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Can you learn Spoken English without a Trainer ??

Spoken English without a trainer ????????? How can that be possible ? This is as good as a fish without water or life without oxygen .

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Many times I have heard people saying that spoken English skills can easily be achieved through various means.

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With due respect I want to ask to those people a simple and straight question . The question is – “ Do you really think that spoken English skill is a child’s play to achieve ??”

This is a steady scientific procedure to grab the art of speaking English fluently like a quintessential ‘ Native Speakers

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The role of the trainer undergoes fundamental changes with the delivery of a multidimensional second-language program.

As the Core English classroom moves from teacher-centered to student-centered and from a language-based to a needs-based approach, the trainer’s responsibilities also change.

The primary role of the trainer in a multidimensional language class is to establish conditions and develop activities so that students are able to practise the language in a meaningful context.

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It is one of the trainer’s greatest responsibilities to develop in the students a positive attitude in learning English as a second language.

It is the trainer who acts as facilitator, resource person and language model for the second- language classroom. If developing units, the trainer needs to predict the possible needs of the students and have communicative language activities readily available to meet these needs.

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The activities should be designed so that the students experience a high degree of success. Trainers will also experience greater success when activities are planned around the students’ interests and take into account subjects that they have some knowledge about.

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The trainer is also instrumental in creating a positive and supportive learning environment within the class. Students who feel safe and secure are much more willing to practise a second language.

A healthy classroom climate promotes risk-taking and allows the students to experiment. Positive experiences in the classroom lead to an excellent attitude toward language and culture.

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The constant re-entry and review of linguistic content throughout the different units enable the students to practise and internalize the language. Although this spiral approach is ideal in language learning, the teacher must be aware of the program objectives and ensure that the objectives are being met. Instruction and evaluation must reflect these objectives.

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The trainer will continue to serve as a language model for the students. While remaining the person with whom the students will communicate most often, one of the main functions of the trainer will now be to discover or invent ways to encourage students to communicate meaningfully with each other.

Instead of actively directing and controlling all activities the trainer will aim to set up conditions for meaningful practice and then take on the role of a resource person.


The classroom becomes student-centred rather than trainer -centred; the students do most of the talking and the role of the teacher is to facilitate, advise, assist and offer direction.

As the students most often work in small groups the trainer will observe the activities, noting problem areas for future work. During these activities, the teacher will interrupt to correct students only if the errors are so serious as to block communication. 

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The role of the Core English trainer in the classroom has traditionally been to convey knowledge. As the trainer moves toward being a facilitator of language learning, the students acquire skills that will enable them to be independent language learners.

Speak English online

Trainers are encouraged to become more knowledgeable about theories and methods of second language instruction. This can be done through reading and attending workshops, professional development days and conferences whenever the opportunity lends itself. Mini-immersion or immersion courses are instrumental in providing the opportunity for improvement/maintenance of communicative competence.

What are the ‘ Multiple’ means usually suggested for learning ‘ Spoken English ? ‘

There are multiple means hovering in the market for learning spoken English . Most of which , it is unfortunate , are rubbish , commercial and ineffective to learn spoken English . Those following means are enumerated as follows :-

1 . Multiple YouTubers on Spoken English :-

There are some people often suggest that ‘ You Tube ‘ is a good platform to learn spoken English . Thus the young learners get trapped with some YouTubers and ultimately ruin both ‘ Time ‘ as well as their ‘ Existing Potentiality ‘ .

You Tube can’t be a good source of learning spoken English

YouTube is basically a platform of acquaintance but not at all a platform of learning .

There are several YouTubers who open their channels to show their expertise , teach a few vocabulary or some synonyms and antonyms within 6 minutes with some gorgeous background music and get thousands of likes , subscriptions and views . Their channels gets monetized consequentially .

Do you think that you have learnt spoken English from those videos ?? ” The simplest answer is ‘ NO ‘ .

2 . Multiple Android Apps on Spoken English :-

People also suggest these options off and on without understanding the deadly significance of these sort of ‘ Android Apps ‘ on spoken English learning .

These detrimental potential source often gives whammy to the interested spoken English learners , young and old alike , silently .

But it is too late for them to comprehend their status . Nothing to do then on that particular moment , because , the patient had already died before the real doctor came .

3 . Reading Newspapers Effect on Spoken English :-

Many people sometimes suggest to read the popular English dailies like ” The Telegraph ” , “ The Times of India ” , “ The Hindu ” etc . . Their suggestions are not at all bad to learn English .

But I personally think that regular habituation of reading English Newspaper can assist you to learn English to a slight extent .

This habituation can grow your ‘ Reading Efficiency in English ‘ but not your ‘ Spoken Efficiency in English ‘ . ‘ Newspaper reading ‘ performs its role as a supplementary to ‘ Spoken English Learning classes‘ .

4 . Watching English News Channel On Television :-

Some interested learners also get a suggestion to watch English News Channel to improve their skills in English .

I do agree with them and see eye to eye with their suggestion , but with a slight disagreement again .

News channel

Watching ” English News Channel ” boosts up your “ Listening Skill in English ” , but not your “ Spoken Skill in English ” .

So , only watching English News channels will never give you an extra mileage in spoken English .

You need something more……

5 . Watching English Movie in Theater :-

This is also an item included in the long list of suggestion to learn spoken English .

watching movie
Watching English Movie in Theater

Watching an English movie in an air conditioned theater really gives you comfort and entertainment , but , that also fails to serve your actual purpose of learning spoken English .

Watching an English movie improves your ‘ Visual efficiency ‘ and ‘ Listening Efficiency ‘ , but , in no way it escalates your ‘ Spoken English Efficiency ‘ .

6 . Communicate with your Friends :-

Some wise people also suggest that spoken English can also be improved through communication among friends .

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Friend does not remain a Friend forever

In most of the cases , it is seen that ” Friendship doesn’t sustain for a long time ” . So a friend never helps you always to learn your spoken English skill .

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Only a Few True Friend can respond to you but not Always

This is not a part of his / her permanent job . Most of the time they will also underestimate you ; even humiliate you obliquely . Those words will land your heart pungently .

7 . Consultation with Dictionary :-

Dictionary should be your constant companion . It must be your best friend .

Dictionary is a systematic presentation of words with their meanings .

This doesn’t mean that you can invariably get in -depth domination over the spoken English expertise .

Words are the first distemper of Knowledge . How will you apply those in speaking ? That is an art .

Only knowing words can’t render you a benefit .

You have many flowers but all those will be futile if you don’t know the skill of making a garland out of it .

8 . Udemy :-

This is another detrimental source of Spoken English learning . Plenty of video courses are sold there . People visit there and buy those courses and ultimately can’t be able to learn Spoken English skill .

Reviews related to the student’s learning experience with the instructor of Udemi :-

  • The instructor is constantly trying to sell stuff to me
  • The instructor was rude to me in the FB group they moderate
  • I don’t believe the instructor’s credentials/that this instructor is qualified to teach this topic
  • I divorced this instructor for good reason
  • I had a bad business deal with this instructor (unrelated/prior to enrollment)
  • I took a different course on this topic that I recommend very highly
  • The instructor is so ugly, I can’t stand looking at them
  • You’re asking me for a review too early
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Reviews focusing on technical issues outside the instructor’s control
  • I can’t use the downloadable resources
  • The audio is so distorted I can’t hear the instructor
  • This course is not made to be watchable on mobile
  • Some of the lectures don’t play (reproducible problem with original file)
  • The instructor didn’t say I needed to buy additional software to take this course.
  • The video playback is choppy (due to Udemy/internet speeds)
  • The software the instructor used is expensive, you should use this (free) software
  • The captions are poor quality
Reviews deemed hate speech
  • I can’t understand this instructor’s accent
  • I can’t stand listening to this instructor; they are so annoying
  • This course is worse than going to the dentist
  • I can never understand courses from people of this background .
  • I’d rather gouge my eyes out than watch this course .

9 . Cambly

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This app is also most of the time suggested . But this app has multiple lacunae . Cambly is not at all for starter .

This is simply for practice in advance level .

This app is highly expensive . Thrice in a week ( 60 minutes duration ) cost around 14000 /- per month .

 There are 2 things in learning English

  1. Practicing i.e. being fluent
  2. Speaking with proper use of grammar

Based on user’s experience with Cambly first is possible and second not.

If the trainer of Cambly apps or any other English apps or YouTube Channel is just talking to you about “something” or trading his/her time for your money, not guiding you to fix every single mistake you are making, then it is not worth your time or money, in my opinion.

What does a Trainer do to Augment Your Spoken English Capability ??


How does a Competent Trainer help you to improve your Spoken English Skill :-

A trainer facilitates the task of learning spoken English easier and smoother . S/he can diagnose the follies in a students easily and corrects those as soon as possible .

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S/he proves herself or himself as a mentor as well as a proficient guide to the learners in their learning path .

1 . A Sheet Anchor to the Derailed and Puzzled spoken English Learner :-

A proficient trainer of spoken English performs its role as a sheet anchor . s/he always cares and protects his /her students or learners round the clock .

This is a genuine part of a trainer’s responsibility and s/he is committed to do that .

2 . A Ray of Hope :-

An eligible trainer plays a vital role to learn spoken English . S/he is the ray of hope to the learners .

Best Spoken English trainer also rises a ray of hope inside the soul of a greenhorn learner .

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3 . Instills the Fillip to learn spoken English :-

It is the trainer who can install the high level of genuine confidence into the core of the soul of the students .

The students can understand and feel that from within . This magical touch can act as a efficacious ‘ Mantra ‘ .

4 . Immense Opportunity for Direct Interaction :-

Spoken English learning or any verbal skill learning is primarily a two – way traffic .

During learning spoken English , a student needs a space for an interaction with his / her trainer or expert . This is the biggest benefit for a learner to learn spoken English and gradually the novice learner starts gaining authority over the spoken language . It is infeasible otherwise .

Conclusion :-

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In fine I must advise all the young upcoming learners or middle – aged learners that if you are really and truly interested to learn the most precious skill of spoken English , then follow my advice .

Don’t choose the above mentioned negative source of cheap learning options . Those are not at all helpful but baneful for your learning spoken English .

I believe you will benefit much more from getting a live tutor / trainer in your studying with someone online than using any apps or watching YouTube . I say tutor / trainer because you need someone who will be committed to helping you.

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You can also take advantage of watching different TV shows. It will help you sharpen both your listening and conversational skills.

Always take notes of whatever you learn with examples for future reference, and avoid translations which hinder your thinking in English.

I don’t believe that talking to random strangers (including English trainers) on cambly apps or any other apps helps you a lot improving your skills.

The trainers’ role is purely technical.

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They help you organize your learning and encourage you to keep going. But it is you who actually needs to keep going. If you are just doing exercises from time to time and not using English, then even if you hire the best teacher in the world, it won’t still help you make progress.

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If the trainer of Cambly apps or any other English apps or YouTube Channel is just talking to you about “something” or trading his/her time for your money, not guiding you to fix every single mistake you are making, then it is not worth your time or money, in my opinion.

All the best to you!

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Learning spoken English without a competent and eligible trainer is unthinkable and highly inefficacious .

Indrajit ganguly

About the Author

Indrajit Ganguly

Hi! I am Indrajit Ganguly. People all across the globe know me by my professional nickname IG. I am a spoken English trainer in Kolkata and Blogger. I love to write blogs and articles that attract me.

15 thoughts on “Can you learn Spoken English without a Trainer ??”

  1. If you want to learn something, you need proper guidance. Without proper guidance you can not learn properly and also it will be time consuming. Like that if we want to learn spoken English skills, you need proper guidance. I think reading newspaper, youtube, watching English movies etc increase our vocabulary, visual efficiency. But we can not improve our spoken English skills using these methods. While talking to others in english stammering problem occurs due to lack of confidence. A trainer helps to build our conference. We can easily interact with him in english. A trainer also can point out our mistakes. So, I think it will be easy to learn spoken English skills with help of a trainer.

  2. No, I think that we all are not an autodidact .
    Every students needs their tuition tutors or better guidance for their better performing .
    I am also not an autodidact . Yes definitely I needs one tuitor like you( Indrajeet ganguly)
    Teachers not only teach us .
    They are helping a lot for their students.
    I think that teachers developed us an true and well educated students.
    Infact teachers also discuss about our future plannings.
    We should respect all the teachers.
    Thank you Sir for your guidance.
    We really appreciate you.

  3. The above topic have tell us right story about learning of spoken english. If we envisage there is need a trainer for spoken english. Without trainer it is just impossible to develop the comunication skill in english. There are many roll of trainer to develop the comunication skill of students. Without expert when anyone try to learn through other way that is cited above there are no one to correct the misteke.

  4. In this world nothing is impossible. When we start to discuss ‘Learning English without a trainer is possible or not ‘ then it creates an argument. I think if anybody tries to learn anything, they can learn everything. But you want to learn in a limited time and with certain circumstances then you can contact a guide/ teacher , who adequately helps you. One thing that always keeps in your mind if you try to learn Spoken English there is only one way that is practice. Practice makes a man perfect. I believe this in my heart. Spoken English is not only an art it connects you to this vast world. Finally, I said that Spoken English is not only a class of few hours. A guide/ teacher can start a path of your journey but all journey is yours.

  5. To say ‘One can learn spoken english without a trainer’ is something like ‘sitting in a boat without a rudder’. Had it been so, I would have been as fluent an english speaker as Shashi Tharoor and Mahuwa Moitra by now. Through a sheer commitment, undistracted devotion and blind obedience, a disciple eventually masters the knowledge that the Guru embodies. Our ancient vedic culture and religion are teemed with numerous examples of Guru -Shishya lineage.
    Parents are the first mentors for a child and there comes a teacher who further hones his/her skills and prepare him/her for any impending challenges ahead. A teacher creates an interesting and creative environment for the student to excel ahead with ease. It’s like ‘a porter is to the clay a teacher is to the student’.
    An ability to write english and an ability to speak the same are like taking a cat and a tiger by their tails. I can write english adequately but when it comes to speaking the same, my brain becomes almost numb. My passion for spoken english has now become my obsession. Thanks my GOD, You have put me in the lap of respected IG sir. I feel now like a dog with two tails. Even within my barely three sessions with IG sir, I have started feeling spoken english is as easy as cutting butter with a hot knife.

  6. To speak in English properly one needs to be familiar with the pronunciations as well as the perfect time to use those certain words. As you rightfully said, the other ‘means’ of learning ‘spoken English’ can improve our efficiency in listening or reading and may increase our vocabulary but there remains a gap in speaking. A tutor or trainer helps you bridge that gap by assisting you in pronouncing the words as well as correcting you whenever you speak to improve your speaking skills. Although I myself have never believed in taking tuitions or tutors for any of my subject, I believe that this is one of the cases where one really needs it. As English is a basic language which is used all around the world it is better to learn it properly and with guidance.

  7. The very first role of a trainer in any field is to guide his/her students into the right pathway. From my personal experience, when I was in school I used to learn spoken part by listening and watching the sports commentary of the famous personalities like Sourav Ganguly , Sunil Gavaskar, Michael Vougn, Steve Waugh e.t.c. I wouldn’t say that it didn’t help, it really helped my pronunciation and way of talking little bit but there was no one to correct me whenever I did the mistakes. At this point I felt the need of a trainer. A trainer is the only person who can point out the mistakes and gives out the best solution to work on the weakest part of anyone’s learning. So in my point of view, everyone definitely need a trainer to learn Spoken English

  8. I think you are right. Anyone can not learn English in youtube or a video of 6 minutes. I think Google is better than YouTube to learn spoken English. But end of the day I need a trainer.

    1. Its not possible to speak English without trainer beacause the way they train you thymts a method and yea for basic English speaking you can easily learn nd speak if you have your partners whom u can speak but many people now days very selfish and impatient to learn something so its a good idea to learn English to a good trainer cus when you are lacl of energy that time your trainer will be help you and your give you energy …many YouTube video and english movie can help you also your listening skill but at the same time not speaking skill …..k
      Now days trainer is important because everyone is very selfish to correct your mistakes they only can humiliate you ror your mistakes in front of the people so without any hesitation u can speak confidently with speak with your trainer and also do some mistakes beacause in tgat time no one can judge you…trainer only help you and resolve your problem

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