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Top 7 Reasons to Learn Chinese Mandarin

As Mandarin language experts, we can tell you that there are several reasons why studying Chinese is essential.

At IG Center for Foreign language Learning in Kolkata, we utilize the language every day, and our students take their language abilities to have a promising future.

The most important reason to study Mandarin is that you will always have the opportunity to apply your language abilities. Do you want to know why? Continue reading to discover all of the reasons why you should learn Chinese.

Why Learn Chinese Mandarin Language?

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1. The Most Spoken Language In The World Is Chinese

Yes, this is the first and most crucial reason to learn Mandarin. If you’re going to learn another language, why not study the most widely spoken language on the planet? Chinese is spoken by around 1.2 billion people.

Not only is Chinese spoken in China, but also in Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Macau. Chinese-speaking individuals reside all over the world, and if you’re a professional, chances are one of your clients, suppliers, or coworkers speaks Mandarin.

2. It Looks Nice On Your Biodata

Chinese language skills are in short supply in certain businesses, even in those that conduct a lot of business. Because Mandarin is in demand in business, understanding the language will make you a desirable employee.

If you know Mandarin, the employer you’re applying to will consider you worthwhile. After you’ve been employed, why not recommend that you host some sessions with your coworkers to assist them to learn Mandarin as well? Everyone can benefit from knowing the fundamentals.

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3. Better Career Options for You

In Terms Of Careers, Learning Mandarin Will Assist You In Gaining Maturity.

There is always a potential for improvement, especially when we begin a new calendar year.

According to a Smart Survey study, 95% of those who participated stated that studying another language abroad worked as a catalyst for increased maturity.

This indicates that individuals who questioned why they should study Mandarin later went to China, studied at a Mandarin language school, and attained a new degree of maturity as a result of their newfound knowledge.

4. Chinese Culture And Traditions Are Represented By The Chinese Language

Many individuals are captivated by the vast Chinese culture and history. However, by studying Chinese, you may quickly become acquainted with Chinese culture. The reasoning that Chinese people utilize is represented by the various grammatical structures.

All phrases or idioms demonstrate how Chinese people deal with relationships. As a result, if you wish to work in China, understanding Chinese may easily alleviate cultural shock and make your time in China more enjoyable.

If you wish to live in China, you will understand how this civilization is developed via the magical Chinese language and characters, and you will appreciate the delight that the Chinese language provides to you as you go through a rapidly expanding country.

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5. The Chinese Economy Is Expanding

Are you wondering how the Chinese economy relates to why you should learn Mandarin?

The country is seeing unprecedented growth, which indicates that the economy is increasing and China’s popularity is skyrocketing. China not only has one of the world’s most significant economies, but interest in the language and culture is expanding.

With China’s expansion comes the pressure to learn the language. Companies and people alike demand Mandarin Chinese specialists.

The Chinese language is the official language of six nations and one of the United Nation’s six official languages.

The current rate of growth in China is projected to continue. So, instead of questioning why you should learn Mandarin, start studying it!

6. Exercise Of The Brain When Learning Mandarin

Did you know that studying Chinese activates brain regions that other languages do not? According to research, studying Chinese requires a significant amount of brainpower.

The left temporal lobe is used by English speakers. Both are used by Mandarin speakers! Bilingual persons are better at prioritizing and multitasking than monolingual ones because they use both sides of their temporal lobe.

If you want to boost your brain capacity and keep your mind sharp, it’s time to enroll in Mandarin classes at Keats School.

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7. Learning Chinese Aids Personal Development

The Chinese language might be intimidating. The non-lettered alphabet and the various tones may appear intimidating, but we assure you that it is not as difficult as it appears.

Teachers at Keats School understand that you are wondering why studying Mandarin is vital. Before proceeding with the course, we will spend the necessary time with you as students to ensure that you grasp the language, the practice, and why this language will assist your future.

The Chinese culture is one of the most fascinating and intricately knit cultures on the planet. There are several customs, traditions, and linguistic characteristics to be learned. When you study Mandarin, you not only learn the language but also the Chinese way of life. It can surprise you how different life can be. These experiences and linguistic skills will help you grow as a person.


Now that you’ve learned the advantages of learning Mandarin, it’s time to determine where you’ll study it. Check out the top 5 cities in China to study Chinese.

Since 2016, IG’s online Chinese Mandarin learning classes have been teaching Mandarin to students of all ages. There is eight distinct study abroad choices, and each one is tailored to your specific needs.

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