What are the Reasons for Unprecedented Boost of Fresh Job Opportunities in the US in 2021?

Unemployment became the most formidable challenge of the US during the first phase of the ongoing lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. The US got a gargantuan whammy for the employment sector. There was no such employment generation. Millions of people became between jobs and this jobless trauma and agony pushed them towards the jaws of melancholia and mental stability crisis. The mounting unemployment problem, both in rural and in urban areas, is due to the unexpected arrival of a global pandemic named “Covid-19 Pandemicwhich took the toll on a colossal number.

The US took a leading role in the “ Quad Summit” to undertake a massive Coronavirus vaccine initiative to eradicate Coronavirus from the face of the earth. Japan and the US will offer financial assistance.

Unemployment in the USA

In February 2021 the avenues of employment in the US escalated to a two-year high. Buttressed by emboldening demand, Covid-19 inoculation roll out and ancillary pandemic aid, the opportunities of the fresh job went up at a supersonic speed.

The labor market in the US had revived in an unprecedented way. According to the clear indication of the US’s labor department’s monthly job opening survey, the job avenues in the world’s largest economy augmented from 2,68,000 to 7.4 million in February 2021. That was the highest level since January 2019 which helped to push job opportunities 5.1% above the pre-pandemic level.

Job Opportunities

The maximum job opportunities were created in the healthcare and social assistance arena. There are additional 2,33,000 job openings in the healthcare and social assistance industry. Vacancy in industries like food services, hospitality, and accommodation sectors became the worst sufferers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The job avenues in those sectors also increased by 1,04,000. There is a sharp increment of fresh job opportunities in the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation sector by 56,000. Thus the US has somehow abolished the drought of unemployment in 2021.

Perfect Time for Employment

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2 thoughts on “What are the Reasons for Unprecedented Boost of Fresh Job Opportunities in the US in 2021?”

  1. Sourav Bhattacharya

    When a tsunamy sweeps over, it never distinguishes between a skyscraper and a mud-hut.Both faces similar fate. Covid -19 shattered economy all over the world and the U. S. A., the leading economic giant was simply mowed down by such an unprecedented knock down created by Covid 19 and allied lock down with diminishing demand in market. Donald Trump had serious allegations against him of taking recourse to populist propaganda like fundamental nativism like “America is only for Americans “.Now this type of Hitlerian attitude is absolutely obsolete in today’s era of globalization. Instead of concentrating to boost employment sectors for the coming generation, he was alleged to proclaim populist political theories ,thus hollowing the U. S. A. economy. Covid 19 just exposed that.
    Now the full credit of revival in economic and employment sectors should go the newly elected president Joe Byden. It is under his leadership that U. S. A is leading the global -vaccination drive to eradicate SARS -CoV-2, adopting liberal foreign policies and helping other nations to combat the pandemic in cash or kind.
    This philanthropic attitude is also helping to expand job opportunities in hospitality sectors which was almost erased for the time being from global culture because of continuous lock down.People have once again started tours and travels.Urgent need for medical treatment to get relief from Covid 19 has also necessitated more man-power; thus resulting in a golden opportunity for massive recruitment in this field.
    Hopefully U. S. A overcomes its bad patch and let others survive from such a ensuing crisis.

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