How will be the Shape of World’s First Human Monkey?

Human development irrespective of any domain is indebted to prolonged and in-depth scientific research and experiment. Do all the experiments yield the desired result? Some scientific experiments produce efficacious medicines and drugs that can cure human and animal trauma. On the other hand, some experiments produce some pernicious creations that may affect the entire human race.

Human Monkey Shape

human monkey
shape of human-monkey

DNA is fundamental to life. It gives the chemical instruction that forms our body and sustains them in the long run. Prof. Juan Carloes Izpisua Belmonte is the most popular figure in the arena of Biological Science nowadays. He has developed and nurtured multiple methodologies for the differentiation of human cells into various sorts of cell types.

Very recently an epoch-making experiment is conducted at the US Salk Institute under the idea of Prof. and Scientist Juan Carloes Izpisua Belmonte. He also tried creating the first human-pig hybrid in 2017. Scientists are trying their best to create human-entellus chimera. They are busy enough in integrating human cells into monkey’s embryos. They are trying to mix man and monkey cells.

The critics raise a lot of critical concerns over this bizarre hybrid genetic experiment. This phenomenal experiment sparked an ethical debate. This selcouth experiment ignited a monstrous debate between scientific ethics and scientific gain. Is it not enough to go too far beyond our control? All the embryos are grown in the open at a lab for twenty(20) days. This is going to be the first human-monkey chimera.

The existence of any chimerical figure existed previously in the pages of Greek mythology. Chimera, in Greek mythology, is a fire-breathing female monster resembling a lion in the forepart, a goat in the middle, and a dragon behind. she was slain by Bellerophon. Bellerophon was the son of Poseidon and Eurynome, wife of Glaucus. But that is no more. This revolutionary biological experiment gives the shape of the imaginary chimerical figure into reality. According to biologists chimera is attributed as any organism whose body consists of cells of two different organisms.

What are the fundamental objects of this Experiment?

There are a few fundamental objects of this experiment according to scientists.

1. Advanced Understanding:-

Through this experiment, scientists can better comprehend early human development.

2. Understand the Object of Disease:-

An animal with any disease can easily be detected through this scientific invention.

3. Progression of Ageing:-

The scientists claim that through this wired experiment they can come to the conclusion of the progression of the disease.

4. Address Shortage of Organs:-

The scientist asserted that through this experiment they can smoothly address the shortage of organs for transplantation.

Scientific Ethics:-

The experiment provokes multiple ethical concerns. These concerns worth to be assessed.

1. Virus Spread:-

What will happen if any virus starts contaminating animals to humans?

2. Categorization of Embryo:-

What will be the category of the embryo? Will the embryo be classified as humans and non-humans?

3. How will be the Offsprings?

How will be the offsprings if someone produces a baby out of the hybrid embryo?

Are not the scientists taking their experiments too far? The time has come to see the victory of scientific advancement over scientific ethics. The answer is best known to them.

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7 thoughts on “How will be the Shape of World’s First Human Monkey?”


    In the stage of our primary school life we know that Monkeys are the antecedent of the human beings. We are close to the character and behaviour of ‘Monkey’ . As the rule of nature , Human beings change their mind as well as lifestyle. In the any corner of the world scientists are engaged to modify the human system and they are all trying to gift us a healthy lifestyle better than previous. Now in this pandemic situation , as like human, wlid life mainly animals and birds are also affected by this deadly Covid19 virus. In India many biospheres authorities are seeking to make the Quarantine Centre for the animal. This is our moral duty as a ‘highest IQ level species’ to save the ‘lower IQ level species.

  2. When we try to find the answer of “How will the shape of first human monkey?”
    I think there is no particular shape,
    Becouse in present day the technology take important part of our society. To find right shape, scientist use medical technology as the human monkey adjust in the earth .

  3. As we all know that our generation came after Homo neanderthalensis , this is regarded as the big reason for which any kind of monkeys are mostly related to human beings. According to me , offcourse the scientists are doing their research after knowing all the side effects and good effects so they must has a solution if in any worst situation . But a question arises in my mind that the way people are dying and the population is getting low day by day and then this situation will the pre historic time come back ?

  4. This blog reminds me the famous Hollywood film series ‘ Rise of the planet of the apes’. Yes cross species genetics is a developing sector of the modern world, its a great achievement of science and by these kind of experiments we can be benefitted in many ways. Apes and other animals are more Immunized rather than human , that’s why we get seriously ill very often rather than them. It’s heard that a apes brain is less likely to be affected by diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s e.t.c. rather than humans, so if a cross species experiment between humans and men can be successfully done then we can be benefitted in many ways. Who can say we could recreate the mythological characters like ‘Hanuman’ and ‘Bali’ in near future. In science every experiments has it’s side effect , but those cannot stop the process of cultivation of science . So in near future Chimera could be a game changer for us .

  5. Sourav Bhattacharya

    Terms like scientific ethics should not be allowed to prevail when we talk about experimentation I in Science. Science is born to experiment and break the existing norms; it’s main motto is to create new forms by exploring every possibility. History is the best witness how scientific advancement has been thwarted in all ages in the name of ethics or orthodox religious truths. But alas! Science knows to curve its own way somehow! What is important is that constant experimentation always results in producing alternate spaces which is defied and denied by tradition owing to its own limitations.
    So, a monkey -human combined species may sound weird and quiet reasonably evoke some pertinent questions about its consequences, it cannot be evaded in the name of ethics if time really needs and deserves it. We all know that necessity is the mother of all invention. If the contemporary scenario needs a Chimera ,no taboo can prevent it from the process of obtaining it. Merits and demerits can be anticipated at best, but none can be cent percent unless and until Chimera is finally conceived. It sounds good to hear that it will help in tracking evolution and manage transplantation, on the contrary it also evokes considerable amount of fear when we think about the possibility of disease transmission.
    So, with all the possibilities, chimera has to be welcomed for its advent will surely expand the horizon of Science and human civilization.

  6. Being in 21st century, we can’t deny that technology has gone too far that if in near future we become able to see a species like chimera running in the wilds or being used in greater purpose, that would not be a very unusual sight for us. On the other hand, people are still comparing last pandemics with this covid one on the basis of the time period that it is taking to discover a proper vaccine. If still after more than one year of this covid pandemic,medical science is quite in the middle of nowhere on discovering a proper solution, how can we expect an experiment like chimera will be that much successful as we are thinking it would be. If something like Chimera ever happens, it’s power, it’s discovery will surely be exploited and will be used for wrong causes more than noble ones.
    And after thousands and thousands of years, we have been evolved from monkey to be like this as we are now, does the world really need this experiment. It is quite like, government is spending money on scientists and they are just playing with it.

    The world does not need CHIMERA!

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