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Best French Learning Classes in Kolkata
Learn the French Language Online and Offline

Join French Learning Classes in Kolkata

Join the best French language learning classes in Kolkata, India. IG Institute of language learning is offering you French training courses both online and offline mode.

If you want to start as a fresher or an amateur French language learner, there are options available for you. We teach French from A to B and C levels in Kolkata.

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Why Learn the French Language?

Why learn French when there are so many other options? Are there any advantages to learning the language?

The attraction with the French language extends beyond the particular aesthetics of French cuisine, history, tradition, culture, arts, literature, locations, traditions, and so on.

1. French as a Global Language

French is the only language spoken on all five continents, aside from English. There are 29 French-speaking nations around the globe, including France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

La Francophonie, a community of 84 nations that share the correct use or teaching of French, has almost 270 million French speakers.

After English, French is the second most extensively taught language in the world and one of the most commonly used languages on the Internet.

2. Popular among Indian Students for Higher Studies

France is one of the third most widely studied abroad destinations in Europe for Indian and foreign students. Paris is often regarded as the greatest city for students.

Every year, around 5,000 Indian students travel to France. This European nation has about 3,500 higher education institutions, including numerous century-old universities.

These educational institutions provide a great education in a variety of subjects, including management, science, art, and technology.


3. Easy Immigration to French-Speaking Countries

If you want to move to France or any other French Speaking country, then Learning French will definitely help you. Governments of the respective nations give incentives for immigrants to learn their native languages.

One of the conditions for economic immigration to Quebec province, Canada, or France is the ability to communicate in French.

4. The Language of Literature, Art, and Culture

French is the cultural language Franca, including art, gastronomy, dancing, and fashion.

France has received more Nobel Prizes for literature than any other country in the world. It is also one of the leading makers of foreign films.

With 16 Nobel Laureates, France has the most recipients of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Cannes Film Festival is well-known for hosting the world’s most acclaimed films.

5. Great Career Scope in Hotel, and Tourism Industry

France is the world’s of most popular tourist destination, with over 89 million visitors in 2017. It is also known for skiing, wine tourism, and cultural tourism.

French is useful not just in Paris and other areas of France, but also in Switzerland, Canada, Africa, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Seychelles, and other Francophone countries.

Online French Learning Courses and Fees Structure

Level – A1 and A2 / B1 and B2 / C1 and C2

Level – B1 and B2



  • Course duration – 10 months (Including examination preparation)
  • Total number of classes – 80
  • Duration of Each Class – 90 Minutes
  • Number of students in the class – 1 Student with one Trainer
  • Mode of teaching and learning – Online

Level – C1 and C2



  • Course duration – 12 months (Including examination preparation)
  • Total number of classes – 96
  • Duration of Each Class – 90 Minutes
  • Number of students in the class – 1 Student with one Trainer
  • Mode of teaching and learning – Online

Why Learn the French Language from IG Institute

Online Classes

Online Classes

IG Institute provided French Language learning courses conducted online. Hence, everyone living in any part of the World gets the chance to learn French from anywhere.

Affordable Course Fees for Korean Learning

Affordable Course Fees

Our Online French Language course fees are affordable. Students who want to learn it spending low, are welcome here. We provide the cheapest learning opportunity.

Expert trainer of Korean Language

Expert Trainer

We have some of the most expert French Language trainers in India. They will conduct these classes online, and help you achieve your goal and make your dreams fulfilled.