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How to Upgrade Spoken English Skills from Home During Corona Virus ( Covid-19 ) Lockdown :-

How can you upgrade spoken English Skills during this Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown? Because, Lockdown is a period of confinement of persons in their homes in order to regain control during a pandemic .

Upgrade Spoken English Skills
Lockdown Mood of All

This ongoing lockdown due to Corona virus Pandemic has engulfed the whole world and made people inactive within home .

Why is this Ongoing Lockdown Ideal Time to upgrade Spoken English Skills?

The most important thing to learn Advanced Spoken English / IELTS / TOEFL / DUOLINGO is ‘ Time ‘ . ‘ Time ‘ is a great issue to learn any courses . I am going to enumerate the reasons which are as follows :-

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has exerted an influence in every dimension of our lives, from the way we wash our hands to the language we speak.

The Latin word ‘corona’ means ‘crown’ and that the virus is called ‘corona’ because of its crown-like shape and spikes .

In a similar way , several new words and phrases like fomite transmission , social distancing, quarantine, covidiot (someone ignoring public health advice), covidient (people who strictly follow public health guidelines) etc. have been coined and are being widely used by people today in order to define the new pandemic situations .

All this has led to the creation of a whole new vocabulary and you will be surprised to know that approximately thousands of words are added to the English language each and every year .

As interesting as it seems, it makes us wonder whether we are actually making any efforts to escalate our own vocabulary or is the English language, which has now become a critical skill to converse , articulate and disseminate working around its way much faster than we’ll ever be able to.

Whether it’s a post graduate , MCA , engineering graduate looking for placement or a student or working professional looking to study and work abroad, mastery over the English language has become imperative for everyone to frame your inner ability .

Even in your own country it is going to be hard to achieve a handsome job without spoken capability in English .

Fortunately, the prolonged extension in the period of lockdown has a bit of a golden lining as being at home gives one plenty of time to brush up their vocabulary, improve listening, comprehension and enunciation etc.

you are probably thinking how to improve your English speaking skills, using the Covid-19 lockdown .

With various countries around the world now in lockdown because of the Corona virus pandemic, schools, colleges and offices are temporarily closed ad infinitum .

Most people are working from home or continuing their studies from room itself. This leaves everyone with a lot of time to spare because the commute time to work or school has been curtailed from our daily schedules.

When you are at home all day, you can use the time to improve various skills and become more productive so that once the Corona virus lockdown is over, you can jump on the ground with more prowess in your niche .

1 . This is the High Time to Learn Advanced Spoken English :-

Lockdown ‘ is the perfect time to learn Spoken English because , interested learners get ample time to explore the skill in the midst of non-hectic environment .

2 . Urgent Need for Mental Engagement to Learn Spoken English:-

This ongoing lockdown has destroyed the human activity vehemently . To come out of this mental retirement , you should continue your work and learn something new like Spoken English skill immediately , if you think it as your negative side .

3 . Future Prospect :-

This lockdown is the perfect time to learn Spoken English Skills to strengthen your robust and better future . People definitely suffer a lot if they let this ongoing lockdown go out of their hand .

4 . Utilize this Ongoing Lockdown as a Converter :-

Use this ongoing lockdown due to Corona Virus Pandemic as a ‘ Converter ‘ . With the help of this converter you can convert your deficiency to efficiency .

You can turn your deficit potentiality into mammoth potentiality by using this ongoing lockdown ‘ CONVERTER ‘ .

Utilization of Lockdown and learn a Brand New Spoken English

5 . Utilize Lockdown and Unlock your Spoken Skill During Post lockdown Period :-

If you pay homage to ‘ Time ‘ , ‘ Time ‘ will invariably pay homage back to you . There an adage goes – “ As you sow , so you will reap “.

So if you really want to unlock your innate talent for your future growth , this is the ideal time to explore the oceanic knowledge of Spoken English and shield yourself for hard future waiting for you .

6 . Lockdown Time is Anytime :

Lockdown time is Anytime ” . During this lockdown , you can learn Spoken English at any time and at any moment . There is no time hindrance in front of you . This is one of the biggest opportunity for all learners .

7 . Read Aloud Within an Empty Room :-

One of the best ways to augment your English speaking at home is to read aloud from your favourite book.

upgrade spoken English
Reading Aloud and Identify your Faults

When you read aloud instead of reading in your mind, you can hear what you are saying and take note of which words are disturbing you up or simply sound wrong.

So, pick up your favourite English book and read it aloud every day for just an hour to improve your English speaking skills.

8 . Play Multiple Board Games :-

Multiple board games such as scrabble, word jumble, puzzles, crosswords etc. help unfold various new words and guide you to develop good English vocabulary.

Daily practice and using these new words in conversations can improve your memory, focus, richer vocabulary and also, monumental cognitive skills.

spoken English Skills
Hurrah ! Play some Board games During Lockdown . Learn through Fun

At present, one can play these games with their family or play them online with friends.

This has led to an explosion of new words and phrases that have suddenly become a part of our daily routine .

It then makes sense for us to also keep up with the speedy changing language and do something productive while we are confined to our homes.

9 . Listen Intently Podcast or Any Audio Book :-

Active and observant listening also helps in building a strong vocabulary as listening is a skill which requires attention and picking out new words, noting them down and unfolding their meaning gives a great exhibition .

Podcast image
Listening Podcast will your listening skill

Many good websites and apps now host podcasts where they hold interviews or talk about various things happening around the world.

Listening to these will not only help you know what all is going on around the world but also boost up your English skills, while at home.

You can check out the top podcasts available around the world.

10 . Reading Books with Rapt Attention :-

Reading books or novels is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary. While reading, you come across new words and gain the curiosity to find its correct meaning which expands and improves your knowledge.

Reading books
Read English Book with a Dictionary

It is recommended to keep a dictionary with you while reading so that as and when you read and come across new words, it becomes easier to refer to the dictionary, find its correct meaning and enunciation .

11 . Utilize the Robust Digital Arena :-

At present, there are several digital and interactive platforms that can help students & learners of all age groups to build their language skills at home.

A few such examples are the My Grammar Lab , Pearson MyPedia which offer a collection of involving stories, fun facts, trivia and quizzes that help improve English vocabulary, listening, speaking and comprehension .

12 . Start Reading English News Paper :-

This is a good habit . Try to grow this habit in you . This will invariably help you a lot to boost up your vocabulary .

13 . Play Multiple Funny Games with English Instructions :-

As you are spending so much time at home with your family during the Covid-19 lockdown, you can pick up your old board games with English instructions and play them with your family to improve your English spoken skills.

English games

You can also go for computer games or mobile games that you play alone which are text-based.

You can read out the stories written in English as the game progresses, but this is sure to be more fun if you are playing something in a group.

14 . Watch American / British / Australian Classic Movies / Dramas / Television Serials Vigorously :-

This is the time when most people are watching a lot of television serials and movies at home due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

watching movie 1
No more Movie now in Theater

At a time when online streaming platforms have become the new dimension for people to spend their time at home, one can opt to watch classic English movies, serials , web series , dramas or shows which will lead you to encounter new words and look for their meanings.

watchig movie
Watch On television with your Friends and Learn through Fun

15 . Start to Listen and Sing English Songs :-

Music is a Universal language .

During lockdown , start listening English songs . Start singing and humming within you .

This will help you to open you up before new words and that will instant make your vocabulary richer .

English song
Start singing Now

16 . Join a Spoken English training Course :-

This is the perfect time to join an online spoken English course in India from a competent and eligible global trainer who can guide you and diagnose your according to your existing ability .

Spoken English without a trainer is just like a fish without water or a living being without oxygen .

Can you learn spoken English without a Global Competent Trainer ?

Conclusion :-

Let me conclude by saying that not to make the blunder by letting this prolonged pandemic lockdown go out of your fist . This is the ‘ Golden Opportunity ” to convert your inner deficiency of your knowledge of spoken English to rock- solid efficiency of your spoken capability in English .

So ‘ Do it Now ‘ and ‘ Don’t look further ‘ . Utilize this ongoing lockdown and “ Learn Advanced Spoken English ” is the wisest decision of your life for your handsome future .

With some simple endeavor and self- discipline, you can bring a change in your lifestyle and following these above tips will help you a lot to build stronger linguistic abilities in English , while giving you a command over the English language in the process.

So, keep practicing and stay home, stay safe and try to build the immunity power in you . Please abide by the SMS ( Sanitization Mask Social Distancing ) during this Covid- 19 Pandemic .

Why should you learn spoken English ?
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