Can you Speak Fluent English within Seven ( 7 ) Days ?

“Are seven days enough to speak fluent English?”

This trillion-dollar question is asked millions of times by billions of non-native English-speaking people of various countries in the world and the naive reply of this selcouth question is a big “ NO “. Many spoken English online centers like IG Spoken English Online never ever give this kind of false assurance to anyone who wants to learn spoken English from the core of heart.

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In today’s world, everyone wants a short-cut road or short-cut methodology to get quick money or to achieve a quick goal but ultimately it gets ruined very shortly. But if someone takes the proper road-map and follows a constructive blueprint, then there is hardly any chance to get stumble in the future.

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There are so many people who appear in the IELTS or TOEFL examination without knowing the inner core of that. After bagging the ignominious band score of 4.5 or 5, and after draining the money of Rs. 14000/- of the examination fees, they get their sense back.

Every time, before taking admission to any spoken English classes, they have a very generic normal query and that is, ” I want to appear in the examination within a month or two.

I have no sufficient time and please make me prepare accordingly “. There are some spoken English centers that often snatch their money by enticing them within the web of “ Ultimate Crash Course “.

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According to Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote in his book named ” The Story of Success ” – ” If you want to be a Picasso of communication, you have to devote 10,000 hours [ 3 hours a day for 3333 days ( 9 years ) ] as a rule.

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If you want to speak effortlessly, you have to pay sufficient time towards the language evenly and regularly. You have to be adhesive frantically and frenetically with the skill of spoken English language.

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It is unquestionably an uphill task if you want to make spoken English your lapdog within seven ( 7 ) days. It is always a long rigmarole to learn any skill especially any spoken English skill. Even it will take many years to be a master over spoken English.

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If you get involved with the task of learning the skill of spoken English painstakingly for a long seven ( 7 ) days at a stretch incessantly, you can be able to speak English like other common people but not at all seamlessly.

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Learn Spoken English within seven ( 7 ) Days from Bengali to English

You can better your spoken English in comparison to others to a slight margin or extent but not fluently within seven days or a fortnight practice. If you think that you could speak like Shashi Tharoor within a fortnight, then you are living in the domain of a fool’s paradise.

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Learning spoken English within seven days

All the bests of the bests spoken English centres like IG Spoken English Online, British Council, Xbridge never ensures foolishly to befool any person. All these top notches spoken English institutions in India never misguide any person by saying that one can learn spoken English easily and smoothly within a fortnight.

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Reasons for Not Possible to Learn Spoken English within a Short Span :-

There are multiple reasons for which it is next to impossible to learn spoken English within a short span. There are many dimensions of English like ” Grammar “, “ Tense “, “ Voice Change “, ” Syllable “, “ Spelling ” and the last but not the least ” Pronunciation “. Each and every dimension needs to be covered pervasively which is time-consuming. There is no such magic wand that is touched on the students and the students start speaking fluently.

Tense :-

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Tense is the most crucial part of spoken English. It is the key to spoken English. You have to open the door lock of accuracy in spoken English if you can grab the proper implementation of tense. It is not at all a child’s play. It will take a long time to get dominance over tense.

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There are so many new and old learners who often make mistakes in expressing their thoughts in the proper tense. They often use the verb in the present tense to express or narrate something that happened in the past.

For an instance, ” I go there yesterday “. This has to be – ” I went there yesterday “.

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voice change :-

This is the interchanging game of subject and object alteration. Voice change is a major role in grammar which is also an important part of spoken English.

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Active voice and passive voice both kinds of expression in spoken English are very important and it takes a long time to grip the structure of variations of different changes.


For example:- Active Voice: I gave him a book.

Passive voice:- He was given a book by me / A book was given by me to him.

Spelling :-

Although there is a spelling checker in every software and underlines with red immediately, spelling pitfall plays a major role not only in written English but also plays a significant role in spoken English to a greater extent.

ch4 Spelling

A word has to be learned by heart along with spelling. It takes a huge time to concentrate on spelling.

Pronunciation :-

Pronunciation is one of the strong pillars of spoken English. This is not so important in written English. Pronunciation is not an easy task to learn. It takes time to achieve control over any word especially in speaking.

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A person has to pay a lot of time to gain confidence and perfection. A word has to be learned along with its appropriate pronunciation.

What do you do to learn any skill like Spoken English ?

You have to do these four following things to imbibe any skill like spoken English. These four( 4 ) things are as follows:-

Tenacious :-

So many persons start their journey to learn the skill of spoken English but after a month their verve gets flagged and start ebbing. This happens due to their lack of tenacity. They are not at all tenacious. You have to be adhesive and nagging to learn any skill like spoken English.

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They have to be consistent and persistent to achieve their desired goal. That is why spoken English can’t be learned within such a short span of seven days or a fortnight. You have to have the patience to learn spoken English.

Positive Thinking :-

Positive thinking really helps a person to learn any skill like spoken English in the proper length of time. Nothing can be achieved so quickly or speedily. It takes a long time and a rigorous practice which helps you a lot to reach your dream.

positive thinking

Farsightedness :-

The candidate who wants to learn the skill of spoken English has to have farsightedness. S/he should not have any myopic view regarding the skill of learning verbal capability of carrying English. He should not focus on short-term gain.

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On the contrary, he should emphasize long-term gain. The short-term gain is actually a permanent loss for learning any skill. To learn spoken English, his or her vision and mission both have to be very definite and longsighted. S/he should not focus on today but on tomorrow.


Perseverance is the key that is missing in many of the candidates. They have a lofty will and aspiration but the level of perseverance to translate that aspiration into reality is missing fervently in them. Most of the candidates are not workaholics.

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They want to achieve something in a jiffy. They think that everything in the world is venal and easily achievable in lieu of money. Because of this kind of false notion, most people don’t want to persevere but want to achieve the desired target.

Inference :-

Seven ( 7 ) days or a fortnight is not at all a sufficient time to grab the unique skill of spoken English. It needs at least five to six months to get to a certain level. You have to be mindful of grammar, spelling, pronunciation, accent, and balanced construction of sentences.


If you want to be a master in spoken English skill, then you have to be attached to the skill rigorously and vigorously; otherwise, you can’t be able to make your tongue facile and lucid. This is a simple trick and strategy. Give time and learn spoken English permanently.

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Hi! I am Indrajit Ganguly. People all across the globe know me by my professional nickname IG. I am a spoken English trainer in Kolkata and Blogger. I love to write blogs and articles that attract me.

15 thoughts on “Can you Speak Fluent English within Seven ( 7 ) Days ?”

  1. My answer will be no. Because I think that nobody can learn spoken English within 7 days. It’s impossible to all of us. I also can’t learn spoken English within 7 days from my opinion. It takes much time to learn spoken English. But not only 7 days. Those who learn spoken English through the You tube channels or through internet they face many problems and they can’t speak properly also. No more learn from that. Because you tubers are not teaches us properly not go through the word meanings also. They only shows some translations in Bengali to English. No more than that. And it is not in my book.
    So we can’t learn spoken English within 7 days. It takes a lot of time not only speaking also we should go through the word meanings also.
    So I suggest we all that no need to follow the you tubes because there is one famous teacher whose name is Indrajeet ganguly ( IG). His short form is IG . So guys we can start your tuition in IG’s class . He is very popular, famous,well educated teacher. I can’t express any more. Because I know that how is IG sir. I am a student of IG sir.
    And I must say that he is always with all of us and always groom us .
    Thank you.

  2. To learn a language and speak fluently in that language take some times. It’s a skill that is developed gradually. Moreover learning a language is a continuous process. Upgrading this skill in seven days is not possible. But here is a few hints on how to improve English no.1 watch English serials no.2 communicate in English before companions and request that they do a similar.
    So be confident. Don’t be affraid of mistakes. Mistakes make us perfect.:)

  3. To answer the above million or trillion dollar question I think it is next to impossible to learn English in 7 days. As IG sir correctly said, that we can improve but we cannot become the master of it. In fact for any languages we cannot become the master of it in 7 days. There are many dimensions of English like ” Grammar “, “ Tense “, “ Voice Change “, ” Syllable “, “ Spelling ” and the last but not the least ” Pronunciation “. Each and every dimension needs to be covered pervasively which is time-consuming. Post completing the above dimensions successfully we need to practice so that we can be perfect. The more we practice the better we would be.

  4. Alekhya Mukherjee

    To learn spoken English in 7 days is near to impossible. That is for many reasons one of one of these is the limitation of human brain. Our brains are not so powerful like the super computers. We don’t get proper vocabularies in 7 days. And it’s too hard to remember them in just gave a few days. But for some human beings that is not impossible. To learn spoken English in 7 days. They should be curious, constant and tolerant. And then they will get the victory. And we will call him real learners. And that will be impecunious.

  5. There is a phrase ” Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Like that it is impossible to learn spoken English skills within seven days. You have to learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation etc. to learn spoken English. Without these you can not speak in English fluently with others. So, to grip all of these within a short span is not possible. Even within this short period of time we can not grow our confidence level. I think from my own experience, it takes more time to think about what are the deficits in learning spoken English and how to improve our spoken English skills. So, not only spoken English skills but whatever skills is it cannot be learnt overnight. If you give time on something, it will return the best thing of it .

  6. I think it’s impossible to speak fluent English in just one week. It takes hard to study and dedication to become perfect in English and speaking is much harder than writing English because you don’t get time to think or to collect the desired words and thought. There is no beeline. The only way is to practice and improve yourself in the best way.

  7. I completely agree with IG sir, learning a good communication skills in a short span is false domain in folks. Spoken English consist of various stages like tenses , spelling, pronunciation,etc and to your English sharp n fluently it takes a long time. The more you invest on your practise more you achieve the result. So develop philomath in spoken English. As consistency in work makes positive result so be workoholic and be patient. surely you will succeed. Thank you 👍

  8. According to my opinion, it’s correct that it is not possible to learn English within seven days. Many institutes or classes take away a lot of money by saying that the ward will learn English within 7 days or 1 month, which is not possible. Even the apps in the mobiles which also helps us to learn various languages did not give any guarantee like this. Thanks to this article by which many people will be able to understand the wrongdoing going on in this world .

  9. I beleive a language can’t be gripped through any short cuts or crash courses. Learning a language needs many things like understanding the expressions, memorising vocabularies , saying it in perfect way maintaining the perfect grammar e.t.c. So for that anyone need time. Otherwise we may end up like a red cap swimmer diving into sea . So having a crash course in English and go for any interview or any proficient test is just a work of fool and insulting the language .

  10. Alekhya Mukherjee

    I don’t think we shall be able to improve our spoken English like Sashi Tharoor in 7 days. It is impossible to do that. And IG also said the same thing. I think that Shashi Tharoor is not greater than 60 to 65. But once, he was a boy and then he didn’t know the a b c d of English. His practice and also his curiosity make him today’s Shashi Tharoor.

  11. Well in this blog we see that what is the topic ….my opinion about this blog is simple ig said very clearly that we can’t improve our English in 7 days or 1 month…..many people very energetic to begin tgere english language but after sometime late they loose there energy they quit there habbit beacuse of some institute who say to students that tgey gain english fluency in 1 month and after sometime later when they seee they have no changes in there fluency automatically they quit there habbit …we have to understand these kind of institute only know how to earn money they are only open there institute for that not for our help in English ….. meanwhile ig is the best institute i have ever seen ..so many reasons are there to not improve english like many teachers taught us grammar only they say many time u have know grammar rules nd we only believe in that ….nd many students looking for short cut root for English fluency ….for all the students there is no short root in develoved ur any habbit ..we have to practice more nd more ………and you have give your best in English language …there is no short cut root nobody can speak in English within 7 or 1 month…..

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