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Why is Spoken English important in 2022?

What is Spoken English?

Spoken English is the common English language spoken in countries where it is the first language.

So, it includes also slang words and regional dialects, depending on the city you take into account. Spoken English is English that is spoken by people, and used in conversations.

It will have lots of phrases and incomplete sentences which are ‘understood in context.’

It is a personal communication, intended for a few. Mostly questions, answers, and short sentences/phrases which express an idea. Unfortunately in India, the biggest use is to show off.

Probably as a hangover from colonial rule, English speaking carries tremendous sale value in this country, even if the spoken words don’t make much sense.

How Many Types of Spoken English are there in the English Language According to Usage?

There are multiple types of spoken English according to its usage. Those are as follows:-

1 . Professional Spoken English:-

Business English

This type of language is used by professionals from specific industries. The speech used here is highly technical, with stress put on facts, figures, data, and industry jargon.

2 . Literary spoken English :-

This is the language used in magazines and newspapers. The stress is more on communicating with a large section of the crowd. The speech follows all rules of grammar and yet, the words used are simple and common.

3 . Conversational Spoken English :-

This English is more widely used in daily conversation, where rules of grammar are more relaxed, and stress is more on just getting the message across. Sentences might be dropped halfway on realizing that the listener has gotten the message.

4 . Vulgar / Slang English:-

Every language comes with a set of words that have multiple meanings, and depending upon the situation in which you use them, multiple interpretations as well. These words are called slang and are native to a particular region.

Certain words might not be strictly off-limits in a society, but could be highly offensive to a particular community. These ethnic slangs and vulgar words find their way into the slang talk. Close friends use this mode for communication while having a friendly, informal conversation. In addition to this, the pronunciation of certain words changes with different regions which might cause confusion in speech.

How Many Types of Spoken English are there in English Language, Country-wise Differences ?

1 . Scottish English :-

Many Scottish speakers like to throw in Scots words, which are unique only to Scotland. That’s why even some native speakers can have trouble with a thick Scottish accent.

Scottish National Flag

Let’s look at some words you’re likely to come across in Scotland and nowhere else:

  • Braw (Great/awesome/fantastic)
  • Tidy (A positive description similar to beautiful/stunning/lovely)
  • Balloon (Someone annoying or dim-witted)
  • Bucket (Trash can)

2 . Irish English :-

As its name indicates, Irish English is spoken by the people of the Republic of Ireland and the British region of Northern Ireland.

One of the most recognizable features of Irish English is that the “th” sound (like in thousand) is pronounced with a “t” or a “d.”

Irish Flag

Let’s look at some words you’re likely to come across in Ireland and nowhere else:

  • Shebeen (Bar/pub)
  • Craic (Literally means crack, but when people ask you, “what’s the craic?” they’re asking “how are you?”)
  • Gob (Mouth — Can be used as a light insult, like “shut your gob.”)
  • Eejit (Idiot, but in Irish pronunciation)

3 . Australian English :-

Australian English is becoming one of the more popular versions of English as people from nearby countries like China and South Korea move to Australia to study English.

Let’s look at some words you’re likely to come across in Australia and nowhere else:

Australian National Flag
  • Bogan (Someone unsophisticated)
  • Mozzie (A mosquito)
  • Whinge (To whine)
  • Servo (A gas station)

4 . New Zealander English :-

Also known as the Kiwi accent, New Zealand English is one of the more neutral versions of English out there. While distinctly different from British English, many ESL students who’re used to Received Pronunciation don’t have a problem with the Kiwi accent.

The National Flag of New Zealand

Let’s look at some words you’re likely to come across in New Zealand and nowhere else:

  • Jandals (Flip flops)
  • Chilly bin (A cooler used to keep your drinks cold)
  • Sweet as (An expression meaning no problem/alright)
  • Hardout (Used to amplify an adjective — “It’s hardout hot today!” means “It’s very hot today!”)

5 . Singlish :-

English is one of four official languages in Singapore and is commonly used in local and international business in the country. What makes Singaporean English, also known as Singlish, different from other versions of English is that it’s been influenced by other languages in the country.

The National Flag of Singapore

For outsiders, Singlish can be difficult to understand.

Many of the words and expressions used in Singlish actually come from other languages, like Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Tamil and for this reason, many English-speaking Singaporeans speak standard English and Singlish .

6 . British English :-

British English is the standard dialect of the English language  as spoken and written in the United Kingdom Variations exist in formal, written English in the United Kingdom.

For example, the adjective wee is almost exclusively used in parts of Scotland , North East , Ireland and occasionally Yorkshire whereas little is predominant elsewhere.

Nevertheless, there is a meaningful degree of uniformity in written English within the United Kingdom, and this could be described by the term British English.

The National Flag of England

The forms of Spoken English, however, vary considerably more than in most other areas of the world where English is spoken, so a uniform concept of British English is more difficult to apply to the spoken language. According to Tom McArthur in the Oxford Guide to World English, British English shares “all the ambiguities and tensions in the word ” British ” and as a result can be used and interpreted in two ways, more broadly or more narrowly, within a range of blurring and ambiguity”.

7 . American English :-

American English (AmEAEAmEngUSEngen-US),  sometimes called United States English or U.S. English,  is the set of  varieties of the English Language native to the United States. Currently, American English is the most influential form of English worldwide.

American national Flag

English is the most widely spoken language in the United States and is the de facto common language used by the federal and state governments, to the extent that all laws and compulsory education presume English as the primary language. English is explicitly given official status by 32 of the 50 state governments.

 While the local courts in some divisions of the United States  grant equivalent status to both English and another language—for example, English and Spanish in Puerto Rico —under federal law, English is still the official language for any matters being referred to the United States District Court  for the territory.

8 . Indian English :-

Indian English (originated from and therefore related to British English) is a class of varieties of the English language spoken in the Republic of India , and among the Indian diaspora elsewhere in the world.

In his book The English Language (1990) David Crystal observed, “British English is now, numerically speaking, a minority dialect, compared with American, or even Indian, English.”

Indian National Flag

The Constitution of India has mandated Hindi in the Devanagari script to be an official language of the Indian union; English is an additional official language for government work along with Hindi.

 English is an official language of 7 states and 5 Union Territories and also the additional official language of 7 states and 1 Union Territory. English is also the sole official language of the Judiciary of India unless a state Governor or legislature mandates the use of regional language, or the President has given approval for the use of regional languages in courts.

How Many Types of Spoken English are there in the English Language According to Spelling and Pronunciation?

Despite the various English dialects spoken from country to country and within different regions of the same country, there are only slight regional variations in English orthography, the two most recognized variations being British and American spelling.

Many of the differences between American and British English date back to a time when spelling standards had not yet developed. For instance, some spellings seen as “American” today were once commonly used in Britain and some spellings seen as “British” were once commonly used in the United States.

British Spelling
American spelling on the Right Side
British Spelling is on the left side and American Spelling is on the right side
British Spelling is on the left side and American Spelling is on the right side
British Spelling is on the left side and American Spelling is on the right side

Why Do You want to speak in English ?

1 . Internet and Social Media
As our access to technology increases worldwide, there is an increase in a need to know English.

Approximately 55% of internet content is in English. That means that if you can read in English, you will have more access to information than your non-English speaking peers.

2. To Meet and Communicate with More People
If you are able to speak English proficiently, you will people able to communicate with more people. Be it where you live, at work, online or wherever you go.

Being able to speak multiple languages often gives you more opportunities in life and work than just speaking one language.

3. Travel
When travel to different countries, English is often the most common “bridge” language.

Meaning that you could meet with people from five different countries at the same time and it is likely the only common language between all five people is English.

English is able to connect people from many different countries and cultures more so than other languages.

4. For Current Job or to Get Better Work
If you increase your English proficiency, you often will be able to get a new job, a better job or a promotion where you are working.

Having English speaking clients is very attractive and often a necessity for millions of businesses worldwide.

You may even get a higher salary or paid more hourly for speaking English fluently.

5. For School or University Studies
Many schools and universities around the world require that their students have a basic or even intermediate understanding of the English language. Many have required courses that are taught in English.

 6 . Social Status
In some countries, speaking English fluently is highly regarded and sought after. This means that there are not many people that do speak English well and when they do; they stand out.

When you learn to speak English fluently, you may find that other people think highly of you and your English speaking skills. People may think to come to you with questions about English, travel or may even want to know your secret of how you learned English so well.

7. Science, Medicine, Economics, Law, Engineering and Politics
Often education, research and common industry vocabulary is in English for these important careers.

If is often required that people who study or work in these industries do research and learn about new and cutting edge ideas within in their industry in English. Many of the top industry publications and research is in English.

8 . Availability of Huge resources :-

Availability of resources. Because English is such a widespread language and is found all over the globe, the resources you can use to learn English are endless. There are tons of resources on the Internet for free. Sometimes you will need to pay a little bit to take an English course online or access another resource, but they are often worth the money.

9 . Find More Job Opportunities :-

As the world becomes more global (better connected), it is only natural that big businesses will want and need to communicate more. Right now, everyone is trying to learn and communicate with English. English is becoming the common language that people from different countries and cultures can use to communicate with one another.

10 . Become better Learned :-

Not only does knowing a foreign language your brain power , but you can use your knowledge of English to learn more and more things about the world.

These days it is relatively easy to take an English class. Whether you take this class online , on Skype or in the classroom, there are many options out there.

But here is a new idea for you: Have you ever considered trying to take a class about a specific subject  in English?

Imagine all of the things you could learn by taking an American history class from an American, a math class from an Australian or an English literature class from a British teacher?

This kind of class, taught completely in English, will let you learn about culture, intonation, body language, vocabulary and slang while also learning about an interesting subject like history, math or anything else that you personally love to study!

Furthermore, there are many great works of literature , science, history and social science that were written in English first. Do not lose anything by trying to read a translation. Instead, you will come closer to the heart (the main idea) of what the writer is trying to say by reading the original writing in English.

11 . Able to date More People :-

Well, you will be happy to know that English will increase the number of people you could possibly date. Try meeting people who speak English on a dating site  through Facebook or another social media site.

English speakers are generally very understanding when talking to people who are learning English, and they have plenty of patience. Do not worry if your English skills are not perfect yet. You are already very interesting because you are bilingual .

12 . Improve your Confidence Level :-

Learning a language is hard and everyone knows it. People will automatically respect your commitment to learning and maintaining your English. Your ability to help and communicate with people will help you earn respect.

People will also seek you out to learn about you and your perspective on things. They will be interested in you and your experience in life.

They will want to know the thoughts, hopes, fears and opinions of someone from another culture. When you feel more like you are more interesting, you will feel more special and confident .

How can you Speak English in Phonetics ?

What is Phonetics ?

Phonetics is a branch of linguistics that focuses on the production and classification of the world’s speech sounds. … For example, the noun ‘fish’ has four letters, but the IPA presents this as three sounds: f i ʃ, where ‘ʃ’ stands for the ‘sh’ sound. Phonetics as an interdisciplinary science has many applications .

How can you improve your Phonetics ?

You can improve your Phonetics in the following ways :-

1 . Learn to Listen .

2 . Watch how your lips and mouths move .

3 . Pay utmost attention to your tongue .

4 . Split words down to sounds and syllables .

5 . Add stress to sounds and words .

6 . Ask yourself which dialect of English you prefer to learn .

7 . Figure out difficult words with their sounds .

8 . Exaggerate certain words .

9 . Write down whatever you listen .

10 . Try to speak as much as you can .

11 . Record your own speech .

12 . Practice with tongue twister .

How to Learn Spoken English with Music Lyrics ?

When you learn English with music lyrics that you love, you won’t even feel like you’re studying.

You’ll be dancing, singing and picking up essential English lessons with every beat.

Music is a wonderful way to relax or put you in a good mood. It is also a convenient and fun way to subconsciously learn a language.

Listening to a song in English will allow you pick up on new words and phrases. Singing along to songs and looking up their lyrics will help you practice English.

Below are some popular songs that are perfect to improve your English skills.

Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool” is a song recorded by Boney M .and included on their debut album ‘ Take the Heat off Me ‘ It was a 1976 hit and a staple of disco music, and became Boney M.’s first United Kingdom hit.

She’s crazy like a fool
Wild about Daddy CoolShe’s crazy like a fool
Wild about Daddy Cool
I’m crazy like a fool
Wild about Daddy CoolDaddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy CoolShe’s crazy like a fool
Wild about Daddy Cool
I’m crazy like a fool
Wild about Daddy CoolDaddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy Cool
Daddy, Daddy CoolShe’s crazy about her Daddy
Oh, she believes in him

Sunny by Boney M

Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain
Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain
The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here
My Sunny one shines so sincere
Sunny one so true, I love you

Sunny, thank you for the sunshine bouquet
Sunny, thank you for the love you brought my way
You gave to me your all and all
Now I feel ten feet tall
Sunny one so true, I love you

Sunny, thank you for the truth you let me see
Sunny, thank you for the facts from A to Z
My life was torn like a windblown sand
And the rock was formed when you held my hand
Sunny one so true, I love you


Sunny, thank you for the smile upon your face
Sunny, thank you for the gleam that shows its grace
You’re my spark of nature’s fire
You’re my sweet complete desire
Sunny one so true, I love you

Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain
Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain
The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here
My Sunny one shines so sincere
Sunny one so true, I love you

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

Closer by the Chain smoker

This song was an absolute hit in North America because of its infectious beat and catchy lyrics.

It is the perfect song to play on your car stereo while reciting the lyrics. You will have fun singing along and dancing, but you will also be learning and practice

Love on the Brain

Some of Rhianna’s song aren’t the best to listen to if you trying to learn English. For example, she slurs her words throughout her infamous song “Work.”

However, her song “Love On The Brain” is a soulful song where her words are easy to understand and follow. Listen to this song to improve your English skills and also get a taste of some modern folk music.

Scars to Your Beautiful

“Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara is a slow song that also has an important message. It tells young girls to love themselves for who they are, and to not care about their physical appearance.

It is a wonderful song to follow and sing along to because of its slow beat, and it can also help you feel good about yourself while you improve your English skills.

Water under the Bridge

Adele is a famous British singer whose is known for her strong voice and unique songs. “Water Under The Bridge” is a sad song about moving on. The song is slow and steady, making her words and lyrics easy to understand.

Listen to this song to be introduced to some new words and help yourself learn English.

The title of the song is referring to a common English Medium and the song can help you understand its meaning.


The always popular Maroon 5 has released another catchy song. This is a relatable song about a man whose lover seems “cold” or emotionally distant.

This songs uses a lot of repetition, which can help you learn certain words and phrases, and practice saying them over and over.

There is also a rap section that is another part of the song that will allow you to hear and practice speaking English .

Treat you Better

“Treat You Better” is a romantic song, where a man is trying to convince the girl he loves that he could treat her better than her current boyfriend. This song is slow, and it is very easy to understand what Shawn Mendes is saying.

This makes it easy to listen to the lyrics and also sing along to for some English practice. The song will pull at your heartstrings too.

So Into You

Ariana Grande is extremely popular in the United States, and she continues to release hit songs. “So Into You” is another one of her well-known songs that is both fun and romantic.

The title of the song is common saying in English, so it is important to learn. There are other sayings and idioms in the song that you should learn to help improve your English skills.

Can’t Stop the Feeling

Can’t Stop The Feeling” was featured in Dreamworks’ animated movie Trolls. It is a feel-good song that will make you want to get up and dance.

Its catchy beat will also want to make you sing along to the lyrics. Listen to this song to make yourself feel upbeat, and also help to improve your English skills.


This song depicts the story of a woman who struggles to support her child. “Rockabye” combines the clean vocals of Ann Marie and the rap of Sean Paul. It is a meaningful song that you will want to listen to over and over again.

The title of the song and some of the lyrics are a reference to a common English lullaby called Rockabye Baby.

Knowing this will help familiarize you with English nurse rhymes, and other references that may come up.

what are some Must Watch English Films for Spoken English ?

Watching films is a funny way to improve your English .

In this IG SPOKEN ENGLISH ONLINE guide, I will show you 12 of the best English movies for studying English to help you learn English through films. Are you all Ready? Lights, camera, action .

1 . Jaws ( 1975 )

2 . Enter the Dragon ( 1973 )

3 . Jurassic Park (1993)

4 .  Notting Hill (1999)

5 . Clueless (1995)

6 . The Wizard of Oz (1939)

7 . The Queen (2006)

8 . The King’s Speech (2010)

9 . The Hunger Games (2012)

10 . Titanic (1997 )

11 . E. T . ( 1982 )

12 . Jurassic World ( 2015 )

What should you do to Boost Up Your Spoken English Skill ?

So, here are some study tips for boosting your performance:

  1. Make a target:  There should be a target to achieve. Directionless studying will not at all yield any outcome. For e.g. target might be boarded, for some, it would be competitive, etc.
  2. Study environment: The study environment should have minimum distractions. It should have a good space and should possess all the essentials.
  3. Need a Competent Personal Global Trainer: You just need a trainer. It is preferable not to study among hundred students. Online personal global trainer is needed for you.
  4. Process: The main focus should be on understanding facts and figures rather than mugging up. There is some stuff that requires mugging, but primarily understanding and analyzing components should dominate simply memorizing.
  5. Succinct notes: Making notes on a topic would increase the scope of clearance and fantasy of the topic. Even if some people have the inertia not to make notes, can prefer to write shortly just beside the topic.
  6. Feynman method: Every topic has a reason behind it. So, understanding the topic with the reason will create better possibilities for exploration. Writing ‘when’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ in every chapter and subchapter will at least provide a base of the particular chapter which work wonders while revising.
  7. Revision methods: The revision should be done under the technique of “I111″ which means the first revision should be done immediately after the completion of the task. The second revision should be done after a day. The third revision should be done after a week and fourth revision should be done after a month. This will emphasize the permanency of the specific topic.
  8. Timetable: Everyone should have time table according to their needs. A morning hen or a night owl has different concentration spans. So timetable must not be universal. It should be prepared according to the needs of a person. Breaks: Breaks should be strictly taken. For people having heavy distractions should follow the Pomodoro technique i.e. 50-10 rule and people having great attention span should take regular breaks according to their needs. But anyone of the two should take breaks and rejuvenate themselves. If breaks are not taken properly along with hydration may lead to severe burn-out.
  9. Sleep: This is has a vital role to play in the process of studying on regular basis. Minimum sleeping hours roll from 7hrs-9 hrs according to self needs.
  10. Hobbies: Any activity such as singing, dancing, physical fitness-related activities, philately, cardiac sports, etc. should be taken care of during the rest of the time. if you can not find the information for an answer
  11. If you need more than ONE MINUTE to find an answer. Save time – and you need every second you can get
  12. Avoid a question that makes you crazy which will increase your stress levels and make you perform badly in the rest of the test
  13. Do questions that you find easier
  14. Do questions that get you points that contribute to a better Band Score
  15. Do questions that you like and quickly know the answers to
  16. Be able to go back at the end of the exam and look at this difficult question again (maybe) .

What Should you do to Upscale your Spoken English Skill During lockdown caused by Covid-19 Pandemic ?

The most important thing to learn Advanced Spoken English / IELTS / TOEFL / DUOLINGO is ‘ Time ‘ . ‘ Time ‘ is a great issue to learn any courses . I am going to enumerate the reasons which are as follows :-

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has exerted an influence in every dimension of our lives, from the way we wash our hands to the language we speak.

The Latin word ‘corona’ means ‘crown’ and that the virus is called ‘corona’ because of its crown-like shape and spikes .

In a similar way , several new words and phrases like fomite transmission , social distancing, quarantine, covidiot (someone ignoring public health advice), covidient (people who strictly follow public health guidelines) etc. have been coined and are being widely used by people today in order to define the new pandemic situations .

All this has led to the creation of a whole new vocabulary and you will be surprised to know that approximately thousands of words are added to the English language each and every year.

As interesting as it seems, it makes us wonder whether we are actually making any efforts to escalate our own vocabulary or is the English language, which has now become a critical skill to converse , articulate and disseminate working around its way much faster than we’ll ever be able to.

Whether it’s a post graduate , MCA , engineering graduate looking for placement or a student or working professional looking to study and work abroad, mastery over the English language has become imperative for everyone to frame your inner ability .

Even in your own country it is going to be hard to achieve a handsome job without spoken capability in English .

Fortunately, the prolonged extension in the period of lockdown has a bit of a golden lining as being at home gives one plenty of time to brush up their vocabulary, improve listening, comprehension and enunciation etc.

you are probably thinking how to improve your English speaking skills, using the Covid-19 lockdown .

With various countries around the world now in lockdown because of the Corona virus pandemic, schools, colleges and offices are temporarily closed ad infinitum .

Most people are working from home or continuing their studies from room itself. This leaves everyone with a lot of time to spare because the commute time to work or school has been curtailed from our daily schedules.

When you are at home all day, you can use the time to improve various skills and become more productive so that once the Corona virus lockdown is over, you can jump on the ground with more prowess in your niche .

1 . This is the High Time to Learn Advanced Spoken English :-

Lockdown ‘ is the perfect time to learn Spoken English because , interested learners get ample time to explore the skill in the midst of non-hectic environment .

2 . Urgent Need for Mental Engagement to Learn Spoken English:-

This ongoing lockdown has destroyed the human activity vehemently . To come out of this mental retirement , you should continue your work and learn something new like Spoken English skill immediately , if you think it as your negative side .

3 . Future Prospect :-

This lockdown is the perfect time to learn Spoken English Skill to strengthen your robust and better future . People definitely suffer a lot if they let this ongoing lockdown go out of their hand .

4 . Utilize this Ongoing Lockdown as a Converter :-

Use this ongoing lockdown due to Corona Virus Pandemic as a ‘ Converter ‘ . With the help of this converter you can convert your deficiency to efficiency .

You can turn your deficit potentiality into mammoth potentiality by using this ongoing lockdown ‘ CONVERTER ‘ .

5 . Utilize Lockdown and Unlock your Spoken Skill During Post lockdown Period :-

If you pay homage to ‘ Time ‘ , ‘ Time ‘ will invariably pay homage back to you . There an adage goes – “ As you sow , so you will reap “.

So if you really want to unlock your innate talent for your future growth , this is the ideal time to explore the oceanic knowledge of Spoken English and shield yourself for hard future waiting for you .

6 . Lockdown Time is Anytime :

Lockdown time is Anytime ” . During this lockdown , you can learn Spoken English at any time and at any moment . There is no time hindrance in front of you . This is one of the biggest opportunity for all learners .

7 . Read Aloud Within an Empty Room :-

One of the best ways to augment your English speaking at home is to read aloud from your favourite book.

When you read aloud instead of reading in your mind, you can hear what you are saying and take note of which words are disturbing you up or simply sound wrong.

So, pick up your favourite English book and read it aloud every day for just an hour to improve your English speaking skills.

8 . Play Multiple Board Games :-

Multiple board games such as scrabble, word jumble, puzzles, crosswords etc. help unfold various new words and guide you to develop good English vocabulary.

Daily practice and using these new words in conversations can improve your memory, focus, richer vocabulary and also, monumental cognitive skills.

At present, one can play these games with their family or play them online with friends.

This has led to an explosion of new words and phrases that have suddenly become a part of our daily routine .

It then makes sense for us to also keep up with the speedy changing language and do something productive while we are confined to our homes.

9 . Listen Intently Podcast or Any Audio Book :-

Active and observant listening also helps in building a strong vocabulary as listening is a skill which requires attention and picking out new words, noting them down and unfolding their meaning gives a great exhibition .

Many good websites and apps now host podcasts where they hold interviews or talk about various things happening around the world.

Listening to these will not only help you know what all is going on around the world but also boost up your English skills, while at home.

You can check out the top podcasts available around the world.

10 . Reading Books with Rapt Attention :-

Reading books or novels is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary. While reading, you come across new words and gain the curiosity to find its correct meaning which expands and improves your knowledge.

It is recommended to keep a dictionary with you while reading so that as and when you read and come across new words, it becomes easier to refer to the dictionary, find its correct meaning and enunciation .

11 . Utilize the Robust Digital Arena :-

At present, there are several digital and interactive platforms that can help students & learners of all age groups to build their language skills at home.

A few such examples are the My Grammar Lab , Pearson MyPedia which offer a collection of involving stories, fun facts, trivia and quizzes that help improve English vocabulary, listening, speaking and comprehension .

12 . Start Reading English News Paper :-

This is a good habit . Try to grow this habit in you . This will invariably help you a lot to boost up your vocabulary .

13 . Play Multiple Funny Games with English Instructions :-

As you are spending so much time at home with your family during the Covid-19 lockdown, you can pick up your old board games with English instructions and play them with your family to improve your English spoken skills.

You can also go for computer games or mobile games that you play alone which are text-based.

You can read out the stories written in English as the game progresses, but this is sure to be more fun if you are playing something in a group.

14 . Watch American / British / Australian Classic Movies / Dramas / Television Serials Vigorously :-

This is the time when most people are watching a lot of television serials and movies at home due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

At a time when online streaming platforms have become the new dimension for people to spend their time at home, one can opt to watch classic English movies, serials , web series , dramas or shows which will lead you to encounter new words and look for their meanings.

15 . Start to Listen and Sing English Songs :-

Music is a Universal language .

During lockdown , start listening English songs . Start singing and humming within you .

Sing or Hum a Song in yourself alone in a solitary room or even in a bathroom .

This will help you to open you up before new words and that will instant make your vocabulary richer .

16 . Join a Spoken English training Course :-

This is the perfect time to join a spoken English course from a competent and eligible global trainer who can guide you and diagnose your according to your existing ability .


Spoken English without a trainer is just like a fish without water or a living being without oxygen .

What are the Baneful Sources of Spoken English Learning ?

1 . Multiple YouTubers on Spoken English :-

There are some people often suggest that ‘ You Tube ‘ is a good platform to learn spoken English, online . Thus the young learners get trapped with some YouTubers and ultimately ruin both ‘ Time ‘ as well as their ‘ Existing Potentiality ‘ .

YouTube is basically a platform of acquaintance but not at all a platform of learning .

There are several YouTubers who open their channels to show their expertise , teach a few vocabulary or some synonyms and antonyms within 6 minutes with some gorgeous background music and get thousands of likes , subscriptions and views . Their channels gets monetized consequentially .

Do you think that you have learnt spoken English from those videos ?? ” The simplest answer is ‘ NO ‘ .

2 . Multiple Android Apps on Spoken English :-

People also suggest these options off and on without understanding the deadly significance of these sort of ‘ Android Apps ‘ on spoken English learning .

But it is too late for them to comprehend their status . Nothing to do then on that particular moment , because , the patient had already died before the real doctor came .

This is another detrimental source of Spoken English learning . Plenty of video courses are sold there . People visit there and buy those courses and ultimately can’t be able to learn Spoken English skill. It provides some of the best online Spoken English Teachers.

What are the Healthy Habits to Learn Spoken English ?

1 . Consultation with Dictionary :-

Dictionary should be your constant companion . It must be your best friend .

Dictionary is a systematic presentation of words with their meanings .

This doesn’t mean that you can invariably get in -depth domination over the spoken English expertise .

Only knowing words can’t render you a benefit .

You have many flowers but all those will be futile if you don’t know the skill of making a garland out of it .

4 . Watching English News Channel On Television :-

Some interested learners also get a suggestion to watch English News Channel to improve their skills in English .

I do agree with them and see eye to eye with their suggestion , but with a slight disagreement again .

Watching ” English News Channel ” boosts up your “ Listening Skill in English ” , but not your “ Spoken Skill in English ” .

So , only watching English News channels will never give you an extra mileage in spoken English .

You need something more……

5 . Watching English Movie in Theater :-

This is also an item included in the long list of suggestion to learn spoken English .

Watching an English movie in an air conditioned theater really gives you comfort and entertainment , but , that also fails to serve your actual purpose of learning spoken English .

Entertainment along with Learning

Watching an English movie improves your ‘ Visual efficiency ‘ and ‘ Listening Efficiency ‘ , but , in no way it escalates your ‘ Spoken English Efficiency ‘ .

3 . Reading Newspapers Effect on Spoken English :-

Many people sometimes suggest to read the popular English dailies like ” The Telegraph ” , “ The Times of India ” , “ The Hindu ” etc . . Their suggestions are not at all bad to learn English .

But I personally think that regular habituation of reading English Newspaper can assist you to learn English to a slight extent .

This habituation can grow your ‘ Reading Efficiency in English ‘ but not your ‘ Spoken Efficiency in English ‘ . ‘ Newspaper reading ‘ performs its role as a supplementary to ‘ Spoken English Learning ‘ .

6 . Communicate with your Friends :-

Some wise people also suggest that spoken English can also be improved through communication among friends .

What does a Trainer do to Augment Your Spoken English Capability ??


How does a Competent Trainer help you to improve your Spoken English Skill :-

A trainer facilitates the task of learning spoken English easier and smoother . S/he can diagnose the follies in a students easily and corrects those as soon as possible .

S/he proves herself or himself as a mentor as well as a proficient guide to the learners in their learning path .

The role of the trainer undergoes fundamental changes with the delivery of a multidimensional second-language program.

As the Core English classroom moves from teacher-centered to student-centered and from a language-based to a needs-based approach, the trainer’s responsibilities also change.

The primary role of the trainer in a multidimensional language class is to establish conditions and develop activities so that students are able to practise the language in a meaningful context.

It is one of the trainer’s greatest responsibilities to develop in the students a positive attitude in learning English as a second language.

It is the trainer who acts as facilitator, resource person and language model for the second- language classroom. If developing units, the trainer needs to predict the possible needs of the students and have communicative language activities readily available to meet these needs.

The activities should be designed so that the students experience a high degree of success. Trainers will also experience greater success when activities are planned around the students’ interests and take into account subjects that they have some knowledge about.

The trainer is also instrumental in creating a positive and supportive learning environment within the class. Students who feel safe and secure are much more willing to practise a second language.

A healthy classroom climate promotes risk-taking and allows the students to experiment. Positive experiences in the classroom lead to an excellent attitude toward language and culture.

The constant re-entry and review of linguistic content throughout the different units enable the students to practise and internalize the language. Although this spiral approach is ideal in language learning, the teacher must be aware of the program objectives and ensure that the objectives are being met. Instruction and evaluation must reflect these objectives.

The trainer will continue to serve as a language model for the students. While remaining the person with whom the students will communicate most often, one of the main functions of the trainer will now be to discover or invent ways to encourage students to communicate meaningfully with each other.

Instead of actively directing and controlling all activities the trainer will aim to set up conditions for meaningful practice and then take on the role of a resource person.

The classroom becomes student-centred rather than trainer -centred; the students do most of the talking and the role of the teacher is to facilitate, advise, assist and offer direction.

As the students most often work in small groups the trainer will observe the activities, noting problem areas for future work. During these activities, the teacher will interrupt to correct students only if the errors are so serious as to block communication. 

The role of the Core English trainer in the classroom has traditionally been to convey knowledge. As the trainer moves toward being a facilitator of language learning, the students acquire skills that will enable them to be independent language learners.

Trainers are encouraged to become more knowledgeable about theories and methods of second language instruction. This can be done through reading and attending workshops, professional development days and conferences whenever the opportunity lends itself. Mini-immersion or immersion courses are instrumental in providing the opportunity for improvement/maintenance of communicative competence.

1 . A Sheet Anchor to the Derailed and Puzzled spoken English Learner :-

A proficient trainer of spoken English performs its role as a sheet anchor . s/he always cares and protects his /her students or learners round the clock .

This is a genuine part of a trainer’s responsibility and s/he is committed to do that .

2 . A Ray of Hope :-

An eligible trainer plays a vital role to learn spoken English . S/he is the ray of hope to the learners .

A trainer also rises a ray of hope inside the soul of a greenhorn learner .

3 . Instills the Fillip to learn spoken English :-

It is the trainer who can install the high level of genuine confidence into the core of the soul of the students .

The students can understand and feel that from within . This magical touch can act as a efficacious ‘ Mantra ‘ .

4 . Immense Opportunity for Direct Interaction :-

Spoken English learning or any verbal skill learning is primarily a two – way traffic.

During learning spoken English , a student needs a space for an interaction with his / her trainer or expert . This is the biggest benefit for a learner to learn spoken English and gradually the novice learner starts gaining authority over the spoken language . It is infeasible otherwise. Online spoken English classes can help you in this part.

Who can Learn Spoken English ?

Anybody of any age of any discipline can learn spoken English . There is no such limitation . Better late than never .

Spoken English is not Age-restricted

Spoken English is age – free , discipline – free and nepotism – free . It is for all and open to all .

Age should not inhibit you. Ideally, speaking is the best way to grasp a language. However, to speak one assumes you have a fair idea of the grammar and vocabulary of the language. Reading will help you gain a better understanding of any language.

In fact, people over 50 years old have many advantages that help them to learn English faster, to speak English fluently.

One huge advantage is attention span, the ability to concentrate.

Let’s be honest, most young people just don’t have the same level of concentration. They get bored more easily. They get distracted more quickly. Older people, especially people over 50 years of age often, usually, have better concentration. They’re more mature and they just have the ability to focus and concentrate for a longer time. This is a huge advantage when learning to speak English fluently.

Another big advantage for people over 50, life experience.

Life experience helps you to learn a language. See, because you have more experience, you have more images in your mind, you have more events in your mind, in your memory it’s easier for you to connect those to English, so when you’re learning English phrases, when you’re learning English idioms, vocabulary, etc. you can connect those to actual memories and experiences from your own life, that actually helps you to learn faster than someone who’s younger.

Another huge advantage for older learners is independence.

Younger learners are often prisoners of the school systems, of universities or high schools or other schools. They’re forced to use methods that don’t work, because they’re stuck in the school system. They’re forced to study things that will not actually help them speak English fluently, because they’re stuck in the school system. But you, as an older person, especially people over 50 are much more independent. You know what you want. You know why you want to learn English, so you can create an independent learning plan that fits your needs, what you want and that is much more effective.

Which English Channel is Better between BBC and CNN for Spoken English learning Supplementary?

Every news channel has an underlying agenda. I watch any channel that is on and try to avoid the news if possible. But if you must choose between BBC and CNN, remember that Denzel Washington once said in an interview: If you watch the news you are misinformed. If you don’t watch the news, you are uninformed.”

The truth is that these two channels cater to the same audience but in different countries. Let’s provide some background information.

  1. BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) – this network is a public-owned news channel with its headquarters located in London, United Kingdom. Despite being a public-owned company, the overarching ideology leans towards the progressive side of issues. Moreover, the company focuses primarily on news stories happening in the UK and other events that demand worldwide attention.
  2. CNN (Cable News Network) – this network is the primary source of news for most Americans, and by extension, the entire world. When you go to the gym, CNN is on. When you are at the airport, CNN is on display. Also, the overwhelming majority of their hosts and anchors are progressives.

So, both networks are similar in ideology. While CNN caters first to Americans, BBC covers news in and around the United Kingdom.

 However, both channels are famous all over the world for their extensive coverage of world events.

To sum up, I don’t have a preferred news channel. I just turn on the BBC to see what’s going on in the UK, and CNN to find out the latest news in America.

As a Trainer, I’d have to go with the BBC on this. I feel they are more professional. Let me explain.The BBC has standards.

When a story breaks, the BBC will often wait to confirm that the event actually happened from a number of sources before they use the story.

However, CNN will break the story and may later even find out that the story is untrue. While speed is important in training, accuracy gives a news outfit lasting credibility and goodwill. The latter is priceless.

I don’t entirely blame CNN for its mercantile manner of operations. I put it down to the fact that CNN has a board and shareholders to whom it must be accountable. CNN must turn a profit. The numbers are more important than an inconvenient fact of credibility.

CNN is often needlessly sensational and will prioritize stories with gory images and alarming headlines over stories that really matter to REAL people. To put it mildly, CNN is steeped in crisis and disaster reporting. The BBC on the other hand is guided by fairness, objectivity, and balance. CNN couldn’t be bothered.

I prefer the BBC for overall coverage of the US and World news. CNN will give me breaking news, but it will do so with too much emotion and repetition.

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  12. To read English successfully, children must learn to turn the words they see in a text into sounds, and make sense of these sounds. It is important for children to learn letter-sound relationships because English uses letters in the alphabet to represent sounds.

  13. First of all let me thank you once you got some information and knowledge from our beautiful article again.The reason why spoken English is so important is that you can adapt to the English language anywhere you go and there will be no problem.First of all, if you want to study and work abroad, you must be fluent in English. Speking English is a very important thing to know. It is very important to speak English because you be able to talk to any people in abroad.

  14. Out of nearly 6500 spoken languages in a small village like today’s world, English is the third most widely spoken and taught language in over 118 countries. English is commonly used around the world as a language of trade, tourism, science, aviation, computers, media and the international communication.
    Though English is often known as the most complicated language, every year the number of English language speaker increases manifold as compared to other languages in the world. Unless you are proficient enough in English, you are no longer able to explore and unlock exciting new doors of opportunities in life. A pearl is worthless as long as it’s still in its shell. Bring the pearl out and keep yourself away from being looked down upon.
    The innumerable advantages and great reasons to learn English especially in 2021 may range from getting a good job to being more confidence and smarter in expressing oneself. Basically it assists one to stay in touch with different issues and trends in global trade, culture and society. If you have English at your disposal, you have the word in your pocket. It’s like an Irish proverb: Marry the mountain girl and you marry the whole mountain.
    Me like there are numbers of MBAs who are barely able to write English what to speak of they being good at spoken one. How on earth can they afford to sell their valueless degrees in such a cut-throat competitive job market! It’s like carrying an umbrella when shoes are leaking.
    Thus, to become the cynosure of all eyes and rule over the world today, it’s a must for us to carry English Head, Hand and Tongue.

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  16. Spoken English is a very important subject nowadays. English is the language of science, aviation, computer, internet, tourism. That is why nothing is possible without knowing spoken English. Spoken English is an important subject that can help you meet new people. English is the official language of 53 countries. In that case, if we do not know spoken English, we will not be able to communicate with people all over the world. Knowledge of spoken English is very important for higher education abroad. If we do not know spoken English, we will not be able to get any job or work abroad. If I don’t know spoken English, I won’t be able to get any treatment abroad. We also have to go abroad for various business activities. In that case it is very important to know spoken English. If we can speak good academic English, we will have plenty of opportunities to find suitable schools and courses as needed. That is why spoken English is very important in 2021.

    1. First of all English is so important on our daily life without English is pointless to walk in this century … everywhere they want a candidate who is very well good fluency level ….if you are not good in English in 2021 thn your friends are humiliated you …if you want to work in a good company and u want increase your English level thn there is a High chance that u got promote in your company days in every where English is must …like aviation , private company ,also in school if you are below from bengali medium school and u want to join in English medium school they also want a good candidate who is good in English….so moral of the story is we have to do hardwork in our language for better life and better future

  17. English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Spoken English is a very important subject nowadays. English is the language of science, aviation, computer, internet, tourism. That is why nothing is possible without knowing spoken English. Spoken English is an important subject that can help you meet new people. English is the official language of 53 countries. In that case, if we do not know spoken English, we will not be able to communicate with people all over the world. Knowledge of spoken English is very important for higher education abroad. If we do not know spoken English, we will not be able to get any job or work abroad. If I don’t know spoken English, I won’t be able to get any treatment abroad. We also have to go abroad for various business activities. In that case it is very important to know spoken English. If we can speak good academic English, we will have plenty of opportunities to find suitable schools and courses as needed. That is why spoken English is very important in 2021.

  18. I am greatly thankful to you that you are again given us such a wonderful article.
    English is the storehouse of scientific knowledge.
    Hence, it’s study is of great importance for a developing country like India.
    I think that speaking English always allows you to actually broaden your world,from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country
    Education is very important to improve yourself but learning English also improves the quality of life.
    I agree with you that we can’t learn any more from you tube channels because I know that many you tubers are fake …they are making their channels just for their incomes( like views,subscribers etc). But ultimately we can’t learn from you tube. It’s just a vogus channel.
    I think that every student needs a an one autodidact person for any subject and for better guidance as well as understanding.
    Really we appreciate you.
    I am glad to read your wonderful article.

  19. In 21 century spoken English is very important because:
    Due to the mobilaziation of Education any body can learn&teach any one out side India. Since English is international language so you have good command over English.
    I think if you are not fluent in English then it might be difficult to you to serve cross border Education program.

  20. This is the most appropriate topic that I read to continue someday. After reading this topic, I know a lot of things about English. English is the most important language in our life. Learning English will open opportunities in our future life. Spoken English is the ideal communication language throughout the world. In India, Indian English originates from British English. Nowadays, we are all shifting towards American English. In the current posture, we are all trying to boost our immunity with multi-vitamin. In social media, I hear the different pronunciations of vitamin words. Then I type it in Google and find that this an American pronunciation. There is a various type of pronunciation of different words in this materialistic world . Having a good command of English helps us to have more opportunities in life, finally, our career.

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