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How is Aesthetic Art created from the Litters of the Mount Everest ?


Mount Everest is a global pride . It is not at all a pride of Nepal because Mount Everest is not artificially constructed by the Nepalese. It is a natural phenomenon . Mount Everest is the pride of the blue planet . After getting birth from the lap of the Tethys sea Mount Everest is a challenge to the human race . Mount Everest is a dream . Mount Everest is a nightmare . Mount Everest is a mystery . Mount Everest is ever-growing and ever-challenging to others who cherish a dream in their bosom to conquer .

Mount Everest
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Mount Everest is a part of the Himalayas . Mount Everest is the highest peak ( 8848 metre ) in the world situated in Nepal , spans 2400 km and towers above all like an invincible giant .

Mount Everest - An Aesthetic Art

In 1865 this mountain ( previously known as Peak XV ) was renamed after Sir George Everest , British Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843 . According to Tibetan language , Mount Everest is called ” Chomolungma ” According to Chinese language , Mount Everest is called ” Qomolangma ” . Both mean “ Goddess Mother of the World ” . In Nepal Mount Everest is known as ” Sangarmatha ” . It is a Sanskrit name which means ” Forehead of the Sky ” .

Aesthetic art

How has Mount Everest got Polluted ?

Every year around eight hundred ( 800 ) climbers target to reach the summit of Mount Everest . The climbers want to palliate the undaunted flaunting attitude of Mount Everest . In order to achieve their cherished dream the climbers hurt Mount Everest in way of creating waste creation .


There is an innumerable waste on Mount Everest . Tons of litters is piling up in a scattered way on the surface of Mount Everest . The mountaineers spend weeks on the mountains close to altitude at a series of camps and tents before approaching towards the almost invincible summit .

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During that particular phase of their torrid journey a person generates 8 Kg of trash on average . The lion’s share of that wastage gets left on Mount Everest . The slopes are littered vehemently with discarded empty oxygen canisters , abandoned tents , food containers , tented toilets with large collections of barrels . Scientists found humongous quantity of micro plastic pollution on Mount Everest at a spot called “ Balcony “very close to summit .

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How are these Litters Detrimental for Habitation ?

The natural environment and ecology gets disturbed by the trash and waste of those aspiring climbers who want to ascend the tip of Mount Everest . This trash and wastes pose a serious health risk to everyone who lives in the Everest watershed .

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The Sagarmatha National Park was created in 1976 to protect the mountain and its wildlife was declared ” World Heritage Site ” . In 1979 by UNESCO . It is an important water source for thousands of people living in communities surrounding Mount Everest .

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There are no waste management or proper and adequate sanitation facilities in the area . So garbage and sewage are emptied into big pits just outside of local villagers .

mt everest trash ap mo

How an Aesthetic Art is Made out of Leftovers ?

Multiple innovative and efficacious steps and strategies have been taken to salvage the status quo of Mount Everest . Mount Everest not only dotted with some 200 bodies of past climbers , but also being tormented by a litter ailment . 1.5 tons of garbage from Mount Everest was transformed into 75 sculptures .

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Mount Everest is the crown of the earth . We should not take Mount Everest for granted . The mammoth quantity of trash simply defames the natural beauty and glory of Mount Everest . Garbage on Mount Everest is unquestionably a matter of shame .

Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee Garbage Mt Everest

In 2007 a Maine artist collected empty oxygen bottles and turned them into bowls , bells and ornaments . In 2012 , fifteen ( 15 ) Nepali artist transformed multiple artistic work from 1.7 tons of trash collected from Mount Everest . The art was on sale for prices from $15 to $2300 . The part of the collected money from sale went to the artists and the rest of the money went to the ESA ( Everest Summiteer’s Association ) which sponsored the collection of garbage from the mountain , organized .

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Anyone visiting Mount Everest has to pay $4000 deposit and the money is refunded if the person returns with 8 Kg of garbage . This is the average quantity of litter that a person produces during the climb .

130109075734 everest trash art5 horizontal large gallery

Nepal has taken an innovative strategy to salvage Mount Everest . A museum will be created from the garbage piled up by the mountaineers in Mount Everest .

aesthetic art

Tomy Gustafson is the chief supervisor of the entire innovative projects . Under his innovative supervision the local residents , foreign artists will be summoned to actualize this aesthetic art . The organization has already taken the resolution to show the world how an invaluable aesthetic art be created from the waste products .

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Art made from trash picked from Mount Everest are pictured at a visual art symposium in Kathmandu November 20, 2012. Fifteen Nepali artists closeted for a month with a heap of 1.5 metric tons (1.7 tons) of trash picked up from Mount Everest transformed the litter into art, creating 75 sculptures, including one of a yak and another of wind chimes, made from empty oxygen bottles, gas canisters, food cans, torn tents, ropes, crampons, boots, plates, twisted aluminium ladders and torn plastic bags dumped by climbers over decades on the slopes of the world’s highest mountain. Kripa Rana Shahi, director of art group Da Mind Tree, said the sculpting – and a resulting recent exhibition in the Nepali capital of Kathmandu – was aimed at spreading awareness about keeping Mount Everest clean.

This will save and rescue the gasping Mount Everest . It will also a big source of income of many people . It is imperative to change the outlook of the world . This will also be a big source of income of many people .

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A worth looking museum will be created at 3780 metre altitude of Mount Everest . There is a base camp from mountaineers to reach the summit . One can take the memento from the museum as a remembrance .

nar bahadur bk

Eco Himal is a national NGO which gets engaged in cleaning the garbage . Finzo Sherpa , on behalf of the organization , said that the organization is going to embark on a new project or venture named “ Carry me Back ” in which every mountaineer will be requested to carry back at least 1 Kg of litter in its bag from Mount Everest .

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They have to fetch back those waste products to Lukla and from there the organization takes the responsibility to send those to Kathmandu by air . All the visitors and the mountaineers have to be engaged as a part of this project to salvage the natural aesthetic beauty of Mount Everest .


Mount Everest is our pride and we must make concerted effort to give him a fresh air so that he can breathe fresh air without pollution.

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8 thoughts on “How is Aesthetic Art created from the Litters of the Mount Everest ?”

  1. Mount Everest is Earth’s highest mountain above sea level and it is located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas. The Himalayan range stretches southwest over 6 different countries; Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Every year around eight hundred climbers target to reach the summit of Mount Everest. In order to achieve their dream, the climbers are damaging Mount Everest in way of creating waste creation. Garbage on Mount Everest is shame for every one of us because it is the epitome of natural beauty. We should appreciate countries like Nepal who has taken an innovative approach to make Aesthetic art from the litters of Mount Everest. We should also appreciate ESA (Everest Summiteer’s Association) for collection of garbage from the mountain. So, if the all the mountaineers who are visiting Mt. Everest understand that their waste are destroying Everest’s environment than it will be a sanatorium for all the climbers.

  2. Of course, this is a good topic. I had read the news in the newspaper a few months ago. Mount Everest is our pride. Now the world’s tallest mountain turns into a dumping site. If garbage is dumped or burned in open pits, causing air and water pollution as well as contamination of soil. This is a good initiative by the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee as well as the Nepal government.

  3. Mount Everest is undoubtedly the epitome of beauty and it’s our duty to cherish as well as to protect it. But we can’t blame hikers totally for the litter of Mt. Everest as it is usual for a place to get littered with unnecessary garbage if you open that place for nearly 1000 people per year to visit. On the other hand, definitely hikers should be much more aware of the fact that they should first love the mountain and then should think about getting the achievement of climbing the top of it. Mt. Everest is like a lullaby to the world of chaos. It is still as pristine as it was always.

    ‘Mountaineers litter mountains’, damn! such a paradox.

    The Nepal Govt. should be praised for their intelligent thought of keeping a deposit money of a somewhat lump sum amount just to ensure complete enlightenment and full dedication from the mountaineers’ side. Surely, for the sake of getting the money back, we can be able to see less garbage on Mt. Everest from now on.
    An excellent idea of bringing the garbage of Mt. Everest in the form of sculptures to the world can be helpful in two ways. In this way, litters can be decreased, utmost beauty will be kept and also common people can be more aware of how much litter can be really found in the heart of the world.

    If common people especially mountaineers understand this fact and keep on doing what should be done, that will be the epiphany of their life. Mt. Everest will always remain as evergreen as it was before, a scintilla of happiness, the symphony that everyone looks for, that impeccable girl in the class everyone has a crush on.

  4. It’s really unfortunate to see we the humans really doesn’t care about the nature, Tough mother nature never disappoint us . Mt. Everest is the pride of the whole world , still we don’t know to preserve our pride , just like how we treat our holy Ganges. But I’m really happy to see that amongst these cruel world there are some gem who care about mother nature and how they got an innovative idea to use the litters to make art , that is very much appreciated. If we could think in this way in every corner of the world, I think we can make our earth more greener in future.

  5. Mount Everest is the Highest snow peak as we all know vin this topic ig explain it very well nd clear…. In every year around 800 of people target to claimed the mount everest … in tgat way many group of people go there and after that they will nasty the whole area of mountain……….and many country people known this mountain in many name ….some of British people wanted to come in nepal to reasearch about this mountain ..abtar singh who was first won this climb…. even many people lost there life also for climb this mountain

  6. Mt. Evrest is the highest peak of the blue planet according to the sea level. But according to the earth’s crore a mountain of Andes is the highest peak of the world.

    Special fact- According to the Republic TV, Mr Gorge Evrest, the General of British Surveyor of India, calculated the hight of Mt Evrest is completely rong. The real calculator of Mt. Evrest was Mr Radhakant Sarkar. And he is a Bengali.

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