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What can India get from the New President of America in 2021 ?

The Presidential Election 2020 of the United States is the historical , epochal and phenomenal election between the so called infodemic ( As people call him centering round the Covid- 19 pandemic ) Donald Trump ( of Republican Party ) , the 45th President of United states of America and “ Sleepy Joe ” ( as Donald Trump always used to mock Joe Biden ) Joseph Robinette Biden Junior ( of Democratic Party ) , the 46th President of the United States of America . Joe Biden was the 47th Vice President of the United States of the Obama administration from 2009 to 2017 . The Electoral College ultimately and formally declared Joe Biden as the next President of the US , giving him an electoral majority of 306 votes and confirmed his victory .

Joe Biden - the new President of America
Joseph Robinette Biden Junior

Joe Biden grabbed 290 and Donald Trump bagged 214 . The victory is not a convincing victory for Joe Biden , the oldest President of America . Only a marginal percentage of vote difference can’t call a victory a sweeping victory . It was a ding dong battle indeed between them . But victory is always a victory . Even one vote of difference will also be a victory . Joe Biden made a history by beating his opposition Donald Trump in a cliffhanger election to win White House . But this election result is a clear implication that Donald trump’s popularity is not on the wane .

There is a handsome number of Americans still love and underpin him for plethora of cogent reasons . Donald Trump was the messiah of the Americans . He is still in the hearts of the Americans . But the obvious question arises that why does the number get static at 214 ? The answer is as clear as water . There is no rocket science in it . All the giant companies like Facebook , Google , Apple , Amazon might not be in favour of the decision taken by Donald Trump regarding immigrant skilled workers from Asian countries ; which is why the share market of Amazon and Facebook has started to skyrocket as soon as Joe Biden was a inch closer of the victory .

ad56d891 7081 4dac b31d 6eb56586d962 large3x4 AP20014052752108
Donald Trump

Georgia , Arizona and Michigan have mainly made the difference between the present President and the erstwhile President of United States of America . It was a battle full of twist and turn . The whole world witnessed a nail biting finale of the election result of United States of America . 67% Americans participated in the vote process which is the highest ever number of voters turn out in last 120 years in the united States .

106748412 1602881184740 biden.1910x1000
Joe Biden
Democracy of the United States of America

Joe Biden breaks Obama’s record by amassing most votes in the United States election history . According to the fag end of the grand finale of the declaration of the result , there started a monstrous chaos because Donald trump supporters and backers i.e. the Republican supporters tried to stop the counting of vote and smelt something fishy , foul and fraudulent activities in the voting process . The whole world has seen “ A Tale of Two Protests ” – Count the vote and Don’t count the vote .

20282765 web1 AP20023732424237
Donald Trump

This stokes a pandemonium and brews unrest and scuffle between the protesters and the Police in some cities in the United States . The world started to think that oldest democracy in the world is fumbling , in peril and facing mockery . Donald Trump campaign also files electoral malpractice lawsuit in Nevada . But the US Supreme Court rejected Donald Trump’s effort to overturn his election loss in Pennsylvania .

This was a big whammy to the erstwhile President of the US . Interestingly the US Supreme Court consists with three Trump- appointed Justice out of nine ( 9 ) justices and none of them expressed their voice of dissent . It is also astonishing that Donald Trump won the support of voters in more than 90% of the 376 United countries with the highest number of new corona virus cases per capita .

What India has Lost During the Reign of Donald Trump , the 45th President of United States of America ?

It is overtly assumed a bonhomie between India and United States of America . The relationship is always pretty amicable since hoary past between these two countries . Even the US President also conferred the respectable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi with prestigious “ Legion of Merit ” award for his leadership in elevating India – US ties .

Legion of Merit
Legion of Merit

But during the reign of the 45th President of America India covertly lost many status , designations etc. . Even Donald Trump left no stones unturned to threat of retaliation to India if India would not send Hydroxychloroquine to America in time . In Houston , Texas in ” Howdy Modi ” program , the honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi met around 50000 people of Indian diaspora to strengthen political nexus with America . “ Namaste Trump ” program at the Sardar patel Stadium was the response of “ Howdy Modi ” in reverse .

170627124426 trump modi hug 1 exlarge 169
India and the United States of America relationship

In this way it was evident that a courteous and cordial relationship was going on between these two countries . But what India received out of this friendly relation with United States of America during the Presidential rule of Donald Trump in the United States of America ? Let’s enumerate and ruminate those highlighted notable subject of discussion .

1 . Withdrawn India’s Developing Country Status :-

According to IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) , India ranked 142 nd by GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) [ Nominal ] and 124 th by GDP ( PPP – purchasing Power Parity ) on a per capita income basis . 21.9% of population in India is still in poverty. For getting the title of a developed country the basic criteria is $ 12000 to $ 15000 per capita GDP . But India’s per capita GDP is $ 1877 [ Nominal ] and $ 6284 ( PPP , FY – 2020-21 ) .

201002004307 melania trump file may 25 2020 exlarge 169
The U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

A higher per capita income doesn’t always confer developed economy status without other factors . The US still consider Qatar , with one of the world’s highest per capita GDP in 2019 at $ 69,688 , a developing economy because the nation has an absolute income disparity and inequality with limited educational opportunities for non- affluent citizens .

amerika india e1500972294615 0
The relationship between the US and India

India is out of US’ developing nations list for trade benefit . Donald Trump removed India from the list of developing countries that are exempt from investigation into whether they harm American industry with unfairly subsidized export . USTR ( The United States Trade Representative ) eliminated a host of countries like Brazil , Indonesia , Hong Kong , South Africa , Argentina from getting some special preference under the methodology from CVD ( Countervailing Duty ) investigations is now out of date . The US removed India from the list on account of being G-20 member and having a share of 0.5% or more of world trade .

This has simply cast a shadow on India on being able to restore preferential benefit under the GSP ( Generalized System of Preference ) as a part of its trade talks with the US ,as only developing countries as eligible for it .

2 . Withdrawn GSP from India’s Export to US :-

During the reign of Donald Trump , the US has announced that it will terminate India’s designation as a beneficiary of its GSP from 5 th June , 2019. GSP is a preferential tariff to the developing countries . GSP is the largest and the oldest US trade preference programme established by the trade Act of 1974 . GSP promotes economic development by elimination duties on thousands of products .

2019 09 29T133251Z 1883087259 RC1901EB47F0 RTRMADP 3 USA TRUMP WHISTLEBLOWER 1024x681 1
The US President Donald Trump

India has been the biggest beneficiary of the GSP . Revocation of GSP scheme could impact India’s competitiveness in 3000 products . The impact of small scale industries in India could be utterly significant .

3 . Protectionist in India’s Export :-

USTR has proclaimed that India and Turkey have lost their status of BDS ( Beneficiary Developing Country ) under the GSP of the WTO . Indian companies with the most exposure to the US are in the technology and pharma sectors . This protectionist strategy should worry India .

India US Relations
India – US relationship

Data from the GTA ( Global Trade Alert ) database shows that over the past three years , among the largest economies comprising the G -20 group , India is only second behind Donald Trump – led US in imposing restrictions on trade . India also raised tariff walls in the last two budgets to promote domestic manufacturing .

4 . Hike up the Fee and Qualification for India Workers :-

In an attempt to preserve and protect American jobs by reducing the number of immigrants , the US mandated a hike of 40% wages on 8 th October , 2019 for H -1B Visa holders which is higher than average . It is a fairly substantial increase . India is one of the biggest source of doctors under the H-1B Visa scheme with the two-thirds of 85000 H-1B Visas going to Indians annually .

AP 19201004713022 1000x667 1
US President Donald Trump

It’s a boon for Americans but also a threat and thwart the dreams of doctors , physians and all IT skilled Professionals . Thus Donald Trump wanted to protect the job for the bonafide Americans by birth by reducing the number of immigrants . Thus he unquestionably proved himself as for the Americans , of the Americans and by the Americans .

5 . Tightening and Stringent Restrictions on H-1B Visa :-

H-1B Visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US Companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupation that require theoretical or technical expertise . This program was created by George H W Bush to help the companies to fill specialized job position as the tech sectors began to boom and it was harder to find qualified workers .

5dda9c78cd7d3714cd2024b1 H1B Visa Status
H-1B Visa

A series of proposed changes to H-1B Visa regulations have now been approved making the popular visa category even more restrictive . The H-1B visa category is widely used by multinational tech institutions based on the US . This temporary work visa enables US companies to recruit overseas nationals to plug in the skill gaps . Most of the recipients are Indians and Chinese . this really hurts IT Professionals . The US DHS ( Department of Homeland Security ) and DOL ( Department of Labour ) have changed the definition and dimension of specialty occupation and employee- employer relationship as well as limited the validity of an H-1B Visa to one – year . This has stopped steadily in favour of American tech Co. such as Apple , Amazon , Google and Facebook . Restrictions on H-1B Visa lead to an enormous increase of outsourcing .

hqdefault 4
H-1B Visa

6 . Restriction on H-4 Visa :-

US president Donald Trump suspended certain non- immigrant visa issuance . H-4 visa holders who do not have a valid visa stamped on their passport are not allowed to enter the country . The move has resulted in hundreds of families facing the prospect of being hyphenated for a further six months .

1604814365 ush1b visa
H-4 Visa

Many married ladies got stranded in India because they were unable to get the H-4 visa stamped but could not do so because embassies were shut . They were struggling with anxiety and uncertainty .

7. Indian Students Shun MBA in US :-

A huge number of Indian students in every year enroll in American MBA programs and take a dive in an overseas institutions. Most of them need to get trained themselves for IELTS or TOEFL training courses.

india us relations strengthen them 1
US – India relationship

The number of Indian students at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School two-year program , for one , dipped from 30% for the 2021 class to 19% for the 2022 class . Meanwhile , the Imperial College Business School in London said international application for its September class jumped by 55% . Corona virus – linked restrictions and higher tuition cost in the US restrictions are two major causes keeping students turned their faces from United States of America .

canva photo editor 31 1
India – US relationship

In a victory speech Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both already promised and advocated a stronger India – US relationship . This is unequivocally a propitious insinuation for the Indians as well as for the Asians and also for the giant companies of US like Facebook , Google , Apple , Amazon etc . But Whether it is an ominous signal concerning job opportunities for the bonafide Americans or not still in the womb of future . Time will speak loudly on that in days to come . It will not at all be just right now to extrapolate . But Joe Biden has already said that he would be for all Americans , whether they have voted him or not .

Joe Biden official portrait 2013
President Joe Biden

Kamala Harris is a double extra mileage for the Indians and Asians because she has an Indian nexus as her mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris was an Indian . That’s going to be double benefits and bonanza for the Indians and Asians . Joe Biden and Kamala Harris jointly have been chosen as Time magazine’s 2020 ” Person of the Year ” award .

Personof the Year
Person of the Year Award
Kamala Harris , the Vice President of US
Election 2020 Biden Harris 27250 1
Kamala Harris , the Vice President of US
India USA Relations
US – India relationship
India and the US relationship
US – India relationship

Joe Baiden has already said that there are lot of scopes in a bilateral trade . He is really Pollyanna about India – US rock solid partnership in 21 st century . Joe Biden’s new plan for H-1B visa , Green Card likely to benefit millions .

Kamala Harris is with her husband Douglas Emhoff , the first ” Second Gentleman “

With Kamala Harris as his Deputy , Joe Biden is expected to reverse the move of the outgoing Donald Trump administration to revoke work permits to the spouses of H-1B visa . He wants to make the immigration process lucid , limpid and lenient .

26modi obama1
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi with the US President, Mr. Barack Obama

The double extra mileage was added by Joe Biden under his Presidential administration by selecting Dr. Vivek Murthy , an India – American as one of the three co-chairs of the special task force to combat with the inordinate onslaught of Covid-19 Pandemic which engulfed and tormented pan America.

vivek murthy

The triple extra mileage was added by Mr. Biden by announcing the name of Neera Tanden of another Indian diaspora who will hold the the designation of the director of OMB ( Office of Management and Budget ) in the US White House .

1000x 1
65677628 10157689746333706 7733090089621782528 n 1

Joe Biden has taken an oath to be a President who seeks for unification . His strong female wind in the White House simply won the heart of almost everyone . For the first time all the seven ( 7 ) public affairs teams are women . Time will say further whether he is able to keep his words or not .

skynews joe biden us election 5163958

Raja Jon Vurputoor Chari , an Indian – American astronaut has been selected for Nasa’s Lunar Mission among the 18 new astronauts . This is an another addition of Indian in America’s responsible position of NASA .

raja chari
Raja Jon Vurputoor Chari
Raja Jon Vurputoor Chari e1607676717724

Gautam Raghavan has been selected as the Deputy Director of the Office of White House Presidential Personnel Office and Vinay Reddy has been appointed as the Director of Personnel speechwriting . Both of them are of India diaspora . They have been nominated under the Presidency of Joe Biden .

Gautam Raghavan
Gautam Raghavan
Gautam Raghvan
Gautam Raghavan
Vinay Reddy
Vinay Reddy
Vinay Reddy and Gautam Raghavan
Vinay Reddy and Gautam Raghavan

India has lost multiple status , designations and privileges during Donald Trump’s regnant . Can India be able to regain her lost paradise ? India is also ready to implement the CAA ( Citizenship Amendment Act ) very soon . Joe Biden has already made his remark on CAA by saying ” These measures are inconsistent with country’s long tradition of secularism and with sustaining a multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy ” . Let’s wait for the chemistry of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with India . India is always ready to stretch out her amicable hand towards the United States of America .

joe biden 5

In two months of Joe Biden’s Presidency , he has appointed at least 55 India-American to key leadership positions in his administration ranging from his speech writer to NASA , to almost every wing to the government .But Biden’s administration undecided on ending Trump’s era H-1B visa ban . President Donald Trump had extended the ban om issuing of new H-1B visas till 31st March , 2021 . As the US is having a very high rated unemployment issues and the US cannot afford to have more foreign workers .

Screen Shot 2018 09 03 at 5.30.24 PM
maxresdefault 17

The US is currently facing a backlog of nearly 4,73,000 qualified family-based Green Card requests .

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  5. While the Trump administration has been extremely vocal in India’s support in the last six months of the border-stand-off with China, New Delhi will expect a similar approach from the Biden administration as well.

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  14. I don’t expect any drastic changes in India-USA relationship, but yes this is definitely a good news for both USA and India , rather for the whole world. Trump was very arrogant and misleading leader, but we can expect more humbleness and good leading capability from Mr Biden. Already things have started to change like in immigration process, USA-Mexico issue e.t.c. I have just read in news paper the news about Indian immigrant surgeon ho was expelled from president’s doctor position by Trum has got back his chair In Biden’s rule . That’s a very good news indeed.

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  35. In words only we listened appreciation and good about India and Indian maximum times from Donald Trump the former president of USA but in reality we indian faced & struggled by new process made by former president in USA, Now we need to wait to see the real colour of present president, it is too early to give the remarks on Joe Biden on relationship with India but hoping to see good and healthy relationship between both the country’s.

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  37. I think it’s happened because oh his decision …and no one is a permanent vise president ….nd the victory of new president is good ….we are interested to see wht he will be done for his country…………. They all are doing game to think about there side one good in politics…… i am excited to seee wht he will be done for their country

  38. We must come out of mediaeval thoughts. Anyone in the world should be entitled to work, live anywhere in this world subject to his skills and willingness to learn more of that culture and to help the world develop an inch ahead. It is therefore extremely wrong to avoid/restrict knowledgeable Indians and anyone to enter America who could actually have helped America grow. Even India should avoid implementing serious CAA and other things for bonafide people who has a good contribution for our country in someway.
    This is one world! Let the world be one country.
    All the best to Biden.

  39. After a good digestion of your strong words I am feeling so live that I can also read Sashi tharoor’s Mahabharata in one go. Joke apart, your writing ability and the deep knowledge over English surely throws a great challenge to native English writers and speakers.
    I am very convinced with your whole article.
    After a nail biting fight of Trump and Joe bidden which we recently witnessed Joe Biden wins with a neck to neck margin.
    It is an unwritten fact America will not ruin the Indo-amrican relationship because of not only trades but also imotions of national residents of both country.
    There are several trade boundaries are drawn in international trades its just because of macroeconomic decision taken by financial expert of both countries. After a sudden balance of those economic factor every country gives a relaxation of there trade factors. In political view where China-American relationship is concern there is a big chance for india to utilise the honey from the American pot and break down the business of China brick by brick. Collecting more foreign investment and tax relaxation of indian goods in America always a goal of india. After Joe biden comes to picture we are still awaiting to watch his action against Chinese trade revolution and growth. Also how Joe Biden will react with dogmatists is to be followed.
    As per my thought though America is a good friend of India but there intervention in our private matter will not be entertained. As a matter of fact mother land always comes first.

  40. Efforts of US to form a better tomorrow for India is really praise-worthy and beneficial for Indians in having more opportunities in the future to upgrade their living.It has the possibilities to upgrade the system and bring the necessary change in it.

  41. In my point of view no sudden change will come between the country India and USA relationship. Because when a new pm come he or she is want to give first priority for their own country not other 🤫. if u see present relationship between us it is not bad actually ❤️but yes now India is expecting more better relationship from the new Mr biden govt. Time Will be saying everything 🤫we have to wait for the next

  42. The new US president Joe Biden is good news for India. I thing president Joe Biden will push for better US relations. with India and with him relax visa issues for expatriate Indians and take more steps for India’s economic development and relax tax policy and discuss the political situation in the country. And the biggest problem is that he will take better steps to negotiate India-China relations .

  43. After becoming president Joe Biden will definitely look forward to Indo-America relationship to make it more stronger and also Kamala Harris , the new vice president , the first Indian-American vice president will make a greater advantage for the Indians..But surely they both won’t support the bias mentality of Modi regarding religion…But they will try to cancel the ban of H1B visa which was banned by the Trump’s administration…after all America is a land of opportunities and 75% of the H1B visa holders are Indians and they played a very major role for their country so we can hope that they can get the opportunity of working..But in my opinion the personal relationship between two presidents won’t be sweet as it was before in trump’s reign due to the biasness about religion…But for surely the bond between USA and India will become more and more stronger..

  44. The opinion is well articulated. We witnessed a neck to neck fight fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden which has meticulously been recounted in your article. For Democrats, it was not a sweeping victory or a decisive win that pollsters and other us medians envisaged and extrapolated. By getting over 6.5 millions of votes, Donald Trump has once again proved that notwithstanding his utter mismanagement of corona virus spreading that led to a million deaths , unprecedented economic recession, unemployment and Tax avoidance policy, ‘Trumpism’is here to stay in upcoming years as the dogmas premised on racism and radicalism have precariously indoctrinated in the vain of the people of United States of America.
    After the Trump govt was toppled, the people of India is closely watching Biden’s gambit hoping he might alter the existing discriminating policies. Though the relationship between India and USA have been cordial since many years, India was covertly lost many significant status and designation. Donald Trump excluded India from developing nation’s list in spite of having a share of. 5% and more of World Trade. Other than this, Trump made visa policies more stringent for Indian immigrant and hink the institutional fees for Indian as well as Asian students who are keen to study in USA universities.
    As vice president of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, belongs to Indian ancestry, Indian people are hoping a redressal in those policies and further betterment of bilateral trade between India and USA.

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