience. Actually, the COVID 19 pandemic has made center-based testing unavailable in most parts of the world.

Public spoken English Course
Wanna learn how to speak in front of the Public?

Join Our Public Speaking Course

IG is one of the best personal Public Speaking English language classes not only in Kolkata but also pan India; even pan Asia. It is the pioneer in imparting the unique skill of spoken English. People all across the globe are genuinely benefited by the classes delivered to learn spoken English skills from this Institution due to its ‘sui generis’ style and methodology.

This personal English language learning center has been running in full swing for the last twenty-five ( 25 ) years with unflinching dedication and an unblemished reputation in online mode. Our Spoken English learning center is for the students, of the students, and by the students in delivering knowledge on language skills.

It renders spoken English courses for job aspirants, kids, housewives, corporate employees, and young sincere students. It further imparts knowledge on preparation for IELTS, TOEFL IBT, DUOLINGO, and Public Speaking.

What is Public Speaking?

Public Speaking is not at all a new concept. It has been in vogue since time immemorial. In ancient time the Greek used public speaking specifically to praise and persuade other. Over the years, public speaking has played a major role and its formation is changed than before.

Public Speaking has played a major role in education, government, entertainment, and business because the spoken word is always more effective and powerful than the written words. Public Speaking is an aesthetic art of presenting your organized thought through your speech in a relaxed way in front of one single person or hundreds of millions of people.

Public Speaking is nothing but a live time-bound presentation before an audience. IG shoulders the responsibility to expunge the glossophobia from you and makes you ready for a stage to speak up with umpteen confidence.

Read Reviews from the Successful Students

Many of our students are now leading their successful careers. You can find their reviews on our Google Business page.

It was a good opportunity and experience to enroll in the course. The programme has been designed with a modern way of teaching. The Spoken English course helped me to improve my confidence and to develop my English knowledge. It was a nice experience, and it will help me in my future. Specially Thanks to Mr. Indrajit Ganguly for the lovely environment and behavior with the students. Thanks again.

The Tecnoman


IG Spoken English Online is one of the best personal Spoken English centers in 2020 in my opinion.I highly recommend this center to all for spoken English learning.

Saswati Bose Some

International Wellness Coach at Herbal life Nutrition

IG Spoken English Class is really a go to place if you want to learn and improve your spoken English skills through a simple, scientific, systematic , friendly and time efficient method.I owe my speaking skill to this institute very much. Now that it has started its online program, people from distance would also be able to access the facility more than ever.I would highly recommend everyone who are willing to strengthen their spoken skills, to go through the experience here.

Rupak Majumder

Research Scholar of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

This is a great effort by ‘IG spoken English online’ to enable you to learn from home. Let the pandemic not come into your way of learning and you should keep your skills sharpened. Happy learning!

Souvik Math

Science Student

IG Online Spoken English Center is one of the best professional spoken English training centre in eastern region. The total learning process is very much scientific and students should benefit from here. My speaking skill is also build here and I recommend every knowledge seeker people to register themselves here to build a good speaking skill in English.

Sourodip Sengupta

B Tech Engineer

IG Spoken English Online is really fabulous and better than others.My learning is slowly growing up.Thank you IG Spoken English Online for satisfying my demand and making me a good speaker in English. It is the best personal online spoken English center in Kolkata.

Sukumar Roy

Manager at Standard Chartered Bank

Why Join IG Spoken English Online Classes?

Why should you join IG Spoken English Online Classes from anywhere in the World? There are multiple reasons for which IG Spoken English Online is one of the best Online spoken English learning platforms. Check the features of our English Training Classes.

Even Kids are Speaking Better English

With the help of our Online English Courses, Kids like Charubhi Sarkar, Subhankar Saha (picture in Gallary) are speaking fluent English. You can check them speaking on our YouTube Channel Videos.

Kid completed Spoken English classes
Junior Achiever Charubhi Sarkar
Payel Kundu did great in spoken english class
Young Achiever Ms. Payel Kundu

Learn spoken English from a single competent trainer

In IG learning center the interested students get immense opportunities to learn spoken English from a single competent trainer.

Most of the time, it is found that the trainer in an institution is flexible. They are not constant because the trainers are less paid or half paid or no paid. Good and qualified trainers often, for all these reasons, shift to other institutions for better livelihood. The students suffer a lot in that situation. Repeated shifting of trainers creates a negative impact on the spoken English learner.

Spoken English Trainer

About the Trainer & Teacher


It is nearly twenty ( 20 ) years since 2000 that my online mode, as well as offline mode tutoring and training for educating young learners, has been in full swing at a stretch.

My Mission

I have always tried to bring down my mind to the level of the minds of learners, so that they may find it easy to grasp the subject matters without the help of others.

The Art of Training

I have always tried to bring down my mind to the level of the minds of learners, so that they may find it easy to grasp the subject matters without the help of others.

Features of IG Spoken English Courses

Learn Genuine and Authentic English

IG SPOKEN ENGLISH ONLINE is the most authentic knowledge platform for learning spoken English. This is not a claim but a belief from the viewpoint of the learners.

In this way, based on the above discussion, it is as clear as water that IG SPOKEN ENGLISH ONLINE is the de facto leader in the niche of personal/individual online spoken English learning for a long stretch of period.

Best Ratio of Trainer to Student

In all our online English classes, you will find that the teacher-to-student ratio is low in Kolkata. IG SPOKEN ENGLISH ONLINE conducts classes in one on one or maximum two/three on one ratio.

This facility is unique and hardly found in any other centers. The students learn better in this limited atmosphere. This way I can concentrate on their learning process development.

One on One Ratio Learning

Only IG provides One on One ratio spoken English learning course schedule in Kolkata, India. Here you will get training from the trainer directly, and there will be no other students in that session.

Not a Money Making Institution

IG SPOKEN ENGLISH ONLINE is not at all a money-making institution. This is something more than that. In here students can learn spoken English directly from the one and only trainer.

That is why they remain to rest assured that the trainer will remain as completely dedicated to them. I am assuming this to you.

Great Choice for Shy Students

I provide the most perfect spoken English course which is best for shy students. IG SPOKEN ENGLISH ONLINE is the accurate landing place for these kinds of students for learning spoken English.

Many shy students can’t unfold themselves for learning amidst a huge number of students for chaos and they don’t feel free to ask questions. As a result, their questions will remain a question within them forever.

Affordable Course Fees

We offer you the most affordable course fees for our Online Spoken English classes. The charges of our training sessions start from just ₹ 125/-, per training session. Students from abroad need to pay $2 only.

Contact Me

Contact Me if your wish to enjoy the best English Learning Experience.

Class Venue

61 Chakraborty Para , PO – Rahara , PS – Khardaha , District – 24 pgs ( North ) , Kolkata – 700118 , Country – India

Class Timing

Mon-Fri: 8am – 8pm
Sat: 8am 6pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm

Via Email

Via Phone

Tel: +91 87778 21769
WhatsApp: +91 87778 21769