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What are the Issues and Challenges of Today’s Youth ?

Teenagers ( 13 years – 19 years ) and the youth ( 20 years – 28 years ) of today are passing through a crucial juncture . Their lifestyle and mental framework are stuffed with multiple unique features which can be termed as ” Vices ” for themselves as well as for the future healthy society .

These issues and challenges of the teenagers and the youth simply stymie the holistic growth of the entire potent human race in the world . They have been imparted proper schooling and education by their parents but unfortunately the flavor and essence of true education have not been thoroughly inoculated in their vein .

As a result , we get to see multiple alien issues and challenges in their daily lifestyle which ultimately paves the catastrophic trajectory of the future human race and the society smoother . Teenagers and the youth of today are the beacon of tomorrow . The bizarre characteristics noticed in them are as follows :-

Nomophobia :-

According to “ Psychology Today ” , 66% of teenagers and adult youth in the US have been caught by the web of “ Nomophobia ” . This is the first and foremost vice like characteristics of the teenagers and the growing youth .


Nomophobia means ” No Mobile Phone Phobia ” . Mobile or cell phone is estranging the youth from the parents , siblings and ultimately the physical beautiful natural world . Nomophobia compels them to stay in the digital virtual world .

They love to play PUBG game but they have neither any pragmatism of the real life of the soldiers nor about the war . Nomophobia makes the youth averse to diligence . They prefer to play cricket and football virtually in the digital world rather going outside in the field physically .

mobile addiction

Thus mobile phone or cell phone have become an integral part of them . They can’t sever the ties from this puny gadget for a second . They start behaving like hysterical patient if they miss or lose their mobile for a moment . They remain obsessively busy with their mobile phone in checking missed calls , emails , Facebook , Whatsapp and Instagram . They simply become crazy for losing net connectivity or mobile phone itself .


Narcissism :-

5% of people have become the victims of NPD ( Narcissism Personality Disorder ) . They have become ultimate self-centered . They become physically unsocial but want to prove them digitally social . Most of the teenagers and young adults are engulfed by the vice of narcissism . They remain exponentially swamped in taking selfie , belfie and welfie round the clock wherever they pay visit .

97 971511 image narcissism clipart

From their bathroom to oratory , they are always dogged by this vice of ” Narcissism ” . They are pretty interested to visit shopping mall , multiplex not to buy any product . They go to popular eateries more for taking selfie rather than enjoying eating .

128542079 stock vector a man kisses his own reflection narcissism ego selfishness

They prefer these sophisticated places to capture themselves in a selfie in a plush dazzling well lit background and join in the rat race by posting their selfies in a popular social media like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest in order to gain and grab maximum favorable comments and likes . They become highly despondent if they don’t get expected number of likes and favorable comments .

157 1577280 hear me speak hear me speak narcissist clipart

Use Eyewares :-

57% of people in the world wear spectacles due to this nomophobia . Around 36% of girls ( 6 years – 17 years ) and 51% of boys ( 14 years – 17 years ) wear eyeglasses . One in every two children in India may need eyewear because of this “ Nomophobia ” .

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child eyes deteriorating hero compressor

Spending Spree :-

The teenagers and the growing youth are not at all savings minded . They are phenomenally extravagant . If they earn Rs 5000 , they spend the whole . They don’t have any pragmatic foresightedness and futuristic thinking .


They are highly irrational in spending as well as for their future protection and survival . They use their plastic money most frequently and start spending vigorously and uncontrollably .

Christmas saving 1 671x403 1

Online Oniomania :-

CBD ( Compulsive Buying Disorder ) is a juvenile and youth malady of today . Due to their pathological buying through online either from Flipkart or from Amazon 8% of youth face criminal legal problems , 8% face financial legal constraints , 42% can’t make their debt payment and 58% of them face large debts . They have obsessions and uncontrollable urge to online shopaholism .

thumbnail onine shopping
1600858456 HulSrV Flipkart
online shopping
online shopping apps

Flipkart and Amazon are their first and foremost preference . They are always busy to grab new covetable offer and discount given by these two online shopping giants .

Inclination Towards Fast Food :-

Around 37% of Americans regularly consume fast food . More than 1 out of 3 US adult youth eat some type of outside fast food everyday . 84.8 million US adult youth consume fast food on regular basis out of which around 26% are women and 20% are men . They neither prefer homemade food nor they have any time to make food .

download 2

Dipsomania :-

Around 7 million of young adults ( 12 years – 20 years ) drink alcohol beyond ” Just a few sips ” . They drink 4.1% of all alcohol consumed in the US . Girls are also prone to binge . 13% of adult woman binge 4 times a month and they consume 5 drinks at least per binge . In 2019 , about 32% of female youth of High school students consumed alcohol compared with 26% of male high school students . 4% of women overall and 8% of women ( 18 years – 25 years ) had an alcohol use disorder. They binge either due to relationship disorder or professional hazards . Some binge for enjoyment with their friends without knowing the aftermath of the uncontrollable consumption .

114710494 mediaitem114710493
alcohol abuse
Last drops of alcohol
Alcoholic Youth
No More Alcohol Please

Snowflake Generation :-

The teenagers and youth of today are less resilient , more aggressive and more prone to commit offence than previous generation . They become upset or become offended by opinions easily which are different from their own . That is why they are termed as “ Snowflake Generation ” .

Snowflake Generation
Snowflake Generation

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23 thoughts on “What are the Issues and Challenges of Today’s Youth ?”

  1. As we know every coin has two side, in the same way mobile and internet also have two sides(good and bad effect). Teenagers and youth have spending more time with her mobile and they can’t unplug themselves from internet. Because, every time they follow social media but most important thing is how parent’s take care of her children. Parent’s should always support and spent time with her children. So , children’s not need to spent time with social media . I have a daughter and I also take care of her .And I always noticed that what she watch . This is the main thing parent’s should always noticed that what her children doing. Youth and teenagers should spent time with her family and friends.

  2. From the whole content I’ll rather say the situation is itself created from our home.
    If we could try to gaze a little into the debts then we’ll observe this very clearly that most of the parents are busy with their professional life, infact they’re that much busy so they could probably make time for their family rather children and this children are outbursted due to many psychological disorder somebody tries to attempt suicide and somebody just dump their life into the social life so they think doing it could be releasing their stress or emotional segment. Through playing games for overnight or filming such irrelevant stupid things or making tiktoks and what not they intentionally make themselves obsessed with the social media world where they tends to find happiness into these problematic social media.Although it doesn’t makes a sense but deliberately push themselves towards the evil things. They smoke they drink they think that this could be a healing pill but they actually ends up doing self-harm. The highly powered glasses due to the abnormal usage of the mobile phones and laptops, behaving like a narcissist, consuming fast food excessively all these are aftermaths of maintaining their status in this fancy world. They think this is a very cool act and these helps them to recover, often use of being a narcissistic mentality is like fashion these days they took the word “self-love” very seriously and behaving aggressive, proving their gibberish points with forceful actions, stubborn behaviour and acting selfish is their way of being narcissistic personality. I don’t know what should I say here but I do have faced a lot of people, also can say that there are people like this who exists in my friends circle too. Too much of extrovert showing attitude with abnormal behaviour is very common thing to be seen. Well, this whole generation is indeed a snowflake generation so it’s actually hard to keep your point of view infront of any sensitive character,there are no genuine way to say the harsh reality all they can do is make a big fuss out of it and can exaggerate a simple context.
    well,I also have some of the bad habits in myself after all I’m also a human being. So,I think that’s my way of expressing my thoughts regarding your content and that definately deserve a big thumbs up.
    Thank you sir.

  3. Now a days mobile is very important in our life. In this pandemic situation we have realised it very well. With the help of mobile we can solve almost every problem we are facing in this pandemic situation. But due to misuse of mobile youth and teenagers are inviting a dangerous situation for them. Using too much time on mobile and social media rather than spending time with family and friends, they become self- centric and unsocial. They prefer to online game instead of playing outside. Because of these they become weak both mentally and physically. I think teenagers are not responsible for this but their parents also responsible. Having busy in their own duties, parents don’t spend much more time with their children. In this situation social media is only way out to them. To overcome this situation parents and youth both need to be aware and have to spend time with each other.

  4. Modern Helicopter-Parents usually opt for smaller family size. Hence, the number of children in each family is small. Parents rightly or wrongly tend to shower their children with excessive love to the extent of overprotecting them. Thus, the youth today have been labelled as the strawberry Generation. This implies that they have been raised in a sheltered environment and are pampered. They are grown up in the comfortable confines with little exposures to setbacks, failures and disasters. Parents work hard to earn money, and the youths hardly work to blow the money up. Their value for money is almost dead zero. They demand latest mobile and laptops, branded fashion wears and expensive food outlets and parents deliver. Parents too are to be blamed to some level when it comes to pampering their children with high bank balances.
    The 21st century youths have fallen into several life-threatening habits. Peer- pressure amongst them is fast growing. They do just because their best buddy does it too. Youths both girls and boys alike love to hang out with friends in shops and under the trees, just chilling and idling away their time, and attend late night parties that serve alcohol, junk foods, cigars and what not. After having all these, they obviously start losing their senses and at times end up committing many heinous anti-social acts like pre-marital sex, etc.
    Highly stressful competitive education system is causing psychological pain. Many youngsters take the easy way out to fight these pains through drugs and many a times suicides!
    Social networking is lovely as it helps us get connected in a much easier manner. But excessive and unwanted social networking becomes counter-productive. Today’s youth spend more than half of their valuable time on social network sites just jibber-jabbering on worthless issues.
    The more we educate them of the impact on how these behaviors affect their emotions and health, the more we can help them with their overall mental health. After all, the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Well, with bad habits like these, can we ever truest them to take charges of this big responsibility? It is the high time for the parents, teachers and the power- that- be to immediately take today’s derailed youth on the track.

  5. Why we created atomic or nuclear bomb. Is this for destroying human society or good things to do for society. Consiquently we also created mobile phone, Internet technology and also alchole. Its have good side as well as bad side. Recent time the liberal perents give their offspring verious amenities but they don’t demarcate the use of these things. The youth use all above things limitlessly. So that the problem has created. Mobile phone creat hindrences to their perseverance. So when we will use these with right way for good purpose then it will be good for our society.

  6. The Youth of today has been outclassed. They are so egocentric and not like pampered anyone. The main problem is the communication gap between Youths and their elders/seniors. So they have to try themself engaged with their mobiles, electronic gadgets, etc. They refuse to take any responsibilities in their incoming life and try to free from any burden. I think that the common problem is peer pleasure. Six out of 10 people are generally rude and short-tempered. They can’t control themself in most of the cases. Finally, man is said to be learning throughout his life.

  7. Well it’s due to smartphone & network connection we can able to read and comments on MR. IG’s articles . Using smartphone is not negetive it’s depend upon the user how they were using nd their intension . Everything has its pro and cons infact, today’s generation became less reliable , extravagant ,inebriated also food is adulterated, spend often time on social sites also todays teenagers used to play phone games like pub g etc. On the other hand responsible youngsters use smartphone in best way as they learned spoken English and by using Google , YouTube,news app and many more such facilities to improve their professional and personal life . It’s upto he/she that would he/she follow in sheep walk or do something else as what he/she want to do.
    Thank you ?

  8. As we all know.Everything is good only when it is the limit.There are advantage and disadvantage to using cell phones.

    Advantage to using cell phone: We can talk to those who are far away from us because of the phone.
    Our daily life has been a favor because of the phone.

    Earlier we had to go to the bank to transfer money and now we can do it sitting at home.

    There are many more things you can do.

    We have to know how to use

  9. As we all know that everything has its good and bad sides. You have to know how to use it and what is good for your health and wealth. I agree that mobile phones and social media has lots of disadvantages but nowadays we can’t do anything without that. I also faced that problem . Whenever I tried to not use social media, there is something so that I have to open it. So today’s world is incomplete without social media and mobile phones. All are facing the same problem . I think parents should give more attention to their children and be with them. When the parents are busy with their own work then their children usually go with the flow. In otherside if we talk about youth ,we know that time has changed people should go with the flow. Their emotions and situation everything is changed for many reasons.
    So my opinion to the teens and the youth will be , you should be social in offline and spend much more time with your dearest and nearest one. You have to spend some time with your own hobbies and try to do some productive work without using network connection .
    That’s all..
    Thank you..

  10. Being a school going girl, I can very well understand the side affects of using too much mobile phone. It sometimes gives a feeling as if that non-living smartphone is controlling a living being. Thanks to this article from which we are able to learn more about nomophobia and can make ourselves more alert about the situation.

  11. There are some benefits to social media, there are a lot of risks as well. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be great ways for young generation to connect with one another; but social media can be problematic for several reasons. Advances in technology mean today’s young generation are facing lot of issues that no previous generation has ever seen.Even some of them are suffering from depression. They have choosen Suicide as their way out from every problems as well as challenges.
    Now a days, electronic media has changed the face of young people. The uses of digital communication has changed the way teens interact with their parents, friends. It is happening just due to lack of communication habits. In fact, the average youth spends over nine hours each day using their electronic gadgets.
    Social media can have a negative impact on friendships also. It can even impact their mental health. The main problem is, today’s teen have no interest on playing football with friends rather than playing pubg.
    I think every youth should have to go outside, to know to real world. They can get to know about real problems, real struggles of everyone’s life.

  12. Sir, sorry for being on the opposite side of the coin. Although, I do believe that the points, the phobias, todays’ scenarios you have mentioned, are concerning and threatening as well but on the other hand, I believe that our parents are mostly responsible for this, at least for our generation, I don’t know much about todays’ parents.
    I used to love playing cricket as a child. I always wanted to go and play outside after returning from school. My parents used to forbid me every time. Now I am young and sprightly but do you really think, when as a child, I used to get beaten for something I really wanted to do, I should do that now just because I am young? My answer will always be NO to that. Now I have much more bigger problems to deal with but as a child I had not. I’m not saying that to be nomophobic, to have dipsomania, to be one of typical snowflake generation is something to take pride about. No, but we have been characterised in such a way from our very childhood, that now we find epitome of joyfulness in digital gadgets, in partying, in having booze and dance. We love to be inside than going outside as we have been taught this way.
    Coming to today’s parents, they themselves are busy every freaking time with their laptop or mobile. Their kid is watching his or her parents are not talking to him or her and between themselves. That kid will definitely raise in same way thinking that is what is cool, that is what mature people does. Today’s parents are giving mobile phones to their 7-8 year old kid just to get some time for themselves and for what? for surfing internet.
    There’s so so much to say but if I start commenting down everything that I want to say, that will be a novel. I am not against you, I am against the society’s thinking. I am against dipsomania but not against narcissism. It takes two to tango, Sir. It can’t be only ours fault.
    If you want to have an elongated discussion over this issue, we can have that in todays’clas.

  13. It’s absolutely true. Most of the teens are suffering from dipsomania. The main reason behind all of these are they do not spend quality times with their parents. However our parents are not as expert as us in surfing social medias or sailing in trends but they have lot more experience in life than us. So, every problems there is only one solution i.e spending time with family as much one can. Another thing is one has to be social. Now a days everything is happening via social medias. Like one who can do a thing (I am telling about some social works) by going outside is doing by online just posting comments and so on. Digital media is very good no offence but besides they ( teens and youths) should have to be social by offline. These things will give remedy of every issues and challenges of teenagers and youths facing now.

  14. (1) I don’t agree with the first point because of there are some kids which I saw, they had nomophobia for two years but now they are bored with smartphones.( I am little nomophobic.)

    (2) I agree with you second point.

    (3) I agree.

    (4) I don’t think so. Because of fast foods are made for high calorie. So we misused fast foods to eat very much.

  15. Yes, I completely agree with every point. But as a youth, I have completely changed some of my instincts. After my secondary education, I went to Kota, Rajasthan for preparing. While living alone in Kota , I have learned some practical things like, saving money, adjusting with your old clothes, no fast food and most importantly adjustment in every situation. To be fully honest I am partially nomophobic, but also I have seen when I get someone to talk, I completely forgets about the phone. So, basically what I think is, if these youths and teenagers go through the harsh reality they will somehow update them, but also this updation depends on them.

  16. Each and every point of this article is absolutely correct and very much relevant. Even I think I’m an nomophobic too. I had very much interest in reading books in my school days but as smartphone has started to be popularised , I started to be more engaged with it . Now when I try to read some novels or short stories I really couldn’t concentrate for more than 10 minutes, which i know is not a good thing , still i couldn’t resist . But everyday I’m trying my best to overcome this phobia and bagging my old habit once again .
    There was a time when I used to eat lots of fas foods but fortunately I have controlled myself and I eat fast food very occasionally . Even I don’t drink alcohol , but I have tasted twice till now .
    Lastly I would like to request the author to write another blog about how we can get rid of this Nomophobia .

  17. The first of the major problems facing today’s young men and women is their intense attraction towards Mobile phones and laptops. Not only are they busy with Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, on their mobiles all day long, but they also spend important time of their lives playing various games. secondly, most young people have a strong attraction to online shopping, which is why they spend most of their income on buying various products their attraction to savings. Thirdly, most of the young people today are more attracted to fast food and because of this they are suffering from various disorders in their body. Fourthly, most of the young men and women today are attracted to smoking and alcohol as a result of which they are suffering from deterioration health as well as cancer.

  18. After reading this I want to say that all the points are described quite nicely. The article is also very much informative. Dipsomania is truly a vice for all as it is written here and same goes with the narcissism.

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