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What are the New Challenges of our impending time ?

Challenge is an integral part of life . Changes and challenges are twin sisters of any transition . The whole world is standing at the threshold of a newly configured social structure . Every human being is intimately associated with this term “ Neo Challenge ” .

A human being of today is in this shape through a protracted process of metamorphosis of embracing gazillion of new challenges in their everyday life . Those who can survive from facing those constraints and challenges have right to exist on this earth ; others who can’t will simply be perished according to the Darwin’s theory of evolution .

These challenges can be overcome with an iron hand . The impending time is very harsh , rude , ambiguous and tormenting . In every step it will ditch us and teach us a great lesson . All these challenges are inevitably approaching with their fangs and talons for endangering the human race .

The forthcoming days have already started to show a frown and stern semblance to the human race . We can extrapolate like a Nostradamus from the insinuations of the sufficient evidences about our challenges and problems of our future .We all have to feel and comprehend the threat as well as the twist and turn of the forthcoming trend and take the bull by the horns in no time because “ Prevention is always better than cure ” .

new challenges

Our future is throwing down multiple gauntlets and anxiety at our footsteps . The impending time is infested with multifarious problems and challenges . we have to tackle multiple difficulties ambidextrously . This is completely our insight and expertise to tackle those problems . There is no such silver bullet to settle those ailments .


The twenty ( 20 ) major monstrous challenges lie in wait to pounce on us , which have been enumerated vividly ut infra .

1 . Spoken English Skill Deficiency will put All in Great Trouble :-

Spoken English skill will be a yardstick to measure one’s efficiency level apart from whatever his or her qualification . People will no longer be in any job if they don’t have spoken English skill . Spoken English skill deficiency will be a great barrier .

This skill will be a great deterrent factor for anyone and for any job . Without having this soft skill , the person can do nothing . This skill will simply create a benchmark in days to come . There are so many scholars , authors and erudites who are stupendously brilliant in written English but a “ Big Zero ” in spoken English .

Previously this soft skill was vehemently neglected and ignored but of late people start to feel the utmost significance of it . Spoken English is going to be a sine qua non factor for gauging someone’s criteria on the basis of which s/he will be absorbed in any sort of job either menial or premier .

There are plethora of personal professional global spoken English centres like IG Spoken English Online which imparts online training on spoken English , IELTS and TOEFL to imbibe the techniques for speaking English spontaneously and fluently like a native fellow of the English speaking countries .

2 . Stagflation is a Curse :-

This new coinage is going to be a monstrous hurdle to every human being . This feature will be omnipresent in nature and prevails all across the globe . Persistent high inflation integrated with high unemployment and stagnant demand in a country’s economy is called as stagflation because the people will have no purchasing capacity .

It is basically cost-push inflation . Various prolonged social , political issues in collusion with Covid 19 pandemic are the fundamental reasons for getting birth of this vicious child named “ Stagflation ” . Stagflation has exerted a huge pressure on the on the rank and file in the society . It is apprehended that 80 % of the Covid – induced economic crisis would prevail in coming ten ( 10 ) years’ time due to irreparable loss in productivity . India Inc’s borrowing dropped by 41 % from the foreign market in October , 2020 compared to a year ago . The US jobless claims rise to staggering 885000 amid resurgence of Novel Corona virus . This is the clear indication that this Covid – 19 pandemic simply paralyzed the economy .


Tata technologies, Hinjawadi , Pune terminated 800 employees in the pretext of maintaining the profitability of the business during Covid-19 pandemic . The company has failed to pay the salary of those employees last 8 months .


In one side the price of daily commodities is skyrocketing and stagnation of economic output is simultaneously generating unabated unemployment . But how can you tackle this monster ? It is we , who have to find out the solution .

Everyone faces the challenge to finding meaning to

3 . Slobalization is a Monster :-

Slobalization is an another new coinage in our upcoming trend . Spontaneous stagflation stokes the momentum of slobalization speedy . The coming age is the age of slobalization . The world is passing through the monstrous pandemic after a century ( Last pandemic took place in 1918 named “ Spanish Flu ” ) .

It has already taken a toll of colossal number of people from the earth . The Covid-19 pandemic has already pushed and shattered global economy and people to the brink of demise . It is extrapolated that Covid – 19 pandemic could push over 1 billion people in dire poverty by 2030 .Many businesses were left with neither savings nor profit after lockdown due to prolonged Covid -19 pandemic .

Maruti Suzuki has recorded 2.4% decline in sale in 2020 . During Covid – 19 pandemic the hospitality firm OYO laid off 300 employees to curtail cost from renovation and operation department .

OYO company
OYO firm

China always played a vital role in a global economy in the past . But china’s financial vulnerability is also exposed . The US has already earmarked 35 blacklisted companies of China . The UK will also ban new 5G network Huawei ” equipment in September , 2021 . Huawei , the blue eyed boy of China , is a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment of China . China’s financial woes are mounting . China’s offshore delinquencies have increased by 21 times . China’s economy is in a state of acute crisis .

The Us government along with 48 states have filed parallel lawsuits against social media’s giant “ Facebbok ” as “ Predatory Skulduggery and Anti – competitive Behavior ” by spoiling the the healthy competition of the market through monopolizing the market . In 2012 Facebook acquired its upcoming rival “ Instagram ” and in 2014 the mobile messaging app WhatsApp ” . As a result of this lawsuits the share of Facebook started to dip . In this way 2020 saw a chain of disruptions all across the world .


Australian government has legally coerced the two tech – giants Facebook and Google to pay Australian media because Australian government wanted to say that Facebook and Google have zero ( 0 ) content of their own . This is the first law in the history to force the digital giants to pay to display news articles . Google and Facebook run their advertisement and earn the handsome advertisement revenue by consuming those contents and information from persons like bloggers , content writers , journalists and reporters but in lieu of that they pay a very little money to them . Every 100 dollars of online advertisement , 53 dollars go to Google , 28 dollars go to Facebook and the residual 19 dollars are divided among all the content creators .

1C6639340 google logo.nbcnews fp 1024 512

The government wanted to say further that the role of the digital law has to be the law of physical law . Thus Google and Facebook are at risk of big fines under this new law imposed by the Australian government . But this is also true that during the last decade these two tech giants give long legs and arms to all the contents to help them reach beyond the geographical territory . In absence of these two globalizing agents , the world will be slobalized because these two companies helped to make the oriental and the occidental closer in last two decades .

Google Products
Google Products

This new law will radically worse search YouTube streaming and decline a comprehensive level of profit which these two tech giants are habituated to earn . If the profit margin gets hampered , then automatically the entire configuration along with their employees of these two giant companies will be in jeopardy . Google experienced an worldwide authentication system outrage on 14th December , 2020 for approximately 45 minutes due to internal storage quota issue . The tech giant apologized for its inconvenience . The whole world became almost blind and standstill for that period .

Buses in Hong Kong have been off the road for long ten months due to this ongoing pandemic . This pandemic batters global tourism vehemently . Innumerable taxis in London have been parked in fields due to lack of demand for a prolonged tenure amid lockdown due to Covid – 19 pandemic and they will have to pay an exorbitant charges for parking .

There is hardly any industry where we can’t feel the atrocious effect of slobalization vehemently . Slobalization will impede the further progression of civilization . People have started to save their money drastically because they have lost their job and consequently their purchasing capability .

In 2019 the household savings in India was around 7.2 % of the GDP but in 2020 that savings spree soared to 7.7% of the GDP . According to the Central Bank of India , household financial savings rose 21.4% of GDP in the first quarter of 2020-21 which is quite a big escalation from 7.9% in the corresponding period a year ago . This happens due to future insecurity among the people .

4 . Gig Economy is a Gigantic Demon :-

Another horrendous feature of our impending time is “ Gig Economy ” . The term ” Gig ” is a slang word for a job that lasts and lingers for a specific period of time . It will rob the sleep of many people . The labor or job market is full of contractual or short-term contracts as antithesis to permanent and secured sedentary job . Many offices absorb independent workers for a brief – time commitment .

Gig Economy 2
Gig Economy
gig economy
Gig Economy

Gig workers are basically independent contractors , online platform workers , on-call workers and temporary workers . Gig workers enter into a formal agreement with on-demand offices and organization to render services to the company’s clients .

It continually augments economic insecurity , workers’ vulnerability and affectionately and ostensibly patronize “ Pat and Punch ” or “ Hire and Fire ” policy . Government jobs are on the verge of extinction .

5 . Matrimonial Institution is in Grave Predicament :-

The ” Gig Economy ” and “ Slobalization “ will jointly and collaboratively affect the sacramental matrimonial institution . People will lose faith on this matrimonial institution . The qualified bride will not get a financially competent bridegroom .

shethepeople marriage women india copy
Marriage is in danger
astin camp 1024
Marriage is in danger
Married Couple at Wedding 567
Marriage is in Danger

In this backdrop the parents never push their daughters into the jaws of uncertainty . A time will come when the parents of the daughters will look after a competent son-in-law but unfortunately they will get plenty of educated impecunious bachelors for their beloved daughters .

But what is the solution ? There is no such concrete solution . In fact the couple will be reluctant to entangle themselves in any matrimonial contract further .

6 . Inflation of a Number of Househusbands in the Society :-

Due to the “ Gig Economy ” and “ Stagflation ” , there will be a spurt of financially spineless but honest and educated househusbands who will agree to stay in his wife’s house safely and peacefully because they are cunning and know very well that their income is too poor to satiate the demand of their wives and shoulder the responsibility of the family alone . If his wife is the only daughter , then the process of his entry will be smoother .


In this way the society will witness a “ Reverse Matrimonial ” structure where a bride’s parents will arrange a docile son-in-law who can stay with them silently , loyally obeying all the rules and regulations of their family . That may be done through the process of love marriage or negotiation marriage .

It is apprehended that there will be a boom of economically spineless educated househusband in days to come who will enjoy everything through his relationship but not by dint of his steady engagement with official or professional service due to instability in the jejune job market .

House husband
House Husband

They are pretty aware about their bleak professional future .The coming era will be an era of feminist and matriarchal society . People will expect a girl child because the girls are becoming very much sincere , conscious about their rights ( Although there are some girls who are continually misusing their self rights and power for some ill motives but as we know that there are always exceptions to the rule ) , career – centric , studious and over and above old age future security of their own parents .

An empty purse will be a heavy curse for the househusbands . This will simply be the Hobson’s choice to them . They will be committed to dance with the tunes of their wives smilingly .

house husband
images 10

Thus the parents of the bridegroom will remain lonely in their flat , residence or apartment with empty expectation of getting a support in their old age from their son and daughter-in-law in future . This will be a big challenge for them .

7 . Family Unrest will be Another Titanic Problem :-

In a “ Gig economic structure ” , there is no perpetual steady or even income . Love as well as Romance is naturally defenestrated if there is no handsome inflow of cash in the ever increasing inflation . Love and romance can’t sustain in the midst of impecunious conjugal life .

3F253FD600000578 4400000 image a 1 1491871854904
Family Unrest
the girl was crying because parents quarrel
Family Unrest
images 11
Family Unrest

This will spawn persistent quarreling , scuffle and bitterness in the conjugal life . This embittered conjugal relationship will head towards bidirectional .

The possible two directions may be either – a) Extra Marital affair or Adultery which will bring the married lady independent happiness and pelf both or b) Mutual Divorce or Separation to live an independent life without any incumbent , enjoy the hefty alimony and doing a job ( if any ) .

The global divorce rate has surged by leaps and bounds since 1960 . Luxembourg has ostensibly the highest divorce rate in the world ( 84%) and India has astonishingly the lowest divorce rate in the world ( 1%) .


That is why , to get rid of this imminent problem the Supreme Court of India has already given two legendary verdicts to settle these problems mentioned ut supra respectively – a) Extra Marital affair and adultery are no longer a crime and sin . It is legally approved . b) Wife or Spouse is not at all the property of her husband .

These two exemplary verdicts are the clear implication , in which way the existing society is heading . That’s why the coming generation simply pooh the age old concept of sacramental marriage which is unquestionably getting lost its self significance .

Extra Marital affair

All these verdicts are the clear insinuation of the impending time which is not too far away from us . This will proliferate obvious abundant domestic chaos and unrest .

This kind of decisions and verdicts will blatantly defy and challenge the existence of sacramental holy matrimonial relationship . This will in turn decline the divorce rate because either of the couple will become a free bird in their matrimonial relationship and can do anything without either’s permission , restriction , objection and frowning .

Thus ” Marriage ” will be a mirage and a big challenge in future .

8 . Gig Relationship will be Another Horrific Devil :-

The sequel of “ Gig economy ” is the ” Gig relationship ” . This is the latest and imminent coinage introduced keeping in mind the trendy impending scenario . The gig relationship is that relationship which is fickle , feeble , unstable and unsteady .

200326338 001 56a5feba3df78cf7728ad148 2
Gig relationship
303103376 hands covering mouth communication problems misunderstanding hand on chin 2
Gig relationship
nov1329livein 2
Gig relationship
people 2576109 1920 1024x676 2
Live Together
20905076 adorable teenage couple walking at the park holding hands 2
Gig Relationship

Carnal appetite and Pecuniary security will be ever available and ever changeable with the passage of time in ” Gig Relationship ” . There will be no matrimonial legal contract which will enforce them to mitigate colossal legal obligation at the time mutual sign out of their relationship .

So the couple of the impending time has already started to prefer live together to contractual obligation ridden matrimonial tie up .

9 . Gamophobia will curb Population :-

Modern generation will surely be suffering from gamophobia for the collaborative boon of the gig economy , slobalization and stagflation . The boys and girls will be the victims of gamophobia due to professional hazards , unstable income , job and over and above pair incompatibility .

They are not eager to take the responsibility and hazards of domestic day to day routine duties . They have understood that they can get better carnal desire and and mental peace in an open and free relationship .They don’t like to bind them with any steady and contractual relationship wherefrom they can’t get rid of easily .

They will prefer liberty , independence and a completely a free happy life without any incumbent . Thus gamophobia will be a weapon to curb and control population .


It is surveyed that the modern upcoming generation is highly reluctant to conceive the early issue . They prefer to take issue at least five to eight years later of their matrimony which consequently will control the population of the world .

10 . Self Reliant ( Atmanirvar ) will be another Paradox :-

This gig economy also debunks the hollowed system of every country . The people must take the path of self-reliance i.e. Atmanirvarata . In the midst of mass lay-off from different office and organization , people have to innovate ideas , thoughts and new course of action to maintain their livelihood for the rest of their lives . But the problem is elsewhere .

2 80 1

A man who has been fired or cashiered from his office at the age of 45 or 50 will hardly get any job elsewhere . S/he will face mammoth trouble to start up his or her new venture reaching the autumn of his or her life . Nobody will be interested to work in office henceforth .

Self Reliant

Each and everyone will do something of his or her own . Everyone will start their own small and middle scale business either taking loan from any financial institutions or investing their hard earned savings . If they can flourish , they will enjoy profit but if not then they will head to ruination .

But if everyone starts business , then who will be the buyer ? If everyone buys a cab , then who will ride the cab ? There lies the paradox .

11 . Single Parenthood will be a Menace :-

Around 10 million American families are run by women . In India 4.5% household nourish single motherhood . There are plethora of Bollywood stars who advocate strongly , practically and boastfully their single parenthood .

The upcoming generation will positively prefer this trend simply to fight shy of the unhappy and quarrelsome contractual conjugal relationship . The term “ Marriage ” will be a bitter and monstrous enigma to them . But single parenthood is not at all easy for a man or a woman with a modicum of money .

unnamed 2 1
Single parenthood

Those who are economically sound , it is easier for them to tackle the financial doldrums but for others it’s a minatory issue indeed . The quantum of single parenthood will be distinguishably increased and will be the hallmark of the coming years .

The Lesser Known Causes of Single Parenthood 1
Single Parenthood

Single parenthood is associated with multiple increasing risk factors of later anxiety , financial hardship , mental health , abysmal educational and economical outcomes and unpardonable criminal offence .

12 . Exorbitant Expenditure for Poor Health Condition :-

There will be one profession in the future who will sustain boastfully without a spec of doubt . That profession is none other than doctor or physician who will devour all our savings in a jiffy .

Medical expenditure
Medical Expenditure

Due to the gift of ” Gig Economy ‘ , “ Stagflation ” , ‘ Slobalization ” and ” Gig Relationship ” people will be engulfed by persistent medical cobwebs like mental anxiety , unbearable frustration , professional hazards , domestic issues , conjugal unhappiness , carnal dissatisfaction .

A 24-year talented hairdresser named Alysson Jadin committed suicide in Belgium on 21st November ,2020 . She was an young entrepreneur. The novel corona virus really hit the global economy very hard . Several lives and professions were terribly impacted .

This Belgian hairstylist could not withstand the mammoth loss that her salon incurred during the phase of Covid-19 pandemic shutdown . She invested her entire savings to initiate a new venture before prolonged Covid-19 pandemic shutdown .

She provided free hair cuts to Covid-19 patients . She didn’t get any help as her service was non-essential .

Covid – 19 is augmenting the quantum of excruciating depression which has resulted the tendency of committing suicides . According to the government report of Japan , 2153 people committed suicides ( 83 % women committed suicide , whereas 22 % is the committing suicidal rate for men ) and 2087 people died due to the affect of lethal novel corona virus ( nCoV ) in the month of October , 2020 . Maximum gig workers in Japan are women who do their temporary or contractual job in any hotel or logistics . They became the victims of mass layoff and lost their job during this prolonged lockdown and went into the dark den of frustration .

Out of pocket Expenditure ” is borne directly by a patient excluding insurance health coverage . This OOPE will reach the summit in days to come and erode a lion’s share of his or her savings .

97% Koreans are covered by their National Health Insurance but still ” Out of Pocket Expenditure ” ( OOPE ) is astoundingly high . In India the the OOPE is 68.3% in the rural area and 65.8% in urban area .

13 . Money will be More Important than Education :-

Many intellectuals will advocate by saying that education is more important than money . They will further fortify their statement by saying that education yields money and makes someone sociable . With due respect to them I strongly raise my voice of dissent .

Money will speak ultimately
Money will speak ultimately

I advocate the following truth unhypocritically ” Money is genuinely sweeter than honey “. Money will definitely supersedes education in coming days . So don’t be didactic ; be pragmatic . I am not talking about the brilliant students who are very few in number ( Hardly 4% ) .

These fellows can achieve something in their lives by dint of their sheer talent and high level of intelligence . But what is about the rest 96% ? Total number of Government seats in India for pursuing MBBS is 41,388 and total number of Private seats for pursuing MBBS is 35,540 .

If someone will pursue his or her MBBS study in a private college , then s/he will have to pay a Himalayan amount of fees . In this way money vanquishes education . A PhD scholar or a person with having Masters in any discipline is applying for the post of a sweeper or hangman . This news often hits the headline of a newspapers

Thus “ Education” gets defeated and conceives plenty of consecutive goals by his opponent ” Money “.

money will bring happiness
Money will bring happiness

Money will purchase everything in coming days – from pin to elephant . In the age of stark consumerism , money shouts much louder than education . Money can buy qualification . Money can buy happiness . Money can buy all creature of comforts .

I can cater in front of you plethora of paradigms where an educated fellow knocks door to door only for getting a few money by selling his or her products . I take pity on education by seeing the deplorable significance of it . If we think pragmatically , we can easily understand that in coming days a rich parents can arrange a good handsome educated but financially maimed son-in-law for their average looking only single daughter .

If you want to make your son and daughter admitted in a good institution , the first prerequisite factor is ” Money” . If you have money you can provide better education and livelihood for your wards and family .

money is more important
Money is important

If you want to study or immigrate to the US or UK or Australia or Canada then the first and the last factor is “ Money “ . You can’t get admission without money even if you good enough in study . That day is not far away when money can buy certificate of degree .

Money will purchase love ,peace , friendship , justice , health and everything in days to come . If you don’t have money your own son and daughter will belittle you . In every second they will say that their poor impecunious father has nothing left behind for them .

Money welcomes laughter on the face of someone . The pursuit of money will be more important than the cultivation of inner values . Money will buy education in future but its reverse will also be true with a negligible percentage . None can restrict the strong prevalence of money in coming days .

14 . Higher Education will be Inefficacious :-

Higher education will yield the lowest ROI ( Return on Investment ) . Tertiary education either to be ended or to be mended . There is a huge influx within the ring of tertiary education .

After the completion of Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree s/he is getting a job of such a ignominious emoluments which is even worse than a costermonger or a cobbler . Nobody actually needs any higher education for pursuing a local business . For doing these local self business only 12th standard ( Higher Secondary ) of education is enough . During the prolonged lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic the most affected professions are private school teachers , office going salaried class in a private company . But the vegetable monger , fishmonger , toto driver , rickshaw driver , fruit seller and cobbler were not at all affected . They kept the momentum of their income intact .

Tertiary education
Tertiary Education will lose its significance

The teachers , the ” Nation Builder ” is the worst sufferer . The growth of a private sector job in a gig economy is so sluggish that a rickshaw puller or auto driver earns much superior to them .

Thus it will be meaningless to complete his or her Teacher’s training like D.El.Ed , B.Ed , and M.Ed . The time will be not too far away when students will be reluctant to take admission to these institutions because they will be averse to invest their money in any unprofitable sector which will provide them some useless papers and pages of qualification certificate .

tertiary education
Tertiary Education will not be fructiferous

If you have to work as a self employed , then what else these shitty inefficacious paper certificate needed . A teacher in a school needs a certificate ( but not always because most of the schools are running without any proper affiliation and abide by no laws and regulations ) but a home tutor hardly needs any such paper qualification .

Thus due to dearth of avenues after the completion of higher study the glamour and significance of higher study has become jejune . So coming generation will simply start their business from the very beginning just after the completion of their school life without stepping in to the boundary of purposeless and low returned tertiary education .

They will be loath to invest in “Education Industry ” further which has neither any handsome return nor any open up which can support one’s bread and butter in future .

15 . Peace will be in Peril :-

Global peace will invariably be a distant dream from each and every aspect . Modern technology will usher in a substantial number of hackers , tech fraudsters and high tech terrorist . There will be hardly any continent and country where there will be no footfalls of all these vicious practice doers . Kabul has been targeted consecutively in November , 2020 .

Terrorist ( some gunmen ) gun downed 35 students in Kabul University in Afghanistan . ISIS claims responsibility of the attacked . The attack took place during an auspicious inaugural of book exhibition .14 rockets launched near diplomatic area of Kabul . This is not the first time . This is an another major incidents of violence in Afghanistan . Mortar first hit the Vice- Presidential office .

The violence soared despite of a prolonged peace talks bout by bout . Multiple rocket attacks rock Kabul . The US state secretary Mike Pompeo met Taliban members in Doha immediately after that . The rocket attacked densely populated area at ” Shehas -e-Nau ” locality . The barrage of rockets snuffed out the innocent civilian lives in a wink . Terrorism will be simply a covetable business and this roaring business will invariably proliferate in days to come .

The key conspirator and the mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack , Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by ATC ( Anti-Terrorism Court ) in Pakistan on 8th January , 2021 .

The whole world witnesses from the viral video , which eventually went viral , that a Pakistani groom receives a lethal AK – 47 riffle as wedding gift from his mother – in – law . This is an overt preponderance of decadence of humanity . This selcouth gift triggered a strong negative reaction among the netizens .

Mass stabbing took place at “ Grace Baptist Church ” , San Jose in California . At least two ( 2 ) people were killed . Several people somehow sustained their lives from gruesome life threatening injuries in the fag end of November , 2020 .

global peace
My goal is peace, a poster to draw attention to the danger of war.

Terrorism poses a deadliest peril to all the nations of the world . Global peace will be as it were a mirage . According to Global Peace Index ( GPI ) 23 out of 36 countries in Europe deteriorated peace massively due to continual political tension and instability .

The spiral of violence continues . This compels Emmanuel Macron , the President of France to issue the “ Charter of Republican Values ” to uniform civil code in France to combat the onslaught of terrorism . The world will be less peaceful tomorrow than at any time of yore .

statue of peace
Statue of Peace

That’s why India has installed “ The Statue of Peace ” of Jain monk Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh Surishwer Ji Maharaj in Rajasthan for disseminating the message of peace to the world . But only installing a statue will never yield the desired result . Stringent continual surveillance is exigent .

Practice is more important than theory otherwise the global peace will be a global menace . It will be a wild goose chase .

16 . Vocal for Global will be a Bad Omen :-

A country is truly independent when it can make some self manufacturing unit of its own . Mahatma Gandhi himself strongly advocated to make and produce indigenous product like Khadi during the “ Swadeshi Movement ” through shunning the foreign products .

All the developed and balanced countries have a good manpower resource which are involved in the system of production . Right now all the giant companies like Facebook , Wikipedia , Twitter , Instagram , Quora , Whats app , LinkedIn , Pinterest etc are the US based companies who sell their products to all over the world and enrich their country’s economy .

China and Japan are not at all lagging behind . But the Asian countries like India , Bangladesh use those products . In the forthcoming era each country must take a protectionist strategy to promote their self business .

vocal for local
Vocal for Local

India is the biggest hub of users . It is sorry to say that there is not a single Indian company who can compete with them . Is that due to lack of tech savvy personnel or lack of government’s pro active initiative ? The world always ties the tag with the Indians that ” The Indians are only users but not the Makers ” . This is too ignominious to accept for India where there is a healthy productive manpower .

This tag is never attached with the Chinese and Japanese . So if any country will be always vocal for global , then that country will welcome a disaster in the long run . Keeping in mind of this ongoing slogan India has started to accelerate her momentum to compete with all the giant tech companies either of the US based or China based .

vocal for local
Vocal for Local

India has already banned around 60 Chinese apps and she is going to launch her “ Swadeshi “( Indigenous ) micro-blogging platform “ Tooter ” modeled after ” Twitter ” . “ Tooter ” is the first Indian ” Vocal for Local ” weapon to throw a gauntlet to western and Chinese world . India will hopefully be in the driver’s seat in days to come .


PUBG India is already a registered private company from 21st November , 2020 at Bengaluru with a paid up capital of Rs 5 lakhs and authorized capital of Rs 15 lakhs in India which is going to present “ PUBG Mobile India ” to all the avid gamers who lie in wait to lap their most popular game .


India plots smartphone dominance amid US – China Trade war . India will be a smartphone superpower soon in coming years . Micromax ( Headquarters – Gurugram , Haryana , India ) , an indigenous company of India is again coming to get back their game . India is going to be the best choice for all the owners to relocate their companies to India for the most potential youth productive population range in 2020 and onward . In 2020 the average age of India is 29 years ( 160 million of people of Indian’s age will be between 20 years and 24 years ) . The average age of China is 40 years , The US is 40 years , Japan is 47 years and Europe is 46 years in 2020 . Thus India is going to be the work engine of the world in future .


The South Korean Electronic giant Company Samsung is expected to invest Rs 4825 crore to relocate mobile and IT display production unit from China to Noida in India . The company is expected to get Rs 460 crore financial incentive from India .


Ola is also expected to invest Rs 2400 crore to set up a factory in Tamil Nadu in India . The company has already signed a MoU with Tamil Nadu Government as ” World’s Largest Scooter Manufacturing Facility ” .


Walmart has already announced that it will triple its annual exports of India – made goods to $10 billion each year by 2027 .


17 . Senior Citizen’s Life will be Perilous :

The Vale of years is the vale of tears . Old age comes silently . This is a perpetual truth like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west . The upcoming days will be really perilous for all the senior citizens and aging parents .

Superannuation is an inexorable law of nature . When a man reaches the dusk of his or her life , s/he needs care and mental sustenance .

But in coming days this expected care and emotional sustenance will be hopelessly absent because the upcoming generation is ruthless , cruel , selfish giant and arrogant who will look upon their old parents as an unwanted burden .

old age
Old Age

Those sons and daughters-in-law who will be financially established , they will mostly desert their parents , father-in law or mother in law . They will leave them to fend for themselves .

In Europe , America and the civilized countries like India , the working people when reach the autumn of life , they are pensioned off , so that can live honorably . But those who will have no pension , will be compelled to carry on their pathetic existence on the charity of others if they have not saved a huge bucks for themselves . But that will also not give them eternal relief in their old days .

Even the pensioners will take refuge in “ Old Age Homes “to avoid the harsh treatment of their sons and daughters -in-law .

old age
An elderly Indian man demanding an enhancement of old age pension amount participates in a protest near the Indian parliament in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013. According to a recent global study by the United Nations and an elder rights group, India stands 73rd in the ranking of social and economic well-being of elders in 91 countries. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)

Due to “ Slobalization ” and “ Gig Economy ” , the jobless impecunious frustrated youth will torture and extort money from their parents ( if they are well to do ) for buying new gadgets , recharging their mobiles , eating with girlfriends or spouses in popular eateries .

Even they will leave no stones unturned to beat them black and blue . All these incidents often hit the newspapers of late .

There will be a mushroom of “ Old Age Home “in future . But who will stay there ? A very few in number because to stay in an old age home needs an exorbitant charge of minimum 2 millions rupees one time . Those senior citizens will have no money at all will have to be at the mercy of their destiny .

18 . Environmental Pollution will be a Hard Threat :-

Environmental pollution will be an another big challenge to all of us in coming days . India ranked fifth ( 5th ) in the list of the most polluted country in the world with average pollution level of 58.1 ppm ( Parts per million is a unit of measurement of a dilute concentration level of pollutants in the air , water and other fluids ) .

Ghaziabaad in the national capital region has been earmarked as the most polluted city in the world with an average pollution level of 110.2 ppm according to the “ World Air Quality Report ” of 2019 . India has nine ( 9 ) out of world’s ten ( 10 ) most polluted global cities in the world . World Bank has already lost 8.5% of GDP in 2013 due to air pollution .

environmental pollution
Environmental Pollution

Pakistan is the second ( 2nd ) most polluted country in the world . China ranked eleventh ( 11th ) in the list . There are 21 cities in India are among the world’s 30 most polluted cities in the world .

water scarcity
water scarcity

The futuristic aspect of water should be kept in mind . Water will no more be an essential need . It will be an essential commodity in years to come due to climatic change . Water is already the new oil . It is already treated as the new liquid gold item . Water has hit “ Wall Street “ tickers along with oil and gold . Wall Street has already started to trade water since 7th December , 2020 .

Water , the new liquid gold has been already added to the “ Futures Market ” ( A futures market is an auction market  in which participants buy and sell commodity and futures contracts for delivery on a specified future date. Futures are exchange-traded derivatives contracts that lock in future delivery of a commodity or security at a price set today ) .

Parched earth
Lonely plant in the parched earth submerged in the ocean

California spot water market worth $1.1 billion . This future trading is used to happen with gold and oil . 2/3rd of the world population is expected to encounter an acute water scarcity in coming days by 2025 . It is also apprehended that water is going to be a big issue of war and pandemonium in future among the countries .

water scarcity
Water Scarcity

19 . Middle Class on the Threshold of Extinction :-

The most endangered class from the surface of the social hierarchy is the “ Middle Class ” . This essential class consisting a huge in number will surely be obliterated in days to come . The middle class has already been sandwiched from both ends . This sandwiched class determine the destiny of a country . This potential class is the yardstick for the navigation of progress of a country .

middle class
Middle Class

This class has thrived and developed rapidly between 1995 to 2012 . There was an economic boom in their pocket during that time . The erosion of this class has started since then and it is apprehended that this major social strata will be nowhere soon .

A new form of social structure will usher in – Haves and Have nots . There will be no gradation in between . This sandwiched middle class will be like a Dodo or Dinosaur . The middle class is severely affected due to the oppression of prolonged lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic . The rich will be richer and the middle class people will be poorer .

Thousands of middle class residents at Missouri in the US become homeless due to non-payment of rent . Several tenants confronted the risk of eviction in November , 2020 . During Covid 19 pandemic thousands evicted from their rented accommodation . They become homeless because of non-payment of rent .

middle class
Middle Class
middle class
Middle class

The economic backbone of the salaried middle class has been mangled and twisted viciously due to Covid 19 pandemic and it has tumbled down into the jaws of poverty . This class has a lot of dignity and self ego . They can’t do any menial job which is against their dignity . This entire class is in a big jeopardy . There is no fact that due to the abolition of this class the economy of any country will conceive a whammy .

20 . Savings will be a Distant Dream :-

Last but not the least , Savings will be the most challenging decision in days to come . Saving will be a distant dream for the upcoming generation . It is often said that “ Cut your coat according to your cloth ” . Who can save you in your future ? No one except your savings of today will save and secure your uncertain and unforeseen future .


But the question arises that how the people could be able to save their money . Those who earn a little , save a little as the expenditure is indirectly proportion to the income . Those who earn a lot , spend a lot as their expenditure is directly proportionate to their income which consequently shows a big red signal to their savings . The present generation is basically shopaholic .

They can’t save money for their future contingency as they have a strong spending spree . In addition to that the coming generation won’t be able to save money further as the rate of interest in all banks are dipping rapidly and the income of most people is neither stable nor skyrocketing . They will fall prey to the twopronged attack of ” Gig Economy ” and “ Slobalization ” .


A time will come when we have to pay charges to the bank for keeping our money with them in safe which we do normally in vault . According to the HSBC survey , only one – third ( 1/3 ) of the Indians in India do their savings consistently .

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  4. This article is basically reflecting the coming future of our world. Each and every point is true . It is undoubtedly a hard time which we are going to face in very near future, not only for the third world countries but for the first and second world countries too. One more thing I want to add is that now when In our country govt. is failing to ensure job for the citizens , social media is becoming more popular platform for earning, like YouTube, instagram e.t.c. People are even earning by showing their computer/mobile gaming skills on Facebook. it is heard that even video gaming tournaments are getting legalised in India very soon. So in the upcoming years very drastic changes are coming in each and every field and as well as in everyman’s life too.

      1. Darwin used the phrase ‘”survival of the fittest” in his evolution theory and this article clearly shows how fit one should be to survive in the coming age. Everyone in this world is being tested at all times. The challenge may be of various genres such as marriage disputes, job problems, financial or property disputes, educational troubles or maybe even communication issues. One must strive to improve one’s self for the betterment of his life and his family. One must be strong enough to face these adversities and then only can the person enjoy the fruits of life. Overcoming these challenges will in return help the person in the short or long run.

  5. Challenge is the integral part of our life. In every situation we have to overcome different challenges .If we take these challenges as hurdles of our life then it help us to achieve more in our life. Challenge test the courage, patience, perseverance, and true character of a human being. Thank you sir for this topic. thank you for your valuable words about the reality of our society. This is bitter truth.

  6. Challenge is the integral part of our life. In every situation we have to overcome different challenges .If we take these challenges as hurdles of our life then it help us to achieve more in our life. Challenge test the courage, patience, perseverance, and true character of a human being. Thank you sir for this topic. thank you for your valuable words about the reality of our society. This is bitter truth.

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      1. Journey of any species always poses some evolutional challenges that jeopardize its status -quo. If it tries to adapt to the impending situations, it may survive but if it denies to adapt, it will get extinct. Similar has been the case for the homo sapiens, since they originated in this globe. It is nothing new to a contemporary human being facing the challenges posed by economic slowdown for Covid -19 or unemployment resulting from gig economy or pollution because their ancestors, once upon a time, thrived upon after fighting with wild animals and other natural disturbances on a frequent basis. So it becomes their utmost duty to prove themselves as worthy heirs by adapting to these twenty first century crisis.
        Every new challenge brings with it a blessing in disguise ,which can be realised if you can overcome it .History speaks a lot about the subjugation of women and marriage has been a pioneer tool in that process. But now, sheer pressure for existence,economic limitations are compelling even the privileged male to abrogate marriage and look for other liberal and justified options. It’s our uncanny tendency to lament over the extinction of previous settings with the replacement of new and “appropriate” systems. Initially everything seems bleak and disastrous, but gradually either the system appropriates us or we are appropriated by the system. We tend to imagine that all were good in previous ages!
        Forefathers of modern day human beings struggled a lot to learn how to speak; it came to them after centuries of efforts.So,now people will have to struggle to learn languages like English or Spanish to become citizens of the “world”.Globalization demands that.
        The most obvious reasons behind such phenomena like surge in essential services like education and medicine is the neo-liberal policy which encourages Governments to withdraw state responsibilities and allow the market a free hand day by day. In the coming years plenty of people will suffer a lot but one day will come when there will not be enough surviving people to exploit and make profit upon. Then system will have to take a pro society turn for its own existence.
        Local production sounds good but it will have not much difference if local government remains outside the power position of such units. They will cater to the interests of the big capitalist owners exploiting the workers.

        Old ages never have been a sweet experience in general in any ages of evolution. Apart from obvious physical strains, it witnesses baseless mental agonies. So it’s better not to dream of an old age full of mirth and merriment and it’s not appropriately balanced attitude to cry over insecurities in old ages cursing upon the ensuing changes ; some securities are definitely needed but more than that a lot of sympathy is needed for them. It’s better for them to end world’s journey while being in good health, if advancement of medical sector allows to happen so (costly medical infrastructure will surely facilitate that).

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  23. Well written sir. Economy is the wealth of a country and of it perishes then it will greatly affect the people and that’s exactly happened in the pandemic. The covid 19 shattered the world like a wreaking ball and as a result the economy fell down immediately. The production rate decreased and many people lost their jobs. People are becoming gamophobic and the people with families are facing lot of conjugal issues and also the parents of will not drive their girls into marriage because of the unstable income. Young generation will prefer to stay in an open and free relationship. People used all their savings to fulfill their daily needs. So there will be lot of crisis and the jobs will be contractual.

  24. Nice walkthrough! The center of gravity of all challenges and anticipated troubles lies in the over population. People living in sparsely populated country are still living very very happily.

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