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Is Novel Corona Virus going to give us Emancipation from its Clutch ?

Ding Dong Bell

Our Mother Earth is in the well .

Who put her in ?

Novel Corona imp .

Who will draw her out ?

Covid Vaccine is the only way – out . “

Covid vaccine
Covid 19 Vaccine

The grim situation creator Novel Coronavirus threw down a gauntlet and our respected scientists, doctors, and researchers took up the gauntlet smilingly. It was a humongous task for the researchers to invent an efficacious vaccine to combat the onslaught of the ” Novel Corona Virus “, the casualty of which is still skyrocketing. But for their unflinching dedication and unfathomable talent, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Corona virus
Corona Virus

Actually “ Novel Corona Virus ” simply floccinaucinihilipilificated the capability of the human brain. This alien Coronavirus perhaps doesn’t know that NASA is growing radish in space. Space nematodes are not only a giant leap for interplanetary agriculture but also another giant step towards human civilization.

covid 19
Covid 19

Novel Coronavirus will be bowled lock stock and barrel without completing stipulated fifty ( 50 ) overs very soon. Saudi Arabia has already declared victory over Novel Corona Virus. The countdown has already started to get rid of this deadly virus which snatched almost everything from our lives. We all are waiting avidly for the grand finale and celebration of the permanent departure of this monstrous virus that robbed happiness from the face of the dwellers of this world. UK ( Great Britain ) is the first country that approved the Pfizer vaccine for mass inoculation to oust the ” Novel Corona Virus “. Bahrain becomes the second country to approve Pfizer Covid – 19 vaccine. Suburban trains may resume for people in India on and from 1st January 2021.

President of the US Joe Biden already announced that 4th July 2021 is going to be an unforgettable day because this day is going to be marked as ” Independence from Coronavirus “. The US Congress under his honorable Presidency passed the bill of a stimulus relief package of 1.9 trillion US dollars on the 50th day of his Presidential rule. This is the biggest financial package ever since the “ Great Depression ” of 1930.

joe biden 5 1
pfizer biontech covid 19 vaccine nhs wales

195 million Chinese students K – 12 have already started their learning in person in Chinese public schools amid Covid – 19 pandemic when most of the countries all across the world struggle to resume their academic flow in school. China is willing to work with WHO in tracking the virus origin of Covid-19.

According to the research report of the LLU ( Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies ), cats are getting recovered from Covid- 19 speedily and more rapidly than humans, and moreover, they possess antibodies. This feral feline progress is impressive during Covid – 19 pandemic.


All the vaccines are ready to exorcise the intractable demon name “ Novel Coronavirus ” from this world. Covid survivors have already started a global patient movement named ” Covid Longhaulers ” founded by Morena Colombi consisting of 10000 members so far to share their various long Covid – 19 debilitating symptoms like fatigue and other lingering ailments like ” Brain Fog ” and ” Muscle Aches “. A small number of Covid – 19 patients who had never ever experienced any sort of mental health problems are developing severe psychotic symptoms weeks after getting affected Novel Coronavirus. This is completely a self-help group. Their experience will also help the researchers and scientists a lot to judge the nature or characteristics of the Novel Coronavirus.

novel corona virus
Futuristic coronavirus cells abstract background with glowing low polygonal virus cells and text on dark blue background. Immunology, virology, epidemiology concept. Vector illustration.

It is not yet certain which company and from which country’s bouncer will wipe out the demon novel corona’s bell but it is quite certain that repeated bouncers from the researchers, doctors, and scientists especially from India, the US, England, Germany, Russia, and Italy will uproot the devil novel corona’s stumps and bowled him comprehensively with no scope of third Umpire to meddle in between.

Although Mr. Lawrence Wong, the Education Minister of Singapore said that this ongoing Covid pandemic could last and continue for 4 to 5 years but the brunt of the Novel Coronavirus is almost over.

Many states ( Punjab, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Gujarat, Telengana, Jammu, Delhi ) in India are going to reopen primary classes in school, colleges, and universities from February 1, 2021.

India is going to produce billion of doses of Coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2022 for Indo-Pacific. Mr. Narendra Modi, the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister, Joe Biden, the US President, and Yoshihide Suga, the Prime Minister of Japan met virtually in a landmark and historical ” Quad Summit ” to undertake a massive Coronavirus vaccine initiative to eradicate Coronavirus from the face of the earth . . Japan and the US will offer financial assistance and Australia will contribute to the major logistic part. In this way, the concerted effort of all these philanthropist leaders of the world surely uproots the Corona Virus shortly.

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Narendra Modi 1 3
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Scott Morrison

The Covid vaccine of this deadly virus is already on track. It is hoped and believed that the Covid vaccine is almost ready to give a Roland for an Oliver to this virulent virus. This Covid vaccine will play like ” Iron Mike Tyson ” and surely knock down its mighty opponent within a maximum of four rounds.

corona virus
Corona Virus

The rampage of the novel coronavirus from its epicenter Wuhan, China wrecks havoc and took the toll of around 1.5 million residents from our mother earth and the number of affected people is still skyrocketing. More than 13 million people in the world got affected by this lethal virus.

After the completion of around nine ( 9 ) months, it is meaningless to pronounce whether this ongoing Covid – 19 pandemic is a ” Pandemic “or an ” Infodemic ” because each and every pandemic in the past was always dogged by some sort of conspiracy theory and rumor. It is simply immaterial to narrate Whether Covid – 19 is the Petri dish for conspiracy theory or not.

Whether “ Novel Corona Virus ” is a zoonotic virus or bio-engineered virus, a genetic mutation induced by 5G technology still shrouded in the mystery and quite irrelevant to argue and discuss right at this moment. It is true that there was no silver bullet to ” Novel Corona Virus “.

corona virus
Corona Virus

During the period between 1347 and 1351, the savage of “ Black Plague ” or “ Bubonic Plague “ ravaged and took a toll on around 200 million people in Eurasia and North America. There was a bruit that their Jewish neighbor fugitively poisoned good Christians.

In the 1630 plague in Milan, Italy, the combination of folk superstition and widespread tension and trauma led to the torture, oppression, and trial of two alleged citizens of spreading the pestilence.

In 1918 Spanish Flu ” hit the Americans. Spain became a villain to the whole world. The Spanish got tagged with a killer and sinister reputation till the end of the first world war as the patient zero of the ” Spanish Flu ” was from Spain. It took 50 million of life all across the globe.

How Countries are Reeling through the Second Wave of Novel Corona Virus ?

The second wave of “ Novel Corona Virus ” is about to set its mighty paw over the US, Europe, and South Asian countries. There is a fresh spike in Covid – 19 cases after a lull in the summer months and a relaxation of lock-down and relaxation in Europe. Let us see how the government of different countries is taking aegis to face off the Novel Corona Virus in its second encounter.

France :-

Parks and shops reopened in France as France loses Covid lockdown in December. Nonessential shops opened the door in Paris for Christmas. Bars and restaurants will remain closed till 20th January 2021.


Belgium :-

In Belgium, shops have already reopened. Nonessential shops have already resumed from 1st December 2020. Bars, salons, sports, and cultural centers will remain shut. Covid has already taken a toll of 16000 people which is the highest per capita death in Europe.


Ireland :-

Ireland eases lockdown restriction ahead of Christmas. Shops and restaurants will be reopened from 18th December 2020.

Pedestrians wearing face coverings due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, walk in Dublin on October 19, 2020, amid reports that further lockdown restrictions could be imposed to help mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus.

England :-

England also eased a national lockdown in December 2020 on the eve of Christmas. Britain has the highest official death toll in Europe. In England 3 – Tier lockdown has already been effected from 2nd December 2020 in a large part of the country. Welsh people will be given an ” Immunity Passport ” proving that they have inoculated the Covid – 19 vaccination.

London will move to Tier 3 ” Very High Alert ” local restrictions in December 2020 as the new Coronavirus variant has started to spread and grapple the UK faster. Wales will give residents ID cards to prove Covid – 19 vaccination. The nonagenarian royal couple Prince Philip ( 99 years ) and Queen Elizabeth II ( 94 years ) may go public after getting inoculated by the Pfizer vaccine. The police force in England will have access to data of people asked for self – isolation through the official National Health Service ( NHS ) Test and Trace system as an integral part of their implementation of the Novel Coronavirus lockdown rule.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

A nonagenarian woman named Margaret Keenan in the UK ( from Enniskillen, Northern Ireland ) became the first person in the world to receive the Pfizer / BioNTeck Covid vaccine jab at 6:45 am at University Hospital in Coventry on 8th December 2020 outside clinical trial conditions. Thus the UK’s mass vaccination rollout program was initiated.

115954710 margaret keenan hero
Margaret Keenan

A more deadly, powerful, and contagious new potent and dominant mutant strain of Novel Corona Virus N501Y ( With more protein Spike )is raging in parts of Britain and somehow put the UK “Out of Control “and the entire situation is ” Deadly Serious “. A stronger containment was done thence onward.


Germany :-

In Germany, a partial lockdown could be extended until Spring 2021. In Germany, there is a sudden spurt of Covid cases in November 2020. Germany was always treated as a ” Poster Boy ‘ for its unique modus operandi to face off the first wave of the Covid 19 pandemic but the second wave created a perilous situation.


Italy :-

Italy is easing restrictions in five regions. This country was the first country in Europe to hit Coronavirus in February 2020. Over 53000 people have already died in Italy This country has the second-highest toll record after Britain.


The US :-

The US reported 13 million Covid patients. The precarious situation is all around the US due to the second wave of this Coronavirus. Novel Coronavirus second wave hits and devastates the rural and the urban area alike. The US has witnessed more than 170000 new cases per day due to the new second wave of Novel Coronavirus. Apple shut 12 stores in California in December 2020 due to a sudden spike of Covid-19 cases.


State of Missouri has over 306000 new Covid affected cases . Health workers are in a precarious situation and they are simply stretching beyond their capacity . The rural hospitals are in deep trouble because of this recent surge of new Novel Corona virus affected patients .

The “ Holiday Season ” in the month of December , 2020 is going to be a big ordeal for the Americans to encounter the new sudden spurt of Covid 19 affected cases . The US has remained above 1 lakh hospitalization for 27 days in December , 2020 . An entire region in California is out of ICU beds as Covid – 19 surges due to the second wave in December , 2020 . The vaccination in the US is expected to happen in the late December , 2020 .

Microsoft co – founder Bill Gates , whose foundation has already been a part of the effort to develop and deliver Covid – 19 vaccine , has warned in December , 2020 that the ensuing four to six months could be a mayhem of the Novel Corona virus pandemic in the US . Bill Gates along with all global leaders highly appreciated India’s ” Decisive Action ” in Novel Corona virus combat .

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

People in the US get frustrated due to slow roll out of Covid – 19 vaccine . The Department of Health website got crushed and outlisted the eligible people out . People of above 75 years of age had to stand in a long queue . January , 2021 is the deadlier month than December , 2020 in the US as predicted .

About thirty ( 30 ) anti-virus protesters disrupt Covid vaccination centre in Los Angels . They converged on the vaccination centre demanding end of lockdown and promoting anti – vaccine machination . These anti-virus protesters temporarily shut down vaccine site in Los Angels .

The US
The US

Rate of new in corona virus infection falls by 35% from their January 11, 2021 peak in the USA .

new corona strain 1608781633

The US scientists detected mutated version of the UK virus variant that spreads faster . This highly transmissible virus variant B.1.1.7 has been identified in Oregon . This new version of the virus has mutation “ E484K” which is seen in variants detected in Latin America , South America and New York ” .

The total number of deaths in America due to Covid -19 is over 5,27,000 which is more deadly than the cumulative death resulted due to World war 1, World War 2, the Vietnam War, and the 9/11 episode. The US under the administration of Joe Biden is expected to order another 100 million doses of the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. The US becomes the first country to report over 30 million Coronavirus cases.

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South Asia :-

The threat of the second wave of Wuhan virus is expanding burial grounds . India is among the most affected countries, but the mortality rate is comparatively low . An Anglo-Indian woman returned from UK to Delhi on 21st December , 2020 and then fled to Andhra Pradesh with Novel Corona Virus Positive ( Not sure about old or new strain ) . This kind of irresponsible behavior is going to be detrimental for India . India is the largest buyer of Covid – 19 vaccines in the world with 1.6 billion doses that could cover 800 million people which is equivalent with 60 % of her population .

India has purchased 500 million doses of the Oxford University – AstraZeneca vaccine , 1 billion of Novavax vaccine from the US and 100 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine from Russia’s Gamaleya Reasearch Institute keeping in mind the number of Covid affected cases are rising again . Hospitals are inundated , cases are rising . India has already chalked out a plan to inoculate Covid – 19 vaccine to 10 million doctors and nurses at first and then 20 million front line workers during the Covid – 19 pandemic .

corona vaccine
Corona Vaccine

In spite of a sharp decline in daily Covid cases , India reached the grim milestone of 1 crore ( 10 million ) Covid – 19 affected cases on 18th December , 2020 . India has already made a robust road map of giving inoculation to 30 crore people of India in the first quarter of 2021 . Twenty UK returnees to India test positive for the new mutated Covid – 19 strain .


Seven patients are in NIMHANS , Bengaluru , two are in CCMB , Hyderabad and one is in NIV , Pune , eight patients are tested positive in NCDC , Delhi , one in IGIB , Delhi and one in NIBG , Kalyani ( West Bengal ) . All these six patients were kept in room isolation in designated health care facilities by state governments . Health Ministry asserted that the vaccine will work against the “ New Covid Strain ” .

37 new returnees from the UK to Kerala have tested positive for Covid – 19 . Total 38 people in India have tested positive for new variant of Covid – 19 . A 50 year old Mr. Anil Kumar , a Hindi teacher of India diaspora at Sunrise School in Abu Dhabi ( UAE ) died of Covid – 19 .

Flights between India and UK got suspended till 28th February , 2021 . Passengers returning from the UK to India have been mandated to self-paid RT – PCR ( Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction ) test from 8th January , 2021 .

india uk 1609238808

According to ICMR ( The apex medical body of India ), India has successfully isolated and cultured the new UK – a variant of Sars – coV- 2. The Indian Government aims to complete the first phase of vaccination by August 2021. Covid – 19 vaccines will be rolled out free of cost in India. It is going to be the world’s largest immunization drive against the Novel Coronavirus.

India has started to supply Covid -19 vaccine to several countries under grant assistance to Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and Seychelles. #vaccine Maitri is India’s hashtag. India is widely known as ” World’s Pharmacy ” ” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ” ( The world is one family ) is the imperishable tagline on India’s forehead. Dr. Tedross ( Chief of WHO ), Lotay Tshering ( Bhutan’s Prime Minister ), Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ( Maldive’s President ), K P Oli ( Nepal’s Prime Minister ), Seikh Hasina ( Prime Minister of Bangladesh ) thanked unanimously India.

Over 56% in Delhi have antibodies against Novel Coronavirus. This is a clear implication that Delhi is inching progress towards herd immunity.

Without India, there won’t be enough vaccine to save the world ” – said Peter Piot, the Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine.

The Central Government of India asked each state of India to increase coverage of Covid vaccine beneficiaries. Over 37 lakh beneficiaries have been vaccinated till 31st January,2021.1/5th of India’s districts report new cases in the past week.

Pakistan is also trying to cope with the second wave crisis. The second wave situation is grim. Pakistan is going to get 45 million free doses of made-in India Covid-19 vaccines ( Oxford- Astrazeneca ) which would mitigate 20% of the demand of the population of the country.

South Asia
South Asia

Which Covid Vaccines are on the Ramp?

There are seven ( 7 ) premier Covid vaccines are on the track. All these vaccines need approval from different regulatory bodies. All these Covid 19 vaccines are ready to fight with the intractable Coronavirus. Let’s know all of them.

Sputnik – V:-

This is the first vaccine manufactured by Russia. Some experts commented initially as a stunt. Experts were skeptical of the fast-track approach of this Russian vaccine. This Covid vaccine can be shot to people aged between 18 years and 60 years. Moscow opened dozens of Coronavirus centers for its Sputnik V vaccine. Russia has already begun mass vaccination drive with Covid – 19 vaccine Sputnik V. Russia has also agreed to produce the Novel Coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V in India. This vaccine is 92% efficacious in combating Covid – 19.

Sputnik - V
The Covid-19 corona virus vaccine produced in Russia named Sputnik-V.

The candidate has to take two shots of this vaccine in 21 days interval. The immune response of this Covid vaccine is moderate although Russia is strongly claiming 95 % of its efficacy rate. This vaccine has mild side effects.

Novavax Vaccine:-

This vaccine was manufactured by the US. This Covid vaccine can be shot to people aged between 18 years and 59 years.

Novavax vaccine
Novavax vaccine

The candidate has to take two doses in 21 days of interval. The immune response of this Covid vaccine is high with a mild side effect.

Covaxin :-

This is an indigenous Covid vaccine invented by India. This Covid vaccine is developed by ” Bharat Biotech and ICMR “. This Covid vaccine could be rolled out by February 2021. Government scientists are saying that ” Covaxin ” is already on track. Phase 1 trial was already completed in July 2020.


35 volunteers of 12 centers in India took part in this trial and the result was encouraging indeed. This result got speedy approval for phase 2. 380 volunteers were involved and phase 2 was entirely monitored for four days. The result was also positive, safe, and efficient.

This consequently prompted for getting speedy approval of phase 3 trial. Phase 3 trial inaugurated on 2nd December 2020 and included 26000 volunteers in 25 centers. It is hoped the mass inoculation will be started very soon with this vaccine if everything is perfect with this Covid vaccine. After an adequate trial, this vaccine got a restricted emergency inoculation approval on 3rd January 2021 by CDSCO ( Central Drugs Standard Control Organization ).

Covovax :-

Adar Poonawalla, the Chief of Serum Institute of India hopes to launch India’s third Covid vaccine named ” Covovax ” by June 2021.

Covovax Adar Pune New d

Moderna :-

This American Covid vaccine is going to be a course changer of the Covid- 19 pandemic phase. This Covid vaccine claims a 100 % efficacy rate in severe cases. This vaccine reveals a promising phase 3 trial showing a 94.6 % efficacy rate. This American pharmaceuticals giant pitched and promised to prevent severe Covid – 19 infection. None out of 15000 ” Moderna ” volunteers developed severe symptoms.


It has no severe side effects so far. 30000 Americans participated in Moderna’s trial. 20 million doses will be manufactured at the fag end of 2020. The company is already in the tract of manufacturing 500 million to 1 billion doses in 2021. Moderna is going to apply for FDA ( Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act ) and EU ( European Union ) authorization. The cost per dose of this vaccine is between $32 and $37. It is an RNA vaccine. RNA is the information inside the SARS – CoV -2 virus which codes for all the virus ‘ machinery.

Pfizer – Biotech Vaccine:-

This Covid vaccine is developed by a US-based multinational company with the help of German Researchers. Its dose can be applied to the persons of the age group between 12 years and 55 years. The candidate has to take two doses.


The efficacy rate of this Covid vaccine is 95 %. Some volunteers have already reported side effects of it but that is neither worrying and tormenting because those symptoms are like other normal flu symptoms like fever, muscle pain, and headache. This vaccine will not pose a threat to your life. This vaccine has to be stored at – 80 degrees Celsius. The cost per dose of this vaccine is $20. It is also an RNA vaccine. RNA is the information inside the SARS – CoV -2 virus which codes for all the virus ‘ machinery.

AstraZeneca – Oxford Vaccine:-

This is the most promising vaccine. This vaccine is very easy to transport but the trial result is confusing although positive. 2741 volunteers received 1.5 doses instead of 2 full doses. It is found that 90% efficacy rate among those volunteers who were shot smaller doses of 1.5 and surprisingly 62 % efficacy rate in case of two complete doses. Thus one does regimen yields 90% efficacy. Serum Institute said that this vaccine is safe and immunogenic.


Its rate or price is comparatively cheap. The cost per dose of this vaccine is between $3 and $4. The British Government has already ordered 100 million doses of this Oxford vaccine. This UK-based pharmaceutical AstraZeneca has planned to start clinical trials of its experimental Covid – 19 vaccines developed in collaboration with Oxford, in combination with Russia’s Sputnik V.

The developing countries have been promised more than 1 billion shots. This vaccine can be stored between 2 degrees Celsius and 8 degrees Celsius temperature for consecutive six months in a normal refrigerator. Serum Institute of India Limited is conducting trials of this vaccine in India as a part of a manufacturing agreement.

The health authorities in Denmark, Norway, and Iceland have decided to halt for the time being the use of AstraZeneca, the British-Swedish Pharma giant after symptoms detected of ” Blood Clots ” after receiving the jab. WHO is investigating the possible side-effects of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine to protect the health and lives of the public. But the medical experts have said that there is no connection between the Astrazeneca vaccine with blood clots.

How to Keep These Vaccines?

Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine has to be preserved at – 80 degrees Celsius. Desmon Company ( This company mainly manufactures commercial refrigeration equipment for the medical industry ) in Italy has already started to manufacture freezers for storing Covid 19 vaccines.


These freezers will be able to keep all of the vaccines safely. 180000 doses can be kept in that freezer. That unique freezer will remain cool for 40 hours at a stretch after it is unplugged. The US has already ordered 50000 freezers.

Are All These Vaccines Safe to Use?

This is a trillion-dollar question. All vaccines require regulatory authorities’ approval. The regulatory authority gives a green signal only after proper safety assessment. No vaccine can be released for mass use unless the vaccine proves itself immunogenic. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the vaccine must get approval only after proving 50% efficacy competency in the phase 3 trial.

Covid 19
Covid 19

People should be well aware of the potential risk of a vaccine. People have full right to refuse to take the vaccine. No country can impose a mandate to take inoculation of Corona vaccine. Inoculation will be optional.


Oxford vaccine trial created a bit problem in India. A 40-year-old man in Chennai-based businessman faced a serious side effect after an experimental shot. He suffered a neurological breakdown and impairment of cognitive functions. The volunteer filed a legal notice to the company seeking 5 crores as compensation. Serum Institute of India Limited refuted the charges by calling them malicious and misconceived. The investigation is underway. Haryana health minister Anil Vij, who was given a trial dose of “ Covaxin ” on 20th November 2020 tests positive again. Covid survivors united themselves and made a self-help group named ” Longhaulers ” that spark a study into a long-term symptom like lengthy fatigue.

photo woman getting shot1

Tiffany Dover, a head nurse at Chattanooga in Tennessee hospital fainted during a press briefing after taking a Pfizer – Biotech coronavirus vaccine.

A health worker in Alaska developed an allergic reaction named ” Anaphylaxis ” within 10 minutes of receiving the Pfizer vaccine shot.

The 41-year-old Portuguese health worker ( Paediatric Surgery Assistant in Porto ) Sonia Acevado encountered a sudden death on 1st January 2021 in two days after being inoculated with Pfizer- BioNTech Covid- 19 vaccines. She had no pre-existing medical complications.

447 stray cases of adverse reactions, only three needed to be hospitalized immediately in India’s first drive of getting the jab. Haryana’s Gurugram health worker of 55 years named Rajwanti died 6 days after Covid – 19 vaccination at the PHC center.

TDP L HC0 3621

35-year-old Sharda Devi in Rajasthan in India tested positive 31 times for coronavirus. A 10-year boy from Bharatpur had also tested positive for coronavirus 9 times before final testing negative. The doctor got baffled.

23 elderly people in Norway died shortly after receiving the first jab of Pfizer’s covid vaccine.

WHO although said that there is no evidence of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid -19 vaccine has contributed to the deaths of the elderly people that occurred in Norway.


Five( 5 ) doctors aged between 40 and 50 in Karnataka’s Chamarajanagar district tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus a week after receiving the first Covishield and Covaxin shot of the Covid – 19 vaccine.

According to Prof. Jonathan Van Tam, England’s Deputy Chief Medical officer said, ” Vaccinated people may still transmit Covid – 19 “.

sonia acevedo
Sonia Acevado

Being backed by the supremo of SP ( Samajwadi Party in India ) Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, the SP leader Ashutosh Sinha claimed on 2nd January 2021 that people fear that Covid – 19 vaccines could make them impotent because they don’t rely on the machinery of the government.

Emmanuel Macron, the Honorable French President issued a stringent warning against the Chinese Covid – 19 vaccines. He is very much skeptical about the efficacy level of the Chinese Covid – 19 vaccine.

a former shanghai cdc immunologist and medical professional tao lina said he received the first dose of beijing institutes vaccine on saturday under

The actual efficacy rate of the “ SINOVAC “, a Beijing-based Biopharmaceutical company that produces novel coronavirus vaccine is still shrouded in the mystery. This Chinese vaccine is one of two that the Brazilian government has lined up in the queue. A coronavirus vaccine developed by China’s ” SINOVAC” has been found to be 50.4% effective in Brazilian clinical trials. ” SINOVAC ” has not publicly released trial results.

116811039 gettyimages 1276395298

A health official in Gujarat, India got affected with Novel Coronavirus after taking 2nd dose of the vaccine.

A 50-year-old had cardiac disorder and diabetes. Another one whose age is 63 years, a nursing home patient developed a high fever after taking a jab of Astrazeneca’s vaccine. Both these two people in South Korea died after taking jabs. Both of the people had pre-existing conditions.

On 4th April 2021, the UK Medical Regulator reported seven people’s death after the inoculation of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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New 5G Technology for Banishing Novel Corona Virus:-

SK Telecom Company of South Korea has already introduced MEC ( Mobile Edge Computing ) with 5G Technology at Incheon International Airport to operate an AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) chip-based system named SAPEON X 220 that monitors Covid -19 patients such as without masks, high temperature at the time of arrival and departure.

The 5G race in the face of COVID 19 article

In this way the whole world is combating with this virulent virus by using technology .

New Covid Vaccine – 19 App Introduced by India:-

The Central government of India has introduced a new digital platform called “ Co – Win ” for monitoring and supervising Covid – 19 vaccine delivery. Through this ” Co – Win ” ( free to download ) app, Indians can self register themselves for Covid – 19 vaccine. This ” Co – Win ” app will assist record vaccine data.

Co - Win app
Co – Win app
Co-Win app
Co – Win app
Co - Win app
” Co – Win ” app

There are five modules in the ” Co – Win ” app. They are – 1) Administrator Module, 2) Registration Module, 3) Vaccination Module, 4) Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module, and 5) Report Module. It is surmised that this app will prove itself highly beneficial for the Indians.

Legal Steps Against Misuse of Corona Virus Vaccine and Overcharging:-

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation ( AMC ) in India charged a fine of Rs 5 lakh on CIMS Hospital situated in Sola for an exorbitant charge of Rs 17.76 lakh from a Covid – 19 patient named Atul Shah who was admitted there on 2nd July 2020 and was under treatment for a long 32 days.

Overcharging medical bill

Interpol warns of online scams offering fake Covid – 19 vaccines treatment. Various unauthorized websites were patrolled, chased, and monitored by Maharastra cyber in India for selling illegal and counterfeit products.

The US authorities arrested a man of Florida named David T Hines who was accused of bank fraud after he bought a Lamborghini sports car by obtaining nearly $4 million in Coronavirus relief loans.

A south Florida nurse is charged with using over $400000 illegally obtained coronavirus relief funds for his own personal expenses.


Police in Maharastra, India has registered an FIR against popular eateries named “ Auber-Gin Plates and Pours ” situated in the Breach Candy area for allegedly violating Covid-19 rules On 19th March 2021. They collected Rs. 19400 on the spot as fine from 245 people for not wearing masks. Rs. 4 crores fine has been collected so far in a month in Maharashtra.

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The Whole World is in Peril Due to the Vaccine Hoarding:-

The developing countries are at the mercy of the few developed countries and the developed countries are doing everything with the vaccine whatever they like. The rich countries simply swallowed the shots. The mass hoarding of the vaccine will push the world into deep trouble. It will take at least seven to eight years to get back to the normalcy in the lifestyle due to the unnecessary hoarding of this and piling them in numbers like K2 ( King of Karakoram ).

GettyImages 1230852997.0

The affluent countries are grabbing most of the supplies. They are pursuing their advance booking. All the developing countries are trailing and lagging behind. The rich nations are blocking India and South Africa’s bid at WTO. The rich and developed countries like Canada have already purchased 200 million shots for 38 million people. This implies that one Canadian citizen will get almost 10 jabs. Justin Pierre James Trudeau, the Canadian President assured that the surplus of the jabs will be returned to ” COVAX ” in time.

86212456 justintrudeau

A New Deadly Virus is Found Like Corona Virus:-

Beware of a new deadly virus which was found very recently in China. A new zoonotic virus ( detected from a bat species ) named RpYN06 was discovered by the virologists and researchers of Shandong First Medical University and Shandong Academy of Medical Science in Tainan.

This deadly new virus named RpYN06 is almost 94% identical with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid -19 because this newly detected virus has a similar protein spike-like Coronavirus.

What is waiting for us in Corona’s Second Wave?

Is there a final episode of Coronavirus? The answer seems shrouded in mystery. Several new cases and the new spurt of mortality cases due to Coronavirus really baffled us to draw any inference. The death toll in India increased to 1,58,607 on 14th March 2021 with 161 new fatalities. On 14th March,2021 India recorded new 25,320 Covid-19 infections. There is a steep rise of infections due to Coronavirus in six( 6) states in India.

maxresdefault 21

On March 29, 2021, there are new fresh cases of Coronavirus infections of nearly 68000 and over 312 deaths in India in the last 24 hours. There is no vaccination for kids yet, so they are the most vulnerable at this crucial juncture. 472 kids below the age of 10 have been reported positive for Covid-19 in Bengaluru as they are exposed to Coronavirus because of the reopening of schools. They are super-spreaders of Coronavirus also.


More than 1800 new cases of Covid-19 in Delhi on 29th March 2021 which is the highest over in last 3 months. That is why the government has decided to limit or cap the maximum number of invitees at 100 to attend any social gatherings and ceremonies.

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A new “ Double Mutant Variant” of Covid-19 has been detected in 18 states in India. Among 10,787 samples 771 VOC ( Variants of concern) have been found. Out of 771 to 736 samples found of UK variants, 34 South African variants, and 1 Brazilian variant.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA Commissioner said that new infections among young people are propelling and driving the spread of Coronavirus in the second wave.

Maharashtra is going to face the lockdown again from 5th April 2021 to 30th April 2021 due to the recent unabated surge of fresh Coronavirus cases.

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21 thoughts on “Is Novel Corona Virus going to give us Emancipation from its Clutch ?”

  1. This article expresses a big concern about the Novel CoronaVirus that is deadly and very dangerous for living things. Some European countries like Russia invented the Pfizer vaccine to save people from Corona.
    India is also going to manufacture billions of CoronaVirus doses for our country.
    This article also gives some information about different types of vaccines and their usages. How to preserve these vaccines for long periods of time? This article gives some paradigms on how it works to generate antibodies.

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  4. Novel corona virus is no doubt a big issue to us. We have been facing this problem since 2020 and anyhow we want to get rid off from this calamity. This covid 19 virus effects our each and every parts of our life. It has been destroying a vast number of people’s economy and its going on. We don’t know when we get emancipation from this. Scientists are trying to prepare a good anti virus vaccine which can kill the virus cent percent. Already we get some vaccine in the market and we feel happy because we will come back to our normal life.

  5. The Novel Corona Virus or Covid-19 has shaken the world itself. It has caused a pandemic during the age of technology and communication. With the loss of proper communication and everything being done from home, economy has tremendously suffered. Although the vaccine has been discovered, it’s effectiveness is still in question.
    People are hardly seen wearing a mask nowadays although the problem hasn’t ended yet. The ongoing elections and marches are a hazard to the people as they go against the safety protocols under a pandemic .
    With the rise of the new strand of the Corona Virus , only God knows what the near future holds!

  6. Tilottoma Chakraborty Anandi

    Corona Virus was discovered in Wuhan and has spread rapidly since December 2019 within China and to other countries around the globe. The source of Novel Corona Virus is still unclear. On 31st January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO), due to fears about the rapid spread of Covid, announced a global epidemic an on 11th March, the disease was recognized as a pandemic. The spread of Covid-19 continues to threaten the public health as well as greatly affect the global economy. Losing jobs, business closures, increasing prices, insufficient stocks are just some of the impacts of this global lockdown during the pandemic. According to David Malpass, the President of World Bank, the Corona Virus pandemic is a “devastating blow” for the world economy. He warned that billion of people would have their livelihood affected by the situation. As we can see the economic fallout could last for a decade.

  7. It’s a matter of deep concern that the threat of Covid -19 with its second wave is looming large all over the world. After a year long lock down or so in several parts of the world, people were just beginning to limp back to normalcy; right at that time new variants of SARS -Cov -2 is looking ominous. Though several phases of vaccinations have already been completed all over the world, still some people are reported to show signs of weakness or other disorders;few even have succumbed to it. But in most cases, vaccinations have been successful. As schools and colleges are reopening, the kids particularly will be at high risk since they are super spreader of this virus.
    One very much mention worthy incident is that doctors, researchers and the front -line medical workers really turned out to be the saviors of our mankind in this pandemic crisis. In spite of their valiance, innumerable lives were lost. But India really gained international patting for its uncompromising battle with this tiny “Demon”.
    There are lots of ambiguity regarding the lasting of Covid 19 virus and our fate in general in the coming years. Already there are some speculation that it will accompany human civilization at least for 4 or 5 years. Few local governments are going to impose total lock down in near future. So one thing is sure -‘game on, it’s not over yet ‘.

  8. Throughout the last year, the whole world has been in a constant grip of lockdown, quarantine, and in a hope of getting our lost freedom back. All because of the Novel Corona Virus Or the Covid-19. It seems as if the whole world has been imprisoned within the shackles of Online schooling, work from homes and the once when everything was bounded within the phone screens.
    However the vaccine for the deadly virus is ready and the new normal protocols has to be followed. Through the centuries the world has seen deadly pandemics, and has found itself out of it’s grip after fighting it for a very long time. It could be said that for Covid-19, the whole world too would cope up and get habituated with it just like the previous times. So, it cannot be said that the virus would completely be driven out of the world, but it can be made under control by following the protocols to it’s peak.

  9. As I am from a medical background, I know that invention of vaccine against covid-19 is not like walking in straight line. For confirmation of its effect a vaccine has to go through several trials before confirming it’s efficacy, a little hurry in this process can open a Pandora’s box . A vaccine has to go through first animal trail and if proved effect then get permission to be injected in volunteer’s body and again it is being checked for any side effects to proceed further. The process is very much time taking and can count in several years. So invention of vaccine within one or two years is simply false hope. All the vaccines those came out in market are not at all 100% effective and 70% -80% effect are not at all worthy to save from the virus. There is also a hope of light that in third world countries like in India people have started to develop HARD immunity, which is a very good sign. Just yesterday I got a news that first time in this time a baby is born in USA with anti covid-19 antibody, he will never be attacked by the virus , which is a fabulous news. So basically this pandemic will really take time to be over and we should not give up hope.

  10. There is no silver bullet to Covid-19. Still we can get emancipated from this pandemic. We should not depend only on the government now, we ourselves have to be more aware by maintaining all the norms to protect ourselves from the virus.
    Now, after coming the vaccine there arise some controversy like some people do believe in that (its working function) , others don’t but overall this gives a mind satisfaction to the people. It also helps to grow the economic rate of our country. At last we have to believe our govt alongside we ourselves should be more aware and that is how we can smash it in the near future.

  11. The topic you have chosen to write a blog about is not something to beat the bush around, it’s not a trifling issue. Let me get straight to the point. Being a pharmacy student, I know a bit more than others about how many days it can take to produce a vaccine of a new disease especially of an ever changing disease like Covid-19. So it’s easy for people to say that they don’t believe in this vaccine as it came into action only in 8 months where history says it generally takes 2-3 years to produce an effective vaccine. Like seriously? People can believe the fact that a device named Mobile can show them directions, can book an appointment for them, can order food online and so on, where in past they had to ask people for directions, they had to make food regardless of being tired. They can believe in technological advancements but can’t believe in advancements of medical sciences. Talking about side effects, vaccination must have some side effects otherwise it is not effective, a living organism is going inside your body, it must have some side effects to kill the others. Our scientists should be praised no matter what but I believe they should not stop working hard as Corona virus is changing it’s strain everyday, we should also step up our game to keep fighting with this deadly virus.
    Moreover this vaccination scenario, people themselves should be aware of the fact that covid-19 is taking a rise in numbers again and that can only be stopped, if we educate ourselves with rules and regulations for protection from this virus like wearing masks, sanitizing hands, avoiding outside foods. I know, it is tough to wear mask all the time especially now as summer is coming. But come on, we can do this. It’s better to suffer some pain to be dead leaving probably a better, covid free future behind.

  12. I think the covid vaccine is useless now. Because most of the vaccines are take time of 2-4 years. But this vaccine is made in 8 months and ready to be sold after 4 months. Is it not strange. And covid19 is not so deadly. So I think scientists must take time to make proper vaccine or we must take time to be immune. Disclaimer- I am not an expert.

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  14. People today are almost on the verge of getting rid of the curse that the novel corona virus has become on the whole world. Because people and medical science have improved many times today and are becoming. Humans have been constantly trying to use science and as a result today scientists around the world have discovered an antidote to the virus using eggplant, using vaccines. The virus is slowly coming to an end from the terrible panic it has created in people’s minds. The efforts of the great scientists of different countries who have worked tirelessly and are working tirelessly have been successfully today. After all, people have been aware of this from the very beginning, as a result of which the prevalence of this virus in humans has decreased to some extent and people are rapidly recovering.

  15. The situation outside during this pandemic is getting serious day by day as we are losing hope. We have to remember hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. If we start to roam around like before or start caring less because the mortality rate here is less than the other countries, ultimately the loss will be ours. What we have to do is to boost our immune system, maintain a good hygiene and the most important thing which is avoid gathering. If we follow these things, we should be safe.

  16. Igspoken Has Explain the whole thing very clearly attually now we all are suffering with this prblm.Our pm said that coming months maybe vaccine will be provide nd distribute to us .But hope is the only option to us .We should carefull also around us who is the effected person it’s very difficult to say .But in in India our recovery percentage is also very good compare to other country.And death persentage not so much so eventually our country’s doctor are understand wht is the prblm nd which medicine is best for this vaccine..They are like sillverbullet.

    so they understand it and we all are Relieve very soon of this virus till that time we have to very carefull

  17. I’m surprised to know the potential ill effects of vaccines. Vaccines must be well tested over years before they are administered in general public. Any haste in this direction can prove detrimental in large scale, with large number of deaths or probable disabilities.
    I personally will suggest to shove of unnecessary fear, remain hydrated, take daily shots of vitamin B, C and D, eat good veg based protein rich diet and just use a simple mask if you go to a very crowded place, otherwise not needed. Following my own principles, touch wood, I got no illness of whatever nature in the past 9 months. 🙂 I follow my own rules, mix heavily with people, wear mask only when highly essential! If God created us, God also created Viruses and other parasites..We must know how to co-exist.
    Novel corona virus is an instrument to quickly get rid of old, damaged people from the face of this earth. It’s a natural elimination process. The way to evade this elimination is not to go under hiding, but to fight with it by equipping oneself with powerful immunity. Immunity is a natural gift. You already have it. But most of the people have endangered this immunity army by following worthless lifestyle and eating junk food. If you do, then the bestest of best Vaccine will not help you. There are already whooping 7 billion homo sapiens on earth, nature is already overwhelmed with this unnatural growth, and would like to shred of old and half dead leaves, so either remain prepared to rejuvenate and live the life by boosting your immunity or fall prey of natural elimination. Period!
    Elimination process is

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