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Why has She made Hat-trick?

She is a real street fighter. She has already earned the moniker of “ Agni Kanya“. She is the lady who can smell the soil of the land. She can feel the pulse of the people of Bengal. She is the real “ Maradona” in politics who knows how to play dexterously with one leg because she made an entire political campaign in the Assembly Election of West Bengal in 2021 sitting on her wheelchair albeit she was never an armchair politician. She is none other than the “ Mamata Banerjee.

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The slogan has already been in the air that “ What Mamata thinks today, India thinks tomorrow“. Ms. Mamata Banerjee has become the messiah of West Bengal. The invincible Mamata has proved that it’s well-nigh impossible for anyone to beat the TMC juggernaut.

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Political Battle between Mamata Banerjee and Narendra Modi

Mr. Narendra Modi, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India‘s BJP was bowled lock, stock, and barrel by Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal. Modi and Mamata both are quintessentially charismatic politicians who are eloquent in their own signature style.

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They both are mass leaders who can move their audience in their own favor at any time. But Mamata wins the high voltage match ultimately with a convincing victory of 213 seats. She bagged the sentiments of the people. People accepted her speech as more relevant and pragmatic than Modi. She made her hat-trick because of her brute majority by grabbing 48% votes of the total number of participant voters.


Her different indigenous popular roaring schemes like ” Sabuj Sathi “, “ Kanyasri“, ” Yubasri“, ” Gotidhara” etc. helped her to gain this absolute majority in power and administration. The “ Assembly Election of West Bengal 2021” was one of the highest voltage elections in 2021. The political battle between Modi and Mamata is always like the high voltage match between India and Pakistan cricket match.


Ms. Mamata Banerjee is overtly the only arch antagonist of Modi. This historical Assembly Election of West Bengal 2021 has somehow proved again that “ What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow“. “Khela Hobe” has become the cult word of West Bengal pre, during, and post-election. This song has almost become a state anthem of West Bengal and people enjoyed and danced a lot to the tunes of this song.

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In every match, there are two persons- The”victor” and the “Defeated“. But this result was somehow unexpected even to TMC party workers. They themselves were in a big dilemma. They were predicted to reach 160 around.


But what could be the probable cause for reaching this colossal figure of 213? The simple answer is that the consolidated vote of people of West Bengal irrespective of religion, caste, and creed. People of Bengal had a fear psychosis. Why the BJP got stuck to 77 only? They expected to reach 200. Why were they decimated and defenestrated from people’s minds? They have got only around 38% votes from the total participants of voters. The reasons for this ignominious defeat of BJP are as follows:-

1. Fear Psychosis of Minority Community:-

Around 34% of minority communities got very much scared for their own survival and existence in India because of the upcoming burning issue of ‘ NRC’ and ‘ CAA‘. As a consequence, the total vote went in favor of TMC. TMC supremo proclaimed that she is completely against NRC and will never allow implementation in West Bengal.

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2. Fear Psychosis of Senior Citizens:-

The senior citizens of West Bengal are no less in number. Their votes also favor TMC because the rate of interest in the bank and other small savings schemes in the post office is getting reduced every quarter every year. This is their only source of income survival. Even on the eve of the Assembly Election of Bengal 2021, the Modi government tried to dip the rate of interest further. It has become unbearable for those who have no fixed hefty pension facilities. This section of demography also felt vulnerable.


3. Fear Psychosis of Young Common Men:-

The lives of common men are also being tormented. The rate of interest in financial institutions is also going down. The source of income is getting shrunk. The daily price of petrol, diesel and other daily necessity products are skyrocketing by leaps and bounds. It becomes a headache for them to tackle this spiraling market price.

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4. Fear Psychosis of Government Employees:-

The public service employees either central government or state government got scared of the arrival of the BJP because they thought that they might either lose their jobs due to rapid conversion from government jobs to private jobs. They thought that they might be asked to retire after reaching fifty(50) years of age. They also thought that they might lose the facilities like pensions.

wb govt employees

5. Fear Psychosis of No Projected Chief Minister’s face:-

There was not as such worthy son or daughter of the soil projected face of Chief Minister in West Bengal from the BJP. People somehow did not accept and pin their faith and trust on those who are so-called big wigs of the BJP in West Bengal. This lack of adequate face crunch for the Chief Minister on behalf of the BJP might be the cause of enriching the vote bank of the TMC. This face crisis is also a kind of fear psychosis in the mind of the voters.


6. Fear Psychosis of the Youth of Bengal:-

The young buddies of Bengal are very sensitive. They are fresh new voters. Their mind is very thoughtful. They got scared for their future job aspect. They got scared for the abolition of the public sector jobs.

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They are scared of privatization. Moreover, Bengal is a place of love and romance. Yogi Adityanath, the Hon’ble Chief minister proclaimed during his political campaign that there will be an “Anti-Romeo ” squad to protect and ensure the free and safe movement of the girls and women”.

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But they may be construed in a different way. They might have thought that the day of romance will be stopped as soon as BJP will be on the throne.

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7. Fear Psychosis of the underprivileged people:-

The underprivileged people ( BPL cardholders) also voted against BJP because of their fear. They might get the benefit of cooking through Ujala gas but got no concession or subsidy while purchasing that gas. They had to pay equally what others were paying. This had become tough for them.

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8. Fear Psychosis against Aayushman Bharat:-

People of Bengal have already started getting the benefits of Sasthya Sathi health insurance cards all across India. There is a buzz in the air and the mind that although Central Government has issued Aayushman Bharat health insurance card, it has multiple constraints. Those who have any smartphone or cycle or colored television set, will not be entitled to gain the privileges of Aayushman Bharat card. The BJP didn’t divulge the truth very clearly so that people of West Bengal could pin faith and trust their card. But Sasthya Sathi is already proven.


The demography and culture of Bengal are poles asunder to other states like Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh. The Bengalis are intelligent and smart enough to resist the centralized power and know very well how to exhibit their democratic power. The Bengalis always believe in the united consolidated power democracy rather than muscle power.

t100 banerjee

Through their intelligentsia and ideology, they somehow beat any other race and ethnicity in the field of thoughts and creativity. Bengal is the fertile land where all the great stalwarts took birth and shouldered and represented India on the world stage. Democracy has ultimately won.


Now it’s up to the new Mamata Government to do something better for the public. The people of West Bengal are waiting to lap them as they have chosen their destiny by giving them full power to execute for the people, of the people, and by the people.

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Indrajit Ganguly

Hi! I am Indrajit Ganguly. People all across the globe know me by my professional nickname IG. I am a spoken English trainer in Kolkata and Blogger. I love to write blogs and articles that attract me.

17 thoughts on “Why has She made Hat-trick?”

  1. Somebody necessarily assist to make critically articles I would state. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I amazed with the research you made to make this particular submit amazing. Excellent task!

  2. It’s anything but a political decision with numerous firsts for Mamata Banerjee, Bengal tigress. In a profession traversing just about forty years, she had never challenged a seat outside south Kolkata — substantially less against an antagonized assistant who escaped a couple of months preceding the surveys. A spate of additional survey eve rebellions represented another new test. A much-talked about leg injury exactly when the bid for a third term showed up needing an advantage guaranteed that Mamata, known to consistently walk the additional mile, spent practically the whole 50-day crusade in a wheelchair.
    People of West Bengal have watched the works for last 10 years so they took the decision. BJP leaders have tried their level best to win this time but People fixed their goal that they will not allow to rule BJP.

  3. Mamata Banerjee is one of leading personalities for women to look upto around India. She is strong , brave and has worked hard for her position. Her visionary ideas are all good for the state but in a country like India where politics is dirty, it is impossible for her to execute those ideas.
    Her hattrick of victory this time around was through sheer luck in my opinion. We could say BJP lost rather than TMC won. The fear of the state becoming a Ram Mandir and a cow worship ground led to such a one sided vote. The religious fight has become worse than before and this was the only way to kind of reduce it in the state.
    Nevertheless hopefully this win opens a new future for Bengal and something better lies ahead.

  4. Bengalis now a days are afraid of 1) Hindi aggression, 2) rising of Ram worshipers rather than other Hindu gods, bengalis are habituated with, 3) being judge about women’s choice of garments, 5) worshiping cow as god , 6) being judge on the basis of their food habit or even on eating meet etc. Most of these things were political agenda of BJP in this election and bengalis didn’t like it. bengalis are more sophisticated and liberal rather than other countrymen. BJP fails to represent themselves more of Bengal’s own party. In other hand TMC’s catch line was ” Bengal needs his own daughter”. this attracted people more. There wasn’t any chief minister’s face from any opponent parties in this election.Still in Bengal people votes by watching a common face and Mamata Bannerjee was the only one in this rat race. Moreover watching the price hike of essential commodities as well as fuel price and economical break down of the country even before the pandemic, people wanted a lesser evil one the power so they elected the lesser evil one.

  5. if i dare relate respected Mamta Banarjee, the all time CM of Bengal, to the goddess Durga, I would be nowhere near exageration. She embraces virtually all and every good qualities of a good leader. Her recent inevitable victory with landslide votes can be attributed to the following least explained circumstances and reasons:
    1. She is a resilient leader who knows how to overcome severe challenges without destructive behaviour or without hurting others be it own party members or opposition. She leads to transform but not to dominate innocents. (Her being Railway minister in Atal Regime).
    2. She puts emphasis on problem- solving and team-dynamics instead of focusing on self-promotion.
    3. A leader who is hell-bent on micromanaging his/her subordinates and allied parties, it may develop a lack of trust and more importantly burning issues remained unnoticed (covid19 and its devastation)
    4. We live in a fast-paced world and work trends are evolving in no times. We need HER like leader who can make sense of impending deadly uncertainities proactively. ( Devil may care attitudes of current regine towards covid-19)
    5. If a leader follows a dictatorial styles and neglects empathy altogether, he/she fails not only to make a closer connection with their ranks and files, he/she also fails to feel their pains.
    6. Thus,people may come down hard on even once hero-worshipped leader if he/she no longer carries out his/her entrusted share of responsibilities properly. (recent nose-dive defeats of current regime in many panchayat level voting)

  6. I think that the TMC had won because of the some policies of the Modi government like CAA,NRC and denationalisation policy. Otherwise there was no reason to vote TMC.

  7. In current posture, we can recall the great quote of the nobel man Aristotle i.e. ‘ The man is by nature a political animal’ .
    In this pandemic situation when everyone is struggling to survive their life then we are all busy to create new a political history.
    Lastly , we are able to create a golden mark in the pages of history . Didi proved herself as unbreakable, undefeatable player in this political game. I will not blame anyone for my present situation. I posted it as a bad phrase in my life . In this political weather , I don’t know whether her ‘victory is good or bad for our country. Lastly, we pray to the god to save our country from this perilious corona virus. That’s all.

  8. Before going to the topic ,thank you to choose current topic.
    I personally feel there is big change in between 2019-2021.
    2019 people think that other than Modi no one is good candidate for PM that’s why people go for BJP. But after that people see Modi takes one sided decision which is profitable for rich people. Nowadays people see how govt and media together working to demolish other. CAA,NRC, privatisation of rail, bank, “kishan andolon” are issues people see and thought BJP& Modi just do vote politics so they don’t vote.

    Key features of wining Mamata Banerjee as CM:
    1. Give and take policy
    ex – cycle to school students, konnashree, monthly 1000 for Minority etc
    2. People think they take wrong decisions to choose Modi as PM. so they don’t have any options
    3. Main point is Minority vote 100% goes to Mamata.
    4. Peasant Kishore is a good political aid for Mamata.
    5. Govt employees give support Mamata becouse they feel if BJP come to wb then they will stop pension system.
    6. Mamata know the pals of wb, she give 8k-16k permonth and use young people in different govt sector.
    Ex-civic police, SACT college teacher etc.

  9. First of all, thank You sir For this topic. You know that i am a Political person,& this is the very first time i have got a chance to write something about this topic. First of all i want to Congratulate Smt. Mamata Banerjee for her victory by a huge margin. There are lot of reasons behind her victory.
    1. Prashant Kishore is the big name right now in Indian politics .His organisation I-PAC did a extradinary job. His Survey from ground level ,helped tmc to know about public demand. On that case they came to know about Shuvendu adhikary, Prabir Ghosal etc .In that case ,all the corrupted leaders transformed themselves from green to orange .Though it was showing by media ,that right now tmc is in danger, but it became blessing to tmc.
    2. During 2019 loksabha election, there was a buzz, who was the PM candidate against MODI? Right now during 2021 election, there was also a buzz that, who will be the chief minister candidate against MAMATA BANERJEE Every party needs a face to do a election campaigning and all. But bjp has no proper faces against Mamata Banerjee.
    3. There was a conflict in between NEW BJP vs OLD BJP members on the basis of who will be the candidate ?just a example ,on Singur, Since 2016 all BJp members fought Against TMC candidate Rabindrnath Bhattacharya .But during 2021 election ,when he wont get any seat from tmc,he joined bjp,and bjp made him candidate from singur .So it was very much obvious, bjp members would not take this properly, so they started protesting against him ,and during vote, all bjp members voted for Becharam Manna and he won that.T his is basic scenario through out the state.
    4. To win a election, Every party needs organisation power,but if you see your own locality ,bjp organisation is not that much strong like tmc organisation.
    5. Debangsu Bhattacharya had also big contribution during 2021 election.His popularity among youths, and his “khela hobe” slogan boosted TMC to make a victory.
    6. TMC made a lot of popular slogan during election like “khela hobe”,”bangla nijer meyekei chaai”,”didke bolo” and there are lots of slogans from their end.But on the other hand ,bjp has only one slogan “ar noy onyay” which was not that much popular & people wont get their ”sunar Bangla”.
    7. Some of peoples in our state ,got benefited by kanyashree ,sobujsathee ,duaree sarkar, swasthosathi etc hypothesis.
    8. There was a campaigning happened during election “No vote to bjp” due to their work as central government.A lots of people aware of Hike of prices of petrol, diesel, gas etc .It was clear to everyone that bank interest rate is decreasing day by day.& the farmers protest also.
    9. CPIM and CONGRESS could not win a single seat just due to their coalition with ISF.SO, people defenestrated them for the very first time.

    I think this is the main reasons behind TMC’s victory. Hope we will get a noncorrupted government this year .I hope that deserved people will get the job & finally, Industry will look graciously on our state .Lets Hope for the best

  10. Sourav Bhattacharya

    Well, kudos to Mamta Banerjee and T. M. C. for fighting tooth and nail till the last moments of counting even, to battle out the mighty BJP who fostered their election campaign with a full bench of Central ministers! But alas! they forgot that they had “miles to go before they sleep”.Undoubtedly, they tried hard with their centre forwards like Modi and Amit Shah. But they missed a real “Chanakya” who could read Bengal’s pulse and frame election policies accordingly. Outrageously advocating for NRC and CAA may provide tremendous mileage in states like Assam where Bengali -Assamese conflict is an age old problem.Subtly threatening to minorities has always worked well in Gujarat or U. P. because those states have a long history of prevalent caste politics and dominance of upper castes.
    All India BJP leadership made a mammoth blunder here. They were so elated with their unexpected 18 parliamentary seats of 2019 L. S. that they forgot the gap between tea in cup and lips. First of all, people voted for them in 2019 only to have a stable government instead of a coalition govt which could result in an untimely election within 5 years. Moreover there were no NRC CAA issue. Leaders like Amit Shah were so complacent that they seemed to not even notice how much uproar was there in Bengal over CAA NRC issues for the last two years. Their arrogance made them advocating aggressively for such issues even in 2021 election campaign.
    That’s where they missed the game by taking Bengal of Ramkrishna, Rabindranath, Vidyasagar for granted. This same Bengal was ruled by Left regime for 34 years -an extraordinary event in Indian political history. BJP forgot all these and wholly truly attacked Bengali intelligentia and women power only to dampen their own chances of coming to power.
    While Mamta Banerjee took recourse to her one and only lethal weapon of “dole” politics as election days were coming ahead by launching projects like “Duare Sarkar” and announcing free healthcare for all in private hospitals under Swasthasathi scheme, BJP simply ignored facts like LPG price hike, interest rates cut down. One probable cause may be that they couldn’t perceive the unique attitude of Bengal voters and they put that in an all India frame. Thus they ruined what is, rather was, there “golden chance”.
    Now big question is “Is BJP’s game over in Bengal? “The answer is “Not at all”.For the first time ,they will have a considerable presence in West Bengal Assembly with 75 seats which may seem liliputian in front of TMC’s 213 ,but from BJP’s future perspective, it’s a meteoric rise from erstwhile 3 seats. With Central Govt backing, they will leave no stone unturned to jeopardize the West Bengal government in and out of the assembly. The vanishing Congress and particularly the Left from assembly will surely make it much easier for them to prick the government according to their own ideological plans.
    Last but not the least ,Mamta Banerjee herself lost her prestigious clash at Nandigram to Suvendu Adhikari who provoked her to contest from there .Literally he made her gobble this defeat. Now TMC government has little space for overconfidence and complacency as they will be keen to prevent Nandigram from becoming another “beginning” of a new regime as happened in 2011!

  11. As much as the Bengal verdict is in favour of the TMC, it is also against the BJP, the Patrimonial govt, which did not want to take an organic route to emerge as a natural party of governance in Bengal. Without a party organisation and mass leaders, it engineered defections, tried brazen communal polarisation and misused central agencies, as it went for the jugular. Its bombast and hubris were out of touch with the sensibilities of Bengalis. Its growth from three seats in 2016 to its current tally is impressive. The BJP must now pause and rethink its strategy for the path ahead. Its attempts to give a communal colour to condemnable political violence indicates that the BJP is not open to that. If it wants to be a truly national party, the BJP must be respectful of India’s regional, religious and cultural diversities.

  12. First of all congratulation our old cm again win ur old throne …. attually this result is very unexpected result .it’s prove that in politics everything is possible few days back mamta banerjee leg was break off but now she is fine after winning her seat so she is a player …she knew that how to win her game….but bjp has been shocked many people join them and there party so how they terribly loose their seat many reasons is there
    No 1. They didn’t announce who is the next cm after winning this election.they show mittun Chakraborty and he throw some speech and we all Heard some news he would a next cm but after that he was vanished this kind of beavear not at all expected and before vote all of a sudden raise huge petrol and diesel price it’s impact on people badly…..Cus they don’t earn huge money…… no 3. Suddenly bank interest going down ⬇️ for all this reason they won huge no of seats..and also or honorable pm modi use some abbusive word against mamta banerjee so people are very much disappointed .and they. Are choosen safe side

  13. In democratic system people has right to choose their ruler. Here this was happned, TMC has won the high voltage election with very enormous seat.
    Here we have read many reason for defeat of BJP or wining of TMC.
    The election was conducted very fairway. So it should not have any excuses from any political party.
    In lockdown the migrated labour which problem they faced may be they don’t forgot that situation. That’s why their vote went for Mamata didi.
    I think if TMC will win 170-175 seat and rest of the seat will be gone to other parties it is beneficial for citizens of west bengal. This is very personal opinion of mine.
    Lets hope for the best.
    Congratulation for wining.

    1. So first of all congratulations to our hon’ble chief minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee. She is a tigress of West Bengal and she proved that. We all know that she did so many things for the people and that’s why again she is our chief minister. People have watched the works for last 10 years so they took the decision. Yes it is true that TMC didn’t expect the huge number of vote but it happened. BJP leaders have tried their level best to win this time but People of west bengal fixed their goal that they will not allow to rule BJP and all the votes are gone for TMC.
      Lastly we, the common people,only wants some real elevation like job, industry etc. Let’s see what will happen in next 5 years. Hope for the best.

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