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Does it Need to Expunge Private Tuition from the Face of the Indian Education System ?

Do we need to expunge Private Tuition from the Indian Education system? This is the most debatable question of this decade. This question itself is the biggest paradox because it’s still opaque to all of us whether “ Private Tuition ” has a blissful effect or baneful effect on the Indian Education System and our Indian economy. According to the Cambridge International report of 2018, almost 55% of students of India take private tuition to complement their school education. Private tuition is a booming business in India. That is why Byju has acquired a 33-year-old chain of physical coaching center Akash Educational Services” at the cost of 1 billion dollars.

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89% of High School students in West Bengal take private tuition. In Tripura this figure is 87%, in Bihar, this figure is 67.2%, in Odisha, this figure is 63.4%, and in Manipur, this figure is 54.7%. Indian parents spend 12% of household expenditure on private tuitions per annum. Indian families spend Rs 25000 crores on private tuitions per annum. Parents in megacities spend Rs 3000 per month on private tuitions for primary school students, Rs 5000 per month for middle school students. In Japan, 70% of students take private tuitions, in Malaysia, the figure is 83%, in South Korea, the figure is 92.8%.

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Parents of India are mortgaging their properties due to the private tuition tsunami. It has become an ordeal for middle-class parents to bear the exorbitant cost of private tuition. According to India Human Development Survey, 71 million students in India take private tuitions in India. Students spend nearly 9 hours in private tuitions per week which is tantamount to one and a half school days. One in 4 Indian students take private tuitions. The private tuition fees for IIT, JEE, and NIIT are around 3.35 lakhs in two years. Why the ” Private Tuition ” in India is fueled and fomented? Let us anatomize the subject of discussion in extenso.

private tuition
Private Tuition

What is Private Tuition ?

Private Tuition ” is a parallel system of education . Parents want to bolster their sons or daughters in lieu of some extra money for their academic and consequently their career upliftment . Children are provided extra academic care and buttress by their parents so that they can prosper and do better in their examinations . Private tutors or trainers provide individualized attention , unique study materials , learning techniques to embolden students’ subject comprehension , upscale performance and over and above ameliorate the entire level of his or her confidence .

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Private Tuition

Importance of ” Private Tuition ” in the Indian Education System :-

The significance of “ Private Tuition ” is undeniable . Private Tuition has a profound importance in the Indian Education system . Some academicians strongly advocate the paramount importance of “ Private Tuition ” by citing multiple advantageous points in favour of this ” Private Tuition “. They are as follows :-

  1. One – On – One Attention
  2. Better performance in School
  3. More Future Avenues
  4. Individualized Approach and Pace
  5. better Comprehension
  6. Enhance Confidence and Self – esteem
  7. Fewer distractions
  8. Boost Up Intrinsic motivation
  9. Unique Learning Experience
  10. Customized Teaching Method
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Private Tuition

Is ” Private Tuition ” a New Coinage in the Indian Education System ?

Private Tuition ” is an age old profession . This profession has been in vogue from time immemorial . So this is not at all a new coinage in the education system of India . If you delve deep into the pages of history , you can get plethora of paradigms of stalwarts of different niche who were under the tutelage of the private tutors . All these great personalities were fenced entirely in their childhood by the the expert private tutors . The first “ Nobel Laureate ” of India Rabindranath Tagore had twenty private tutors in his childhood in different disciplines . Swami Vivekananda , Michael Madhusudan Dutta and so many dignified personalities in the past had their private tutor in their childhood .

Guru of Indian Education system
Rabindranath Tagore had private tutors
Swami Vivekananda Quotes
Swami Vivekananda had private tutor
madhusudan dutta
Michael Madhusudan had private tutor

Why are the Private School Teachers of Indian Schools Inclined to Adopt ” Private Tuition ” ?

Private Tuition ” grew as a parasite on Indian Education System . But with the passage of time it has thrived and flourished gradually so vigorously that of late it threatens to be the killer of its own hostthe education system of India itself . But which factors are responsible for the proliferation of this “ private Tuition “ ? Of course government’s protracted nonchalant attitude is solely responsible for this abnormal growth of this profession . The collaborative factors which force the private school teachers to adopt this additional profession after the completion of the school hours to eke out their livelihood are as follows :-

https www.gcu .edu sites default files 2020 06 tutor
Private Tuition

1. Unaffiliated Schools :-

There was a handful of private schools around our locality thirty ( 30 ) years ago . But of late there is a mushroom of growth of Private English medium training schools , Private Bengali medium school , Private Oriya medium schools etc . These schools are running and roaring in full swing under the nose of the administration and government . All these schools have neither any sort of affiliation nor have any proper and authentic paper work . The teachers of these sort of schools get their emoluments even worse than a sweeper .

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Private School

Who is responsible for such a ignominious pay structure of the teachers of these schools for which they are inclined to take the profession of private tuition for an extra income to satiate their maintenance of livelihood ? Of course the simple answer is “ Government ” and the ” Administration ” . Does not the government monitor these unaffiliated schools ? The answer is – “ No “. Does not government know the poor salary given by these private schools ? The answer is ” Yes”. But in spite of knowing the fact the government doesn’t take any stringent steps against these private schools . The reason is best known to them .

Private Tuition

2. Ignominious Salary of the Private School Teachers :-

The ignominious salary of the private school teachers is really shameful for any country and it implies how a country shows respect , honour and homage to a teacher . A teacher is getting Rs . 8000/- ( 10 US Dollar ) as a salary from a private school after the completion of the tenure of his thirty ( 30 ) years of teaching profession . The hapless teachers of these private schools get a modicum salary . The salary of these private school teachers is so paltry that their salary is even worse than the monthly income of a rickshaw puller in India . Actually , the private school teachers don’t get salary .

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Private Tuition

In many renowned schools in India the teachers get daily wages . There are a few private schools like St. Xaviers , Don Bosco , La Martina – provide a handsome salary to the teachers because of their proper affiliation and proper infrastructure . But most of the non-affiliated private schools in India provide such an emolument which is worse than a sweeper of India . In this situation the only resort to them to maintain their livelihood is “ Private Tuition “. The worst salary structure of the teachers is mainly of those schools which are state board medium private schools like Private Bengali medium school , private Oriya medium school etc. At the time of initiation of his or her journey as a regular full time teacher a school provides only Rs 1000/- per month ( 14 US dollars per month ) . That is why the private school teachers are committed to pursue the ” Private Tuition ” profession as their mother profession . To them teaching in schools becomes secondary profession . How could one expect that a teacher of this sort of school pay proper attention towards the students in this school ? In no way it is possible for him . Does not the government know about this ? The answer is ” Yes ” . But the reason is best known to government for such an catastrophic indifference .

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Private Tuition

3. No Appointment Letter is Provided to the Private School Teachers :-

In a huge number of renowned private schools , the teachers are not given any appointment letters . At the time of recruitment the school management blatantly tells the would be selected school teacher that they will not provide him or her neither appointment letter nor good amount of salary . But s/he will get plenty of tuition after starting his or her teaching in their school as a teacher .

home tuition 1 singapore
Private Tuition

Thus the teacher simply explores and uses the brand value of the school where they work and earn money through “ Private Tuition ” . Who is responsible for this action ? Obviously , the private school management who insist the school teachers to grab ” Private Tuition “ as their mother profession .

4. No Job Security for Private School Teachers :-

The teachers are recruited in many branded private schools without any appointment letter. Only through a verbal or maximum eye-washing interview, the teachers are allowed to teach in the school. They are not given any appointment letters because the management can easily dismiss him or them at any time for a petty issue. Consequently, they have no Provident fund, gratuity, and other retirement benefits.

How Can Private Tutor Help You Get Better Grades
Private Tuition

This deplorable configuration of the private school often prompts them to start ” Private Tuition ” to protect their future. Who is mainly responsible for that? the answer is known to all.

5. Wide Discrimination between Government School Teachers and Private School Teachers :-

There is a sea difference between a private school teachers and government school teachers . A government school teachers’ salary is almost ten times in compare to private school teachers ( After the completion of five years of journey in a school as a teacher ) . This wide disparity often draws the private school teachers at the brink of frustration . As a consequence , they are inclined to private tuition to equate their income with the government school teachers .

how to become a private tutor in the uk
Private Tuition

In this way , we can see the pernicious condition of of the education system of India . “ Private Tuition “ can’t be earmarked as a villain of our education system . The arch culprit of the education system is the private school and lack of thorough monitoring by the administration because everything is going unabated under the nose of the prevailing system . In India we celebrate “ Teacher’s Day ” every year with pomp and pleasure but hardly pay attention to the sordid fate and fortune of the private school teachers .

Private Tuition

I am dead sure that a day comes when a boy or a girl never likes to be a teacher in future in India . At that moment the country will understand the importance of teachers and their respective honour . Only a lofty praise to a teacher by calling them a ” Nation Builder ” will not practically satisfy them . The government and the administration has to bridle the situation with an iron hand ; otherwise this “ Nation Builder ” will be converted into a “ Nation Destroyer ” . So the crux of the problem is not the ” Private Tuition ” but the abettor of executing the ” Private Tuition ” i.e. the private schools and the insouciant and nonchalant prevailing education system of the country . Should we obliterate private tuition from the education system ? The answer is ” No ” . It is well neigh impossible . The private school teachers are able to contribute in the Indian Economy substantially in spite of their income from the school is deplorably low . No one can stop this age old profession by any means from the face of the Indian Education System ; rather it’s more important to monitor and supervise strictly of the private schools of India which is the breeding ground of this alleged villain ” Private Tuition “.

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38 thoughts on “Does it Need to Expunge Private Tuition from the Face of the Indian Education System ?”

  1. As a private teacher, I appreciate your thinking and write this type of blogging. In our hustle-bustle life, we are all trying to find a shortcut way and try to move this way. Our society has deluged with a plethora of confusion. Though teaching is a noble profession, it is fast losing much of its luster owing to various reasons. The teachers’ private tuition run their life in a nightmare in this pandemic situation. I hope our old private tuition tradition came back its real glow shortly. We can not change the system at this time so apply only the theory” wait and watch”.

  2. There are so many pros and cons about private tuition. We all know the statistics of private tuition. But one question arises why private tuition. The perents of students believe the school is good for nothing and private tution can give success to their childrens. Our school education system is not so good. But our govt try heart and soul to restrain agood position through implement new education policies and governance.
    There are a good side also. An unemployed youth get some money through private tuition.

  3. Thank you for a great lecture/ topic that you had given above.
    I really learned a lot.
    It was a pleasure for me for that you’re making a huge impact.
    The topic is very well as well as being very helpful.
    We appreciate you.
    You made this easy to understand.
    Thank you for the excellent, clear and clinically , oriented presentation.

  4. I think that if students are taught properly in schools then there is no need for separate education from private teachers. A student can only learn from a private teacher when he cannot learn everything in school. If he learns everything in school, then there is no point in wasting his time elsewhere. Because I think time is very valuable for every student. I think going to a private tutor is totally private to a student. If he can’t learn properly in school, he should go. It is a student’s own decision. I think the teachers of every school should teach the students in a good way so that the students do not have to go to private teachers to learn separately.

  5. For this bad education only responsible government …. because they thought the poor condition of job if they hire many teacher for teaching then people not angry on them …but for those kind of stupid idea they ruin everything and education system also …if they hire many teacher in the school thn this is only happen ..they not guide us properly how they guide if they have not proper knowledge about education …if I encapsulated this point thn government only villain……and if i hire a private. Tutor thn they guide us proper way days many people took this teaching line because in india no handsome amount job platform is there.thry took this line as a taken for granted ….so we have to very careful about this to choose a good private teacher after the corona period many teacher teach students through online classes for that reason parents are easily understand that they are not doing there job proper way ….and now all school are announced that students are clear there exams virtually in that way all students took a good marks and but this is really bad for those students who are really hard working for there studies ….and also being a teacher it’s very much sorrowful incident … because all are get good marks who are even not study much through the year…… so now education condition is very bad we have to look of this and government have to

  6. I think the choice of private tuition totally depends upon the students. If a student needs guidance and he or she doesn’t get that in the school, so a private tutor can help. And also most of the teachers in the govt school doesn’t really bother wheather a student is really learning anything at all in the school, so in that case most of the students in govt school require private tuitions.

  7. Government school teachars don’t teach us well that’s why we need private tuition. that’s why
    what we don’t learn from school in 12 years, we learn the same thing in 6 months from private tuition

  8. Firstly, I would like to thanks IG sir,for that wonderful article, you explain a lot about private tuition.
    In lieu of that also new education policy is constructed by Indian government. On the other hand opening a private state board school become a trend of earning money ;business irrespective of kind of knowledge providing their to students now a days there are plenty of private schools in market and government schools are decrease day by day but also there are 1-3 government school in each village, then also there is need of looking for tution. That’s the shameful act for schools .now a days student are living so busy there schedule is fix they only get holiday to enjoy there whole time goes on school then tution then are not able to improve themselve . They not even to choose there interest lastly,they have lot of tension ,pressure of exams in that small age also, in that case how would one become successful .As per my opinion there should be limited government schools with efficient teacher and head of school should moniter the teachers ,there way of teaching by use of any means like cameras etc. Use of smart classes and sometimes that interact students to attend the class actively. After schooling student should revise for 1 hour then h/she is free to do anything they may play or enjoy there memorable childhood. As we know healthy mind lives In Healthy body. So parents have to Let them play as per their interest. Tution at school time is not an appropriate option, But one who is looking for IIT,PMT, IIM their level of enterence exam is high so one can take tution to crack that if h/she need . But school ,their staff should have that much efficient potential that there students were no need for tution..
    Hope all goes well thanks you

  9. Ideally, private tuition belongs to the domain of students’choice’s a student who will decide whether he or she needs private tuition or not. Meritorious students may feel it necessary to take tuition privately in exchange of money, as is the norms of today, to satisfy their their thirst for knowledge. There is no doubt that private tuition definitely provides personal care, customized teaching, individual grooming and it also boosts up someone’s confidence level. These are not possible in a forty-minute class containing forty students.So private tuition has its relevance if it can complement and supplement the school teaching.
    But the problems start when students are forced to take private tuition. If a teacher prefers to impart lessons in his or her private tuition and neglects school assignments, then it is condemnable and dangerous from the students’ perspective.This is why a teacher’s indulgence to private tuition is severely criticised by the society.A teacher has to be responsible so that he or she doesn’t malign the concept of teaching in general ,either for monetary reasons or for any other specific causes.Several complaints have been lodged over the years that some students are victimised by being awarded lesser marks or being ill-treated by some teachers,only because they don’t take private tuition from that teacher. Here, school administration has a vital role to play to curb these unfair practices only for the sake of education in general.
    Now,the passage shows that private tuition is a popular system not only in India but also in other countries. It somehow justifies its utility over all demerits. It’s also true that learning in “guru’s” house is an age old system in our country but socio-economic background was also very much different at that time. Like other systems, it has also been adapting to the changing world and society. It’s the responsibility of the teachers only to retain its holiness at any cost.
    Now deplorable condition of most of the private school teachers and government’s inexplicable apathy to this issue surely have pushed those teachers to adopt private tuition to adopt livelihood. But that doesn’t necessarily has aggravated the teaching in general. There are lots of respected teachers who both teach sincerely in school and in private tuition. Government should take care of their pitiable condition too. But what has to be developed and lovingly cherished and nourished is the noble attitude towards teaching profession -whether it’s private tuition or teaching in school.

  10. I think in education system especially in Government schools, there are only 40 minutes that we have to learn. And the teachers always late for 10 to 15 minutes. I think periods our need to be long.
    And we need a special period for our doubts. And Because of this we need home tution.

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      1. I don’t know about the other countries but in India private tuition sometimes become a cargo to the students. Here in India maximum parents force their youngsters go for private tuition even if they don’t need to . Sometimes even tutees are forced to take more than one tution for a single subject and this become ridiculous for the students. In the other hand maximum government school teachers are too lazy to take a fruitful class in schools in the provided time span , this also make the pupils stand in que for the famous tution centers in their localities . But as per current scenario of this pandemic massacre when schools are remaining closed from the last year still now, some online coaching platform has come in rescue like Byjus for the school goers and unacademy for the JEE, NEET, SSC and other competitive exams aspirants and students are getting benefited from these online platforms as they are collecting the exparts on theses fields for providing the guidances.

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